Download Dofus Touch for PC Windows & MacOS

For fans of massively multiplayer online role-playing games, we present to you one that integrates a fantastic universe from Ankama Studio. You have probably already seen derivative works such as feature films and animated series. Here, we will show you how to install Dofus Mobile on your Windows or MacOS.

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Name Dofus Touch
Developer Ankama
Year of Launch 2016
File Size 5.5 MB
Supported OS Android / iOS
Category MMORPG
License Free
In-App Purchases 1400 goultines $1.99
3500 goultines $4.99
7500 goultines $8.99
10500 goultines $14.99
18000 goultines $20.99
Bonus Pack 30-Day $1.99
Starter Pack $4.99
Elite Bonus Pack $7.99
Goultines Pack 01 $1.99
Goultines Pack 03 $11.99
Language(s) English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Store(s) Google Play Store / App Store
Official Website

Download and install Dofus Touch on Windows using BlueStacks or MEmu Play

BlueStacks and MEmu Play are famous Android emulators that work well with Windows and MacOS. With them, you can download and install Android and iOS applications on your computer and also use external hardware like your mouse and keyboard.

Here are the steps to download and install Dofus Touch on your computer using BlueStacks or MEmu Play emulator:

  1. Go to the BlueStacks or MEmu Play official website to download and install the emulator.
  2. Launch the emulator and open Google Play Store.
  3. Log in to your Google Play Store account and search for the app Dofus Touch.
  4. Select the app when Dofus Touch icon appears in the search results and click on the Install button.
  5. When the installation is complete, the Dofus Touch icon will appear on your emulator’s home screen.
  6. Click on the icon to launch the application on your computer.

What’s Dofus Touch?

Ankama takes over the Dofus game, initially accessible on Windows, Linux and Mac for the adaptation to smartphones and tablets. If the PC version was released in 2004, the mobile version only appeared in 2016. They both present the same gameplay and speak of a similar universe. These two versions differ only in the platform and a few specific events.

Before starting, you could ask if Dofus has any similarities with the 2012 game Wakfu. Your suspicions are confirmed. Both of these games do take place in the same universe: the World of Twelve. The only discrepancy lies in the chronology. The events of Wakfu smoking place a millennium after those of Dofus.

A medieval fantasy story line

In the world of the twelve, where the Gods dominate, there are six dragon eggs: the Dofus. They are signs of hope and above all of power. Their disappearance has caused an upheaval in the peace that once reigned. Your role will be to enter this universe, to get your hands on them and at the same time, to bring order to this world filled with fantasy.

Type of game

As we just stated, it’s an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game). The principle of this type of game remains the same: create a character, train him and advance in the story to reach the final objective. Although it adopts a noble quest, it still lacks a good dose of humor. Indeed, the manga scenarios and graphics set up unique, inspiring and above all fun scenes. Regular updates will add small sequels to the background and allow for maintenance.


This game sports turn-based gameplay, meaning that unlike reactive games, the characters act in a specific order. So you won’t have to rush. When your turn ends, wait for the others to finish theirs.

The multiplayer character

In accordance with the type of the game, you will be able to interact with other players. You have two choices. Either you cooperate with them or you challenge them. For the first option, the system first offers to add friends. Then, it also offers the opportunity to set up a guild or an alliance and to join one.

With all this, you will be able to go on territorial conquest and epic battles. In opposition, you will also be entitled to beautiful PVP (Player Vs Player). This will allow you to gauge your personal abilities, improve your style of play and maintain the competitive spirit. The game features battles between guilds, challenges between alliances, and an arena where you will fight in groups of three.

Dofus Touch on Windows with emulator

Dofus Touch have a vast world to explore with different lands.

Features of Dofus Touch

The classes

In the game, when creating your character, you will be able to choose from 15 classes. Each of them has multiple abilities such as improvement, healing, hindrance or even placement. Obviously, each class will correspond to a weapon and a very particular style of play. With such freedom, you will surely find one that suits not only your preferences, but also your character or temperament. Indeed, let’s not forget that we are talking about a role-playing game here.

A lot of weapons

This virtual world contains more than 700 weapons of all kinds. From magic staves to physical weapons, you’ll have a huge variety at your disposal. Each has a type, a level, and possibly attributes and effects. You will come across more and more attractive combinations as you progress. Some players can also forge them. This will mainly depend on the profession of his character.


And yes, you are not dreaming, this game also offers more peaceful activities than rubbing shoulders with monsters all the time. You will have the choice between many professions which will allow you on the one hand to earn money. On the other hand, you will also be able to interact in a different way with other players. Some professions will give you advantages during your preparations, others will help you on your journey. So decide wisely. Otherwise, you can also seek assistance from your friends if they exercise one that you need.


You can also equip your character. This will allow him to gain strength. Several types are offered to you such as amulets, capes, hats, belts, rings, boots, shields and backpacks. It goes without saying that they also have levels, effects and attributes. You can only wear one of each category. So it’s up to you to choose the right combination and adapt to all situations.


In addition to effects equipment, others are only used to look pretty. These are the ones that will display on your character. You have an infinite variety of accessories of all kinds. For information, using them does not require you to remove your effects equipment. They only affect the appearance.

A huge world to explore

A vast universe

In addition to the very complete gameplay, you will also be entitled to a vast universe. However, be careful. With the chaos reigning in the world of twelve, it is impossible to predict what dangers you will encounter.

A world to discover

The game offers you to travel in this territory filled with magic and fantasy. With creatures that are as fantastic as they are mysterious, discover a new world. Embark on unique adventures. Alone or with your friends, an unknown environment awaits you.

Dungeons to explore

With over 90 different dungeons, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy. Raise your level, improve your equipment and try to return unscathed from your exploration in the depths of the latter. If you feel the challenge is beyond your current skills, do not hesitate to ask your guild members for help. Form an alliance to facilitate your advance.

monsters to defeat

This chaotic world is full of monsters of all kinds. If you’re looking to take them all on, you’ll have enough to do. Indeed, the game contains more than 2000 potential opponents ranging from small fry to legendary bosses. Make sure your skills are sharp enough otherwise you’ll be biting your fingers.

Inside an house of Dofus Touch on Windows 11

View from inside an house in Dofus Touch.

Alternatives to Dofus Touch for Windows

RAID: Shadow Legends

We leave the Ankama universe with this time a game like Dofus, with more adult graphics and anchored in a very successful Heroic Fantasy universe. The orcs are in the game, along with the knights, elves and archers, who will have a lot to do to overcome the sometimes immense Bosses.

It’s a Free-to-play, playable on mobile and PC, which allows a player to cross this fantastic world by taking part in turn-based combat which requires a certain skill. Captivating, the game surprises with its graphic quality and its competitive multiplayer aspect, which will make you want to surpass yourself.


The MMORPG Wakfu is also developed by the company Ankama, responsible for Dofus, and if it takes place in the same universe, on a fictional planet belonging to the imaginary world of Krosmoz, it is a game in its own right, acclaimed by players for several reasons. On the one hand, it has magnificent graphics, which give it a style close to a cartoon (the game has its own animated series!) and traveling through this world is a real delight.

On the other hand, its carefully balanced turn-based combat system is a treat for fans of strategic RPG games (If you like more classic RPGs, check out our Top Android RPGs). Choose your class, learn the profession you want and elect your own political representatives in this very deep title, where the players are the decision makers. A real success!


More oriented strategy games than exploration title (even if you will go through dungeons), Krosmaga is a title in which the player summons heroes from the world of Dofus and Wakfu, for very intense online battles, via a trading card system. We find the graphic touch specific to the Ankama studio and those looking for a game like Dofus, but more tactical in its approach (like in games like Clash Of Clan for example), will find here a deep and very fun title. The gods are in the game and the more you improve your equipment, the more devastating your summons will be. Enough to make your enemies tremble!


RuneScape is one of the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing games in the world (with over 15 million players). It offers a very lively fantasy universe, with cartoon graphics and a very nice community. In the game, the gamer is free to choose his quests, go kill monsters or fight other players (in specific areas), for significant freedom of action.

The regions visited are very varied, the classes available allow everyone to find the character that suits them the most and the immersion is total. The more you play, the more you discover the extent of the possibilities offered by this Runescape, which is certainly the best of games like Dofus! It has aged graphically but believe me, the pleasure is intact and we quickly forget its somewhat austere appearance!

FAQ about Dofus

Can I play Dofus Touch on PC?

The original Dofus game only came to PC. It then worked with Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems. The mobile version Dofus Touch adapts to smartphones and tablets running Android or iOS.

Which emulator to play Dofus Touch?

BlueStacks 4 is an Android emulator that will give you the power to turn your computer or laptop into a mobile gaming paradise. Any video game or Android application you can find can now be played on your PC or Mac with BlueStacks.

What is the difference between Dofus and Dofus Touch?

DOFUS and DOFUS Touch are two different games that don’t have the same community and don’t follow the same evolution. Changes to classes are made according to the ecosystem in which they exist. Just as the zone redesigns did not follow the same evolution.

Can I play Dofus Touch on Windows 11?

Yes, you can play DOFUS Touch on your Windows 11. The process to install it is the same as mentioned above with an emulator such as BlueStacks or MEmu Play. The only thing you have to do once the installation is finished with Windows 11, is to right-click on the icon application and select Run as Administrator.

Why play Dofus Touch?

But the real advantage of Dofus Touch is of course its free subscription which allows you to roam freely in the plains of the World of Twelve, without areas reserved for subscribers (although in-game purchases are available).

Download PlantSnap For PC Windows 11/10/7 & MacOS

Instantly identify any type of plant around you with PlantSnap for PC. Whether it’s a flower, a tree, a succulent or a deadly mushroom, the application is able to identify it from a simple photo. Via its database which includes no less than 600.000 categories of plants, the accuracy demonstrated by the application is quite breathtaking with a percentage of responses that is close to 100%. Completely free, it’s possible to download PlantSnap and its application via the iOS and Android download stores and to install it on your Windows or MacOS with the method below.

» How does it work?
» Features
» Download & Install
» Alternatives
» Frequently Asked Questions

Name PlantSnap
Developer PlantSnap, Inc.
Year of Launch 2020
File Size 218 MB
Supported OS Android / iOS
Category Education
License Free
In-App Purchases 5 Snaps $0.99
Monthly premium subscription $2.99
Yearly premium subscription $19.99
Lifetime premium access $39.99
Language(s) English / Spanish / Portuguese / Russian / Hindi / Arabic and 25 more
Store(s) Google Play Store / App Store
Official Website

How does PlantSnap works

As mentioned above, downloading PlantSnap will allow you to instantly identify any plants you come across on your way. To do this, you must first go to the iOS and Android stores to install the application on your smartphone for free. Once installed, no account creation is required, you can immediately use it. As soon as you want to know the nature of a plant, just take or upload a photo of it and submit it to the application.

Be careful, even if the latter works perfectly with the majority of modern smartphones, it should not be overlooked that your camera plays a big role in identification. The clearer your photo is, the more precise the result will be. Once the photo has been saved, PlantSnap will then compare it with its database. It will offer you several similar species that are closest to your photo and from which you will have to select those that best match.

After validation of your photo, you will obtain a complete description of it with in particular the name of the plant, its habitat, the methods of identification or its toxicity for example. All you have to do is carefully read the information displayed on your screen to find out if it can be collected or on the contrary, if it’s one of the protected species included in a backup program.

Interface of PlantSnap on iPhone available for Android, Windows and MacOS

With PlantSnap you can easily have all information about a plant on your phone.

Browse the PlantSnap database

By choosing to download PlantSnap, the scanner application not only provides you with information on the identity of plants, but also offers you, via its “Explore” function, to find identified plants anywhere on the planet. Look at anonymous photos taken with PlantSnap and learn about the different species of flowers, leaves, trees, mushrooms and cacti scattered around the world! Learn how to take care of your plants: philodendron, hope, orchid, air plant, carnivorous plant, exotic flower and more.

Download and install PlantSnap on Windows using BlueStacks or MEmu Play

BlueStacks and MEmu Play are famous Android emulators that work well with Windows and MacOS. With them, you can download and install Android and iOS applications on your computer and also use external hardware like your mouse and keyboard.

Here are the steps to download and install PlantSnap on your computer using BlueStacks or MEmu Play emulator:

  1. Go to the BlueStacks or MEmu Play official website to download and install the emulator.
  2. Launch the emulator and open Google Play Store.
  3. Log in to your Google Play Store account and search for the app PlantSnap.
  4. Select the app when PlantSnap icon appears in the search results and click on the Install button.
  5. When the installation is complete, the PlantSnap icon will appear on your emulator’s home screen.
  6. Click on the icon to launch the application on your computer.

Features of PlantSnap

Plant recognition system

Instantly identify more than 600.000 types of plants, it’s with this promise that Plantsnap tries to make us adhere to its application. And it starts badly, since today, scientists estimate the number of plant species present on the planet at around 300.000 so let’s ignore this detail and focus on what makes Plantsnap original: the Explorer and its Community of Plansnappers.

To be able to identify the plant of your choice, click on the Photograph! of the app, which will then open your phone’s built-in camera. Take a snapshot of the plant so Plantsnap can identify it. It’s also possible to enable the Auto-detect option, although we couldn’t get it to work in our test. Despite some slowness, the recognition system is quite efficient and is similar to what can be found in other plant recognition applications. If you prefer, you can also select a snapshot directly from your phone folders.

A descriptive sheet for each plant

Once PlantSnap has successfully identified the plant, an explanatory card will appear on your screen. You will find a photo of the plant in question, its name, a description that details its characteristics, as well as merchant links to online stores (in case you want to buy the plant).

You will also have access to maintenance advice thanks to the Planting, Watering, Feeding, Frost resistance and Indoor plants sections. Unfortunately, you will only find boat tips there that are not specific to the identified plant. It’s a shame, because it leaves an impression of shoddy work, far from the ultra-complete information provided by competitors such as PictureThis or Pl@ntNet.

The Biodiversity Explorer

The originality of PlantSnap lies in its Explorer tool. After activating geolocation, a map will allow you to locate the interesting plant areas around you (gardens, original specimens, etc.). Again, the idea is good, but the system is collaborative and therefore depends on the willingness of users to post their discoveries but this doesn’t seem to have hit the mark since there are too few points on the map for this Explorer to have any real interest.

The PlantSnap Community

That’s Plantsnap’s bottom line: with the PlantSnappers community, you can connect with over 50 million nature lovers in over 200 countries. Share your photos and favorite finds with your friends, view photos and posts of rare plants, flowers, trees, succulents, leaves, cacti, air plants and mushrooms from around the world and share gardening tips.

PlantSnap detailed database on smartphone

PlantSnap give you a detailed description of the plant you take on picture.

Alternatives to PlantSnap for Windows


Seek, is an application that contains a very powerful image recognition algorithm. Unlike other applications on the market, it doesn’t just identify plants. Indeed, this application recognizes fungi, animals and even insects! Handy for landscape gardeners looking for the identity of insect pests.


The concept of Pl@nNet? Photograph the plant, then indicate the type of plant or the location (via geolocation), the application then offers a list of corresponding plants. This application based on plant image recognition was produced as part of a participatory science project on biodiversity: all the plants you photograph are collected and analyzed by scientists around the world in order to better understand the evolution of plant biodiversity and to better preserve it.

Flora Incognita

This application is specially designed to identify wild plants. 4800 wild plants are recorded in its database but it doesn’t work on ornamental plants. You can save the scanned plants and keep them on your mobile for later reference. Convenient when the Internet connection is not there!


Identify a tree species with a photo? It’s easy with LeafSnap! Thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence, LeafSnap quickly recognizes trees, leaves, fruits and even bark. This application is particularly effective on trees native to North America and Canada. Bald cypress, American black walnut, large-flowered magnolia, incense cedar… will no longer hold any secrets for you! It’s free and compatible with Iphone and Android.

FAQ about PlantSnap

Is PlantSnap free?

Yes, you can download the most comprehensive Plant Identifier for free and learn all about virtually every flower, leaf, tree and cactus species in the world. With PlantSnap, identifying plants has never been so easy and fun!

How to use PlantSnap?

To use Plantsnap, just download the application, open it, take a picture of the plants and you instantly have its name and a wealth of information about them.

Can I use PlantSnap on Windows 11?

Yes you can use PlantSnap on Windows 11 / 10 / 7 using an emulator such as BlueStacks and by following the steps mentioned above.

Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 for PC Windows 11/10/7

Euro Truck Simulator 2 invites you to travel the roads and highways of Europe at the controls of a heavyweight. Particularly realistic, this single-player simulator will take you from the Czech Republic to the Netherlands via Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Whether it’s free-roaming or making deliveries between the sixty cities built into the game, you won’t have time to get bored behind the wheel of your truck. Here, we will show you how to install Euro Truck Simulator 2 on Windows and MacOS even if you don’t have a powerful computer.

» Download & Install
» Why to play ETS2?
» What’s New in Lastest?
» Alternatives
» Frequently Asked Questions

Name Euro Truck Simulator 2
Developer SCS Software
Year of Launch 2012
Processor (Minimum) Intel i3 Gen.4 / AMD Ryzen 3
Graphic Card (Minimum) Nvidia GTX 960 / Radeon RX 570
Memory (Minimum) 6 GB
File Size 5 GB
Supported OS Windows / MacOS / Linux / Android / iOS
Category Simulator
License Free demo / Game for $19.95
Language(s) English / french / Spanish / Portuguese / Russian and 19 more
Store(s) Amazon App Store / Steam
Official Website / (for mobile download)

Install Euro Truck Simulator 2 using BlueStacks or MEmu Play (APK method)

BlueStacks and MEmu Play are famous Android emulators that work well with Windows and MacOS. With them, you can download and install Android and iOS applications on your computer and also use external hardware like your mouse and keyboard.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is available on Android and iOS, it can be useful to use this version if you don’t have the graphics requirement to run it on your computer as the emulated version take less resources.

Here are the steps to download and install Euro Truck Simulator 2 on your computer using BlueStacks or MEmu Play emulator:

  1. First, go to the mobile website of the game to download the APK file.
  2. Go to the BlueStacks or MEmu Play official website to download and install the emulator.
  3. Drag and drop the APK file in your emulator’s home screen to install it.
  4. When the installation is complete, the Euro Truck Simulator 2 icon will appear on your emulator’s home screen.
  5. Click on the icon to launch the application on your computer.

Why play Euro Truck Simulator 2?

The Storyline of ETS 2 extensions

  • Released in 2012, this truck driving simulation game has evolved and has lost none of its handling or gameplay. New expansions are released regularly with new cities, new countries, modes for exceptional convoys, tuning editions or new cargoes for example.
  • In 2013, the Going East expansion added 13 new cities in Central Europe, including Poland, Slovakia or Czech Republic for example.
  • The Scandinavia extension in 2015 focused on Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
  • In 2016, Long Live France! offered a redesign of the French roads with in particular a reissue of monuments, bridges and other major road works.
  • The cities of Italy are added in 2017 and the following year the countries around the Baltic Sea are integrated.
  • In 2019 Road to the Black Sea, adds 30 cities from Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.
  • The Iberian Peninsula come in 2021 and is full of rich and diverse landscapes, from semi-arid southeastern deserts to the green coniferous forests.
  • In 2022, extension include reworks for Germany and Switzerland, with the West Balkans map expansion.

Make your own company

In this version of the video game, it’s also proposed to create your own merchandise delivery company. After borrowing enough to create your fleet of trucks, you will have to go in search of contracts to develop your company and the possibilities are varied. You can perform long-distance hazardous material deliveries or fast errands while driving a wide variety of customizable trucks.

The goal of the game is to carry out delivery missions on behalf of a transporter and earn money to buy your own truck, improve and customize your vehicle, gain experience and skills, open new garages and why not, create your own transport company and hire other drivers. Note that driver profiles are varied and depending on the cargo and the distances to be covered, not all will be suitable. Players will therefore have to be discerning to choose the right trucker to accomplish the mission.

Customize your avatar and truck

Players have the possibility to choose their avatar, and especially to personalize their truck. Tuning fans will be able to have fun and boost the engine of trucks, paint the bodywork, change the running boards or mirrors for example. It all also depends on the budget and if the player has enough credit in the bank.

You will also have to think about paying your employees, repairing breakdowns in your vehicle fleet, refueling and developing your company internationally for example. The possibilities are many and those who thought that driving a heavyweight couldn’t constitute a good simulation game, were very surprised.

Pretty realistic

The game is particularly realistic, both in terms of the graphics of the road and the landscapes and the game system. Indeed, you will not be able to drive in the opposite direction at 120 km/h on the highway. In the event of a violation or accident, their costs will be deducted from your salary but we regret the absence of damage to the vehicle. Overall, Euro Truck Simulator 2 is successful both graphically and in terms of gameplay but it has room for improvement, especially with regard to collisions.

What’s new in the latest version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 MY 2022?

Compared to the first Euro Truck Simulator, this second edition offers a much smarter and developed AI, much more realistic graphics and richer gameplay. Automatic speed cameras, traffic jams, real landscapes and monuments, believable weather conditions, breakdowns and realistic truck behavior based on your driving, no detail has been left to chance.

The last extension for now is the West Balkan where you can discover, deliver and expand your trucking company to the countries of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia. From large bustling cities to the countryside filled with beautiful nature, you will be able to explore what the Western Balkans have to offer. You can look forward to many new things that these countries have to offer. Whether in terms of the industry, nature, landmarks, road networks, or a lot of other exciting content!

Euro Trucks Simulator 2 is available on Windows MacOS and mobile devices

ETS 2 have amazing graphics and reproduce the reel road from many countries.

Alternatives to Euro Truck Simulator 2

American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator is also in line with Euro Truck Simulator 2 with total immersion in the world of heavy goods vehicles. Delivery of goods and creation of your own delivery company are also part of the possibilities of the game with also very realistic modeling of vehicles and the environment. The difference between the 2 games lies in the localization. American Truck Simulator takes place in the United States while Euro Truck Simulator 2 rolls out in Europe.


Released in April 2020, SnowRunner is the worthy successor to MudRunner and invites you to drive all kinds of off-road vehicles in extreme conditions. Take up the different challenges that come your way by combining skill, adaptability and reflexes! Each vehicle’s controls will respond differently depending on the type of surface and weather conditions selected. The thrills are there and you will often end up in the ditch before learning to tame the vehicles.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Still in line with the motorized machine driving simulation, but this time, we change terrain with Microsoft Flight Simulator. You fly the skies at the controls of a light aircraft or a jumbo jet, whatever the weather conditions. You will need to initialize your flight plan before taking off by choosing points of interest or using the flight planner for destination suggestions. The landscapes seen from the sky are breathtakingly realistic.

Farming Simulator

If driving big machinery is your thing, but that’s not the main interest you’re looking for in a simulation game, you can try the excellent farm management video game: Farming Simulator. You will have to manage your crops and your animals, plow your fields with adapted vehicles, collect money to develop your farm… Available for Windows, Mac OS X, home consoles and mobile applications.

FAQ about Euro Truck Simulator 2

Is Euro Truck Simulator 2 free?

A free demo version is available to give you an opinion on the game, its graphics and its features. As its name suggests, in Euro Truck Simulator 2 you will travel throughout Europe to deliver your cargo to the destination countries, 16 countries are available.

How to download Euro Truck Simulator 2 for free?

You can download and install Euro Truck Simulator 2 from the Steam video game platform, for computers running Windows 7/8/10 in 64-bit architecture, with 6 GB of RAM and a high-performance graphics card, for computers running Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later, or Linux.

Which laptop to play Euro Truck Simulator 2?

It’s for this reason that we advise you to have at least the recommended configuration. The latter consists of a Quad-Core CPU clocked at 3.0 GHz and a GTX 760 graphics card from Nvidia. In terms of performance, the latter is below a GTX 1050Ti but above a GT 1030.

How to play 2 on Euro Truck?

Euro Truck Simulator 2 doesn’t have multiplayer and World Of Trucks is not a multiplayer portal. The game is in two parts, the multiplayer is a mod, you must be registered on their website and launch the game from the mod and not from the original game.

Can American Truck Simulator run on Windows 11?

If the board has a TPM 1.0 Slot or chip, its compatible with Win11.

Where to download Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Available on Steam, you can download and install Euro Truck Simulator 2 on computers with Windows operating system, starting from Windows 7 with a recommendation for 64-bit architecture systems.

Download WhatsApp for PC Windows 11 / 10 / 7

WhatsApp for PC is an essential application that makes it easy to chat with your contacts, regardless of their phone model, in voice and video. A true reference used by billions of users, this application is easy to learn and available in 66 languages. Here, we will show you the best features of WhatsApp and how to install it on Windows and MacOS.

» Download & Install
» Features
» How to Use & Data Security
» Tips
» Alternatives
» Frequently Asked Questions

Name WhatsApp
Developer WhatsApp Inc.
 Year of Launch 2017
File Size 160 MB
Supported OS Windows / MacOS / Linux / Android / iOS
Category Messaging
License Free
Language(s) English / Spanish / Portuguese / Russian / Hindi / Arabic and 61 more
Store(s) Google Play Store / App Store / Microsoft Store / Mac App Store
Official Website /

Why use WhatsApp Messenger?

In the messaging sector, WhatsApp is a leader. Acquired for more than 20 billion dollars by Facebook (now Meta), the application is available for free on iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS. WhatsApp makes it easy to communicate with friends, family and colleagues at no cost, excluding mobile data, by voice, video or messages. The app claims some 2 billion users in more than 180 countries, so you have some chances that your friends and family already have it installed on their smartphones.

Download And install WhatsApp on Windows using BlueStacks or MEmu Play

BlueStacks and MEmu Play are famous Android emulators that work well with Windows and MacOS. With them, you can download and install Android and iOS applications on your computer and also use external hardware like your mouse and keyboard.

You can also install the application via the official website but if you prefer the mobile version follow the method below.

Here are the steps to download and install WhatsApp on your computer using BlueStacks or MEmu Play emulator:

  1. Go to the BlueStacks or MEmu Play official website to download and install the emulator.
  2. Launch the emulator and open Google Play Store.
  3. Log in to your Google Play Store account and search for the app WhatsApp.
  4. Select the app when WhatsApp icon appears in the search results and click on the Install button.
  5. When the installation is complete, the WhatsApp icon will appear on your emulator’s home screen.
  6. Click on the icon to launch the application on your computer.

Features of WhatsApp

Creation of discussion groups

Apart from sending text messages, the user is able to create chat rooms with up to 256 users and attach photos, videos and voice clips to their messages.

Document sharing

WhatsApp also simplifies document sharing with support for 100 MB message attachments. Also note the integration of a shared photo customization tool with effects, a drawing function and the addition of smileys.

Sending ephemeral messages

WhatsApp also simplifies document sharing with support for 100 MB message attachments. Also note the integration of a shared photo customization tool with effects, a drawing function and the addition of smileys.

Voice and video calls

WhatsApp is also popular for its free voice and video calling feature. The latter use the internet connection of the telephone instead of the mobile plan. Please note that some telephone operators may apply data management fees.

Sending messages via Windows and MacOS with web browser

Applications for PC and MacOS, as well as the online application allow you to send messages directly from a computer. To do this, it will be necessary to scan a QR code with the mobile application installed on the smartphone.

Interface of WhatsApp on computer

WhatsApp is available on every operating systems computers and mobiles.

How to use WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is available in over 180 countries and is supported by a wide range of devices and operating systems. It is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, as well as desktop (Windows and MacOS) and the web. WhatsApp can be downloaded from official application stores such as Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Microsoft Store, or from the application website.

To create a WhatsApp account and thus be able to use the service, you will need to verify your phone number and enter the code received by SMS in the application. Applications for Windows and MacOS, as well as the online application allow you to send messages directly from a computer. To do this, it will be necessary to scan a QR code with the mobile application installed on the smartphone.

WhatsApp and the security of your data

On the security side, the WhatsApp application provides end-to-end encryption of conversations and shared files. A padlock then makes it possible to check whether calls and messages are encrypted in real time. Indeed, all WhatsApp users are listed in a common database in which a public key is associated with each telephone number but the latter can potentially be compromised by a malicious person.

Moreover, WhatsApp being under the control of Meta, the community giant is trying to create bridges with it. This is how, for example, it’s possible to converse with an online store promoting its products on Facebook. In this case, the messages are thus stored on the servers of the social network. WhatsApp has also faced widespread criticism over its privacy policy changes at the start of 2021.

Some tips to WhatsApp you may use

How do I send temporary (self-destructing) messages?

WhatsApp has recently made it possible to send temporary messages. These self-destruct after a configured period. You can choose between a delay of 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days (3 months).

  1. Go to SettingsAccountPrivacy.
  2. Choose Delay before disappearance then select a delay (24h, 7 days or 90 days).
  3. Once activated, all new messages sent will automatically disappear after the chosen period. (This does not apply to messages sent before activation.)

How to format text in bold, italic or underline

It’s always more pleasant for reading to have style in the formatting of the text. To emphasize a passage, you can bold or underline it. It’s also possible to put a word or a portion of your text in italics with those tips:

  • Bold: Put an asterisk on either side of the text, as follows: *text*.
  • Italic: Put an underscore on either side of the text, as follows: _texte_.
  • Strikethrough: Put a tilde on each side of the text, as follows: ~text~.

How to become invisible?

On WhatsApp, your phone number, name and profile picture are visible by default to all users, friends or not. If this bothers you, it is possible to restrict access to this information to your contacts only. To do this, follow the following procedure:

  1. Go to SettingsAccountPrivacy.
  2. In the following menus seen at, Profile pictureNews and Status, change the setting from Everyone to My Contacts.
WhatsApp on iOS

You can use WhatsApp on Android or iOS.

Alternatives to WhatsApp for Windows


Signal is a very popular instant messaging application for people who care about their privacy because it’s free and uses state-of-the-art cryptography technologies to provide end-to-end encryption. Available on Android and iOS as well as on PC (Windows, Mac and Linux), the application offers an excellent degree of confidentiality, minimal collection of metadata and great ease of use.


Olvid is a secure text instant messaging service that respects the privacy and anonymity of its users. End-to-end encryption, incognito mode, prohibition of screenshots, two-factor authentication and non-creation of an account are among its main advantages. Despite its proprietary status and its lack of voice and video call functions, Olvid remains a very good alternative.


Threema intends to establish itself as one of the most secure messaging solutions on the market. Integrating end-to-end encryption by default, this open source application integrates sending text messages, audio or video calls, sending files, group chats and more. Threema also benefits from a pleasant interface with various customization options. This service available for Android and iOS is not free but is well worth the few euros requested.


Finally, note that there is an unofficial fork of WhatsApp called GBWhatsApp. This application, available in the form of an APK file, reproduces the WhatsApp interface in every way by adding several options unavailable in the official version.

FAQ about WhatsApp

Is it available for Windows 11?

Yes, you can use WhatsApp on your Windows 11 via the link in the official website.

How to speak on WhatsApp without giving your number?

Using WhatsApp without a phone number is to link it to another account on an existing smartphone, for example a second mobile device.

Why use WhatsApp rather than SMS?

It must be said that WhatsApp has some serious arguments to make against the good old SMS. Indeed, the app is able to send messages, images, videos and animated GIFs to one or more contacts, but also to make voice and video calls or to share its GPS location.

What’s the difference between WhatsApp and Messenger?

If we compare the two applications, WhatsApp is thus more advanced and more functional than Messenger. Moreover, it’s fast, simple to use and reliable, although messenger has a very important interface. It has become the first messaging application that can be found on all platforms.

Is it possible to use WhatsApp without Internet?

Many users of the most popular instant messenger in the world don’t know that it’s possible to send messages on WhatsApp without an Internet connection. This is valid for smartphones running Android as well as iOS.

Are WhatsApp messages recorded?

All your conversations are by default saved on an iCloud or a Google Drive for example. That’s why when you uninstall and then reinstall the app, the conversations are restored.

Download Instagram for PC Windows 11 / 10 / 7

Instagram being above all a photo sharing application, it’s up to you to take the controls. With the Share menu, you have the option of taking a photo (or selecting one from your library) and applying a filter to it, as desired, from the 11 filters currently available – or of course leaving it Such as but Instagram is a mobile phone application and can’t officially used on a computer. Here, we will show you how to download and install Instagram on Windows or MacOS.

» How does it work
» Download & Install
» Alternatives
» Frequently Asked Questions

Name Instagram
Developer Kevin Systrom
Year of Launch 2010
File Size 262 MB
Supported OS Android / iOS
Category Social Network
License Free
In-App Purchases Instagram Badge $0.99
Instagram Subscriptions $4.99
Language(s) English and 30 more
Store(s) Google Play Store / App Store / Microsoft Store / Amazon App Store
Official Website

How does Instagram work?

Once the application has been downloaded and launched, you will need to create an account. It’s very fast and it will allow you to store your photos taken via the application online. This is when Instagram comes into its own: a single photo and a filter applied, and you have created an original photo, without bothering to choose the settings to give style to your image. Of course, this has its limits, for example there is no manual setting of each filter – be careful not to abuse certain filters too much but at least you don’t need a vintage camera or Photoshop lessons.

Once your photo has been taken and the visual effect chosen, you can give it a title and locate it (Instagram uses your GPS and, more recently, the Foursquare API to find existing places). After that, it’s possible to validate your photo so that it appears in your Instagram feed (your newsfeed if you prefer). About Foursquare: its recent integration (with the parallel addition of the Photo function within Foursquare) allows you to check-in with a photo via Instagram directly in Foursquare, without going through the app of the same name.

A news feed to follow the photos of your friends

Instagram, like any other social network, works on the system of friends. When you use the application, you can find among your contacts the people who have installed the application (via Twitter, Facebook, your address book, etc.) and invite them to connect with you. Once done, you will be able to see their photos in this menu, like them and comment on them. In the News menu, you can also follow the activity of your friends on your photos (their comments or if they have marked your photo as a favorite) or the people who add you as a friend.

Instagram selects the best photos for you

In the Popular menu, you can view photos taken by other users and selected by Instagram’s teams (or algorithms). Nothing really new here, but it’s an opportunity to subscribe to photos of people you don’t know but who you like and why not find a new source of inspiration.

On the other hand, everything happens in the application: your photos are not available online in a gallery. For those who want to easily share their photos with their friends (and not only those of the application), the sharing functions and in particular to Facebook are particularly interesting.

Instagram is available on smartphones and computers

Instagram let you share many different contents like photos and videos.

Where did the idea for Instagram come from?

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the two founders of Instagram, explain to us that when they were little, they liked to play with Polaroid cameras. The images obtained were instantaneous and could be passed from hand to hand. In the digital age, the idea of developing a mobile application capable of replacing the Polaroid makes sense and sharing is facilitated by the various existing social networks. They seem to have achieved their goal: the application has exceeded one million users in two months. In France the service is starting to take off and more and more photos are being taken.

How to use Instagram on your Computer

Using Instagram on a computer has only been possible for a short time. Previously, the social network was only available through the dedicated application but that was before ! Now you can do everything from your PC such as comment and share photos and videos.

Method 1: Download and install Instagram on your Windows using BlueStacks or MEmu Play

BlueStacks and MEmu Play are famous Android emulators that work well with Windows and MacOS. With them, you can download and install Android and iOS applications on your computer and also use external hardware like your mouse and keyboard.

Here are the steps to download and install Instagram on your computer using BlueStacks or MEmu Play emulator:

  1. Head over to BlueStacks or MEmu Play official websites to download and install the emulator of your choice.
  2. Launch the emulator and open Google Play Store.
  3. Log in to your Google Play Store account and search for the app Instagram.
  4. Select the app when Instagram icon appears in the search results and click on the Install button.
  5. When the installation is complete, the Instagram icon will appear on your emulator’s home screen.
  6. Click on the icon to launch the application on your computer.

Method 2: With your internet browser phone simulator

You can do this method with most of know browser such as Chrome or Firefox for example.

  1. Once your internet browser is open, go to the official Instagram website.
  2. Log in by entering your credentials, then right-click and click Inspect. To go faster, you can also do CRTL+Shift+I.
  3. A pane opens on the right of your screen. Click the small icon next to the Elements tab.
  4. In the bar that appears at the top, click on the name of the phone of your choice. Thus, your computer will program itself to make Instagram appear as if it were on mobile, and not on PC or Mac.
  5. Refresh the page by clicking the appropriate button.
  6. Once this little manipulation is done, you end up with the same screen as on your smartphone.

Method 3: Use Instagram on a Computer with the Desktop Extension

If you are browsing Google Chrome, you can add the Desktop extension for Instagram which is available for free.

  1. To do this, simply click on the blue Add to Chrome button.
  2. In the dialog that appears, click Add Extension.
  3. Once the installation is complete, go to the official Instagram website and click on the small icon of the extension next to the address bar.
  4. For its proper functioning, the extension must have access to certain data. To do this, click Allow in the dialog box.

Alternatives to Instagram for Windows


Flickr has been around longer than Instagram and, of course, longer than most apps. Appeared in 2004, first as a site (before phones really had apps). Since then, it has gone through many changes but has remained a photo (and video) sharing service.


Remember Tumblr? The platform still exists and even better than you remember. Like Flickr, it’s been around for a very long time, 2007 to be precise. From the start, it has known how to adapt to what users want to do. One of the many ways to use Tumblr is as a picture feed.


Retrica is clearly a copycat of Instagram, but a copycat of good old Instagram – with the filters etc. – and today it might be interesting to have this copy rather than the original. The platform is more photo-oriented and images can be shared to other apps, but you can only use your Retrica profile.


You’ll probably find that 500px is more for serious photographers – hence the option to license your work – but the platform can be used more casually. As with Flickr, you have many controls over how your images are organized, tagged or made available for example.


Twitter may be used more for news and debate, but there’s no reason why you can’t post photos – and you can even create an alternative account just for your photos. No advanced management tools like on Flickr or 500px here but you have a profile that is easy to manage, to personalize and the publication is very simple. On the visibility side, you can make your account private, if you wish, or restrict who can see or comment on your tweets.

FAQ about Instagram

What is the point of creating an Instagram account?

It allows users to share their experiences, tips and moments of life by posting photos and short videos. You can distribute your content to a restricted community (private account) or to all people (public account).

What can we do on Instagram?

Instagram is a mobile application whose principle is actually quite simple: sharing photos and/or short videos. Many filters allow you to embellish your creations before sharing them, which makes its use more fun.

How to go on Instagram without having an account?

If one does not have an account, Instagram prevents users from accessing its content directly through the application but it’s possible to work around this problem by using another site like Gramho! The latter is a site that allows you to see the profile of Instagramers very easily.

What does Instagram mean?

The name Instagram is a fusion of words built from Insta from the English Instant camera (instant camera) and gram from the English word telegram.

Download Google Lens for PC Windows 11 / 10 / 7

In 2018, Google unveiled Lens, a visual recognition tool that allows you to obtain information about an object, monument, plant or animal directly by pointing your phone’s camera at it. Samsung had offered its solution shortly before with Bixby Vision on the Galaxy S8. Google I/O 2018 was an opportunity to bring this feature back to the fore by presenting three important new features for the service. Here, we will show you the features, some alternatives and how to install Google Lens for PC on Windows 11 / 10 / 7.

» Download & Install
» New Features
» Why use Google Lens
» Alternatives
» Frequently Asked Questions

Name Google Lens
Developer Google
Year of Launch 2018
File Size 20 MB
Supported OS Android
Category AI Recognition
License Free
Language(s) All from Google Translate
Store(s) Google Play Store
Official Website

Download and install Google Lens for PC using BlueStacks or MEmu Play

BlueStacks and MEmu Play are famous Android emulators that work well with Windows and MacOS. With them, you can download and install Android and iOS applications on your computer and also use external hardware like your mouse and keyboard.

Here are the steps to download and install Google Lens on your computer using BlueStacks or MEmu Play emulator:

  1. Head over to BlueStacks or MEmu Play official website to download and install the emulator of your choice.
  2. Launch the emulator and open Google Play Store.
  3. Log in to your Google Play Store account and search for the app Google Lens.
  4. Select the app when Google Lens icon appears in the search results and click on the Install button.
  5. When the installation is complete, the Google Lens icon will appear on your emulator’s home screen.
  6. Click on the icon to launch the application on your computer.

The three important new features

Text Recognition

First of all, text recognition now makes it possible to recognize very specific groups of words in order to simply copy/paste them. This can be useful for complicated codes (WiFi passwords, gift codes, etc.) but also to obtain information on a particular point in a text. One of the examples given concerns a list of dishes, with a description that opens according to the user’s selection. Handy when browsing the menu of a particularly exotic restaurant.

Discover similar object

The second feature is the discovery of similar objects. Google gives the example of clothing. If you like a top, scan it with Google Lens for PC and it won’t necessarily give you the exact reference, but at least similar items that you might like. All with merchant links to be able to spend your money directly without having to wait.

Real time scanning

The third novelty is actually an improvement since it is real-time scanning. Previously, scanning an object launched a new window, redirecting for example to a merchant site. The new version makes searches more fluid by recognizing on the fly the different elements present in the image and offering the information in a small pop-up on the screen.

Google Lens on smartphone and computer as Windows and Mac

Google Lens is available on mobile devices and computers via web browser.

Why use Google Lens?

Google Lens on Windows simplifies all your daily research and invites you to be curious about everything with ease. Taken on the spot or from your gallery, import an image to ask for its meaning, translation, discover similar images or obtain additional information. It all depends on what your image displays. In reality, Google Lens centralizes many already existing applications.

For example, you can take a photo of a poster or sign in a foreign language to translate and understand it. It thus replaces Google Translate and other translation applications that offer this functionality. You can also take a photo of a business card and Google Lens will automatically detect the text information and save it to your contacts and if it’s an event not to be missed, the application is able to add it to your Calendar.

Identify plants

Would you like to find out about a plant in your garden or a tree encountered during a walk? No need to have a dedicated application like PlantNet, Google Lens offers you to take a photo and searches in Google Images directly. This gives you the largest database available and you are not limited to plants, you can do this with cats, breeds of birds and all kinds of animals.

Identify monuments

To find out more about the opening hours of a cultural establishment or monument, museum, restaurant, shop or other building open to the public, simply take a photo of it to get all the information you need and if you want, you can get reviews and recommendations via Google Maps. Indeed, Google Lens is linked to the other Google applications on your smartphone.

Painting, clothes, books and QR code

  • You have noticed a painting, a piece of clothing, a piece of furniture or any other object that you like at a friend’s house, but he no longer knows where he bought it. Take a picture of it and consult the entire Shopping list to find it or else you will be able to find similar products that you might like.
  • And for books, just snap a photo of the title to get a summary, description, and reader reviews, plus links to buy it in physical or digital format.
  • And as if that weren’t enough, Google Lens is able to scan QR Codes and barcodes. No more downloading and installing a third-party app like QR Code Reader.
Google Lens on Android available on PC

Google Lens help you to recognize everything and translate the other language.

The power of Google Lens to read prescriptions

We can smile, but badly written or indecipherable prescriptions can represent a danger for patients. How many drugs to take? At what time of the day ? And for how many days? Crucial information that you absolutely need to know and unfortunately, it’s sometimes impossible to find it on the prescriptions. Google is working with pharmacists on doctors’ writing. The function will be supported by the Google Lens servers, you will have to take a photo of the prescription or upload it from the smartphone gallery.

Once the image is analyzed, the app will detect and highlight the drugs mentioned on the paper. The user will not be left alone with this information. Google explains that the technology will act as an assistive technology for digitizing handwritten medical documents but “no decision will be made based solely on the result provided by this technology,” the group adds. Google hasn’t announced when this feature will be available, in India (where it has more than half a billion users) or elsewhere.

Alternatives to Google Lens for Windows

Search by Image

Search by Image (by Google) is an extension for the Chrome browser, allowing you to make requests from images. Have you ever wanted to find the origin of an image found on the web? Identify a place in a photo, the author of a work, or even the breed of a dog taken in a photo? With this extension this type of search is now possible.

Via the Google search engine which is the benchmark for search engines, you are sure to find an answer to your question. Just right-click on an image found on the web and choose Search this image on Google, the extension will do the rest of the work and offer you results from websites where the image was found.


CamFind is a free mobile application for Android and iOS that allows you to start a search from a simple photo. The application is very easy to learn, but all the explanations and all the content is in English. As soon as the application is run, the user is prompted to take a photo but you must take a photo directly, it’s not possible to import a photo from the gallery.

FAQ about Google Lens

Is Google Lens free?

You can download the Google Lens mobile app for Android smartphones and tablets for free.

How do I search from a photo?

Go to Google Images. On your computer, locate the file for the image you want to search by and click on the picture. Hold down the mouse button, drag the image and drop it into the search field.

How to install Google Lens on Mac?

The service is now available on PC and Mac, without the need to activate it manually. To access it, simply right-click on an image and select Search image with Google Lens.

How to activate Google Lens on Chrome?

Open Google Chrome from your PC and type chrome://flags in the search bar and press ENTER.

Which OS is Google Lens compatible with?

You can download and install Google Lens only on Android smartphones from version 6.0. If you want to have Google Lens on your iPhone, you need to download and install the Google Photos app.

Download TikTok for PC Windows 11 / 10 / 7

TikTok is a short video sharing social network that has become very popular with young audiences. It was launched in China and its official client is available for Android and iOS. The company that owns this app and service is ByteDance. Although in the West it’s known as TikTok, its name in its home country is Douyin. Here, we will show you how to download and install TikTok for PC on Windows and MacOS.

» Download & Install
» behind the Success
» How to Make Videos
» How to Make Money
» Top 10 Challenges

Name Tiktok
Developer TIKTOK PTE. LTD.
Year of Launch 2018
File Size 422 MB
Supported OS Android / iOS
Category Social Network
License Free
In-App Purchases 100 coins $0.99
199 coins $2.99
330 coins $4.99
400 coins $5.99
660coins $9.99
1120 coins $16.99
1321 coins $19.99
3303 coins $49.99
Language(s) English and 30 more
Store(s) Google Play Store / App Store / Microsoft Store / Amazon App Store
Official Website

Download and install TikTok on Windows 11 / 10 using BlueStacks or MEmu Play emulator

BlueStacks and MEmu Play are famous Android emulators that work well with Windows and MacOS. With them, you can download and install Android and iOS applications on your computer and also use external hardware like your mouse and keyboard.

Here are the steps to download and install TikTok on your computer using BlueStacks or MEmu Play emulator:

  1. Head over to or and install the emulator of your choice.
  2. Launch the emulator and open Google Play Store.
  3. Log in to your Google Play Store account and search for the app TikTok.
  4. Select the app when TikTok icon appears in the search results and click on the Install button.
  5. When the installation is complete, the TikTok icon will appear on your emulator’s home screen.
  6. Click on the icon to launch the application on your computer.

Behind the success

Douyin was launched in China in September 2016. A year later, the company decided to give it the name TikTok, which we know today, to expand into other markets. On November 9, 2017, its parent company, ByteDance, purchased for $1 billion, a short-form video platform focused on the teen market. The effects of this purchase were clearly visible in less than a year, when the two applications merged. It was in 2018 that the first celebrities began to arrive on the network. This only increased his popularity.

Many video functionalities

If we had to simplify the functions of TikTok to two main pillars, it would be video editing and socializing. The editing functions are more and more complete. The app has a built-in camera that allows you to change the video speed, record different segments separately, add filters, and set a timer, among other things. Moreover, the application offers a complete post-editing section, with the possibility of adding text, music and other elements. All without using third-party apps.

A new social approach

In its socialization part, TikTok stands out mainly for its fast and dynamic functioning which, in turn, makes it very addictive. Each video is usually between 15 and 60 seconds maximum and can be skipped by swiping the screen upwards. The objective is to offer the user small capsules for fast entertainment and a strong visual impact.

Of course, each user has a personal profile and can comment on videos, give a “Like”, upload new content and follow others. TikTok is a breath of fresh air among more traditional social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Thanks to its very young user base, this social network is full of creativity and dynamism.

Interface of TikTok on mobile available on PC Windows and Mac.

TikTok let you share small video with your community.

How to make a video with TikTok

Although a large number of users only use TikTok on Wndows as viewers of funny content, the fundamental pillar of this social network lies in the creation of content. That’s why it offers an extremely complete built-in camera. In this article, we will not only tell you how to save a video on TikTok for PC but also all the features that will help you become a design master.

  1. To get started, click on the middle button in the bottom menu.
  2. You are now in the video creation section of the application. You can use the circular red button to start capturing and record short fragments that will be stitched one after the other simply by pressing and releasing this button.
  3. This is, how to record a video on TikTok but in an effort to make the content more attractive, the social network offers the user a large number of editing options. You can see them on the right side of the screen.
  4. Among the most outstanding features you will find the one to change the recording speed.
  5. Filters and Beauty options apply filters to your recording: If you click on the former, you will access to a collection of filters to change brightness, contrast and other settings. In the second case, you apply a beautify filter that automatically improves the appearance.
  6. Timer is nothing more than a timer to automate the start of capturing.
  7. Flip and Flash are some of the most common settings. In the first case you alternate between the front and rear cameras of your device and in the second you activate the flash. What else should you know about saving videos in TikTok? For example, the timeline. This shows all the fragments you have captured.
  8. The Sounds part is also very important. This is where TikTok lets you add a song to your video and perform, for example, choreography.
  9. And finally, Effects. This section open up a world of possibilities. With special effects, you can apply a background to your video or start fun mini-games.

Apply effects to a video

When you are done saving content, use the confirmation button at the bottom right to continue. If you want to delete a fragment, use the adjacent button and what about post-production?

After registration is complete, you still have many options such as  on the side are volume settings, adding a voiceover, voice effects, video trimming or even more filters and you can also add text, other effects, and even stickers using the four buttons at the bottom. After this approach, it’s clear that TikTok is one of the most complete applications for recording videos. Thanks to all these options, you can give free rein to all your creativity and offer original and attractive content.

How to make money with TikTok

TikTok users can make money relatively easily. What do you need to start generating income with your account? Here we explain what you need to consider to start generating profits with your content.

Create an active community

First of all, it’s essential to create a community. This doesn’t mean getting a huge following but rather getting your followers to interact and react to the videos you upload. Obviously, the higher the number of subscribers, the greater the potential earnings but the most important thing is to do everything so that your subscribers constitute an active community.

Create quality content

Then you have to create quality content. This can of course concern any subject but it’s important to be quality. In addition, you must learn to investigate trends, adapt to them and if possible, bring something new.

Diiamond Program

Once you have achieved these two main goals, you must enroll in the Diamond Program. Once done, your followers and all other users who view your content can give you freebies. These gifts are in the form of a diamond which, once received, can be exchanged for real money. Gift transactions are public and can be viewed by anyone. Gifts can only be given during a live broadcast.

Also, if your TikTok account is popular, many companies will probably contact you to add sponsored content to your videos. This is a much more profitable way to generate income on the Asian social network but it will take a lot of effort and dedication to become an influential account.

What are the best challenges on TikTok

You are going to find out which are the best challenges that have become very popular lately on this social network. You can join them and show the world how you overcome them. TikTok challenges are actions that involve a certain number of difficulties and that a large number of users take up to demonstrate their skills.

Most challenges include choreography, a series of movements that require a lot of coordination, or specific physical exercises. It can’t be said that they are especially static. This means that for a while a type of challenge may become popular and then fade away.

Plank challenge

This is a challenge that begins with an abdominal plank and then a series of coordinated movements with another person in time to the music.

Simba challenge

This challenge is actually a fun joke. It consists of marking the forehead of another person with lipstick or another type of material, respecting the model of the famous scene of the Lion King.

10 touch challenge

His difficulty is to juggle 10 with his foot and a roll of toilet paper as if it were a ball. Many famous footballers have participated in this challenge.

Couple’s challenge

A couple with their eyes closed, a series of compromising declarations and the obligation to specify to whom they are addressed. What can go wrong? One of the celebrities who took part was Jennifer López and her husband, Álex Rodríguez.

Emoji challenge

Can you recreate some of the most famous emojis just using your face? Put your mental agility to the test with this famous challenge.

Try not to sing

You won’t believe it but it’s very hard not to sing along to a familiar song. This challenge features a series of popular songs that you must avoid singing.

Choose your charter

If you are passionate about video games, you will love this one. Recreate the classic character selector by inventing your own.

Random dance

If you think you can climb the steps of a staircase to the beat of a catchy song, take this challenge. By the way, the music used is the same as in the Plank Challenge.

Download PUBG Mobile for PC Windows 11/10/7

PUBG Mobile for PC is a famous Battleground FPS available on all platforms. Some specification are different between PC’s version and mobile one. If you prefer to play PUBG mobile version, you can install it on Windows 11 / 10 / 7 or MacOS by using some methods we share with you in this article.

» Download & Install
» Gameplay
» Alternatives

Name Player Unknow Battleground Mobile
Developer Tencent Mobile International Limited
Year of Launch 2018
File Size 2.4 GB
Supported OS Windows / Android / iOS
Category Battle Royale
License Free
In-App Purchases 60 Unknown Cash $0.99
180 Unknown Cash $2.99
600 Unknown Cash $9.99
300 Unknown Cash $4.99
1500 Unknown Cash $24.99
6000 Unknown Cash $99.99
3000 Unknown Cash $49.99
PUBGM Prime(1 month) $0.99
PUBGM PrimePlus(1 month) $9.99
Language(s) English / Spanish / Portuguese / Russian / Hindi / Arabic and 25 more
Store(s) Google Play Store / App Store / Amazon App Store
Official Website

What’s PUBG Mobile

PUBG for PC, isn’t just a scaled down version of the PC title. This is the entire opus that we were able to adore last year on “larger” formats. Here, the experience is complete and we mean that all the features that make PUBG a unique Battle Royal come together in this app. For that, we have to salute the work of Brendan Greene and Korean game studios Bluehole.

How to download and install PUBG Mobile on Windows using Bluestacks or MEmu Play

BlueStacks and MEmu Play are famous Android emulators that work well with Windows and MacOS. With them, you can download and install Android and iOS applications on your computer and also use external hardware like your mouse and keyboard.

Here are the steps to download and install PUBG Mobile on your computer using BlueStacks or MEmu Play emulator:

  1. Head over to or and install the emulator of your choice.
  2. Launch the emulator and open Google Play Store.
  3. Log in to your Google Play Store account and search for the app PUBG Mobile.
  4. Select the app when PUBG Mobile icon appears in the search results and click on the Install button.
  5. When the installation is complete, the PUBG Mobile icon will appear on your emulator’s home screen.
  6. Click on the icon to launch the game.

Mobile version Vs Windows version

On the screen is a large semi-transparent circle in the lower left corner that controls your legs, and therefore your movements. On the right side of the touch screen is the bullet icon which causes you to fire your equipped weapons. To look around you, place your thumb on this socket and shake it slightly. Be careful not to be too abrupt though, so don’t advance this ball if you don’t want to shoot and alert other players to your presence.

At first, we almost cried with frustration while playing, because it requires more precision than Fortnite and the handling is much harder compared to the PC version of the game but that’s like everything, it takes time to get there and after the first three hours, we like to take good reflexes. Even if the first four hours were against bots, it’s never boring!

Gameplay of PUBG

The game is the same as usual: 100 players jump out of a plane, dive as fast as possible to the ground and try to find a weapon as fast as possible to kill (or be killed) each other. The fact that all 100 players try to survive as long as possible and the map shrinks after two minutes of play to force campers out into the open is a great base for some shooters.

Panic! Don’t have a gun

Find a shotgun and a pistol for example and you will play a game that will be different from finding a rifle and a scope (long distance shooting scope). If all you find is a frying pan, well, you’re probably screwed then. The maps are even more varied, which is huge. We were just getting to know Erangel when Miramar arrived and both maps are overflowing with detail.

It’s not a particularly interesting detail and many assets are overused but these are great levels that you can come across again and again and always locate new stuff. This is further amplified by the initial parachute at the start of the mission, when everyone jumps out of a plane as they fly across the map (again, each match follows a new angle of approach).

Run, avoid shrinking map, kill… and run

If you can win the inevitable first duel, find a decent weapon and armor for your body, and maybe pick up some wheels, then you’re in place and can race to truly challenge the game. Players flock in the same direction, avoiding bombardments overhead and a narrowing line on the map hurting those on the wrong side.

After an initial flop of activity things may calm down but the shrinking playing area means it’s just a matter of time before people bump into each other around the goal. The one-life setup ensures that the stakes can’t get much higher and it’s this marriage of intensity and conceptual simplicity that makes the game compulsive, engaging and compelling.

Some minor issues but one of the best in its category

Of course there are some minor issues that need to be addressed, the frame rate for example is not perfect and not as good as the mobile version of Fortnite on iOS. Additionally, there is a little more difficulty in aiming in this title than with its Epic Games competitor, mainly due to the perspective and the layout of controls on the screen.

Nevertheless, Bluehole released a very good version of their shooter in a pocket format that quickly made us addicted! If we compare with most free Iphone games, it is undoubtedly one of the best, and by far. The map is still big, the textures are far from hideous, and it’s never riddled with ads every 30 seconds. In short, it’s good, it’s beautiful, it’s great: period.

Graphic quality is a big pont for PUBG Mobile

Welcome to the most played battle royale, oh wait… what if I land here?

Alternatives to PUBG Mobile for Windows

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile has become a popular first-person shooter that features an extremely entertaining battle royale mode. He have a vast arsenal of weapons faithful to the Call of Duty universe. The battle royale mode takes place on a huge map called Isolated, with up to 100 players entering the fray at a time. With smoother game mechanics than PUBG and top-notch graphics, Call of Duty Mobile is a great alternative.

Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX is a hugely popular battle royale game in India and Southeast Asia that offers a fast-paced battle royale experience involving 50 players who are dropped on an island and must survive to win. Free Fire MAX offers a range of weapons similar to PUBG Mobile, so getting used to the weapon mechanics won’t be a problem.

Knives Out

Knives Out is a battle royale game that features a massive 100-player battlefield. Although the mechanics are similar to other Battle Royale games, Knives Out have a unique feature that allows players to build structures to defend against enemies. Impressive graphics and smooth gameplay make it a great alternative to PUBG Mobile.

New State Mobile

New State Mobile is an indian copy of PUBG Mobile and looks like its original version, some menu items and the warm-up location have been refreshed. New State Mobile currently offers two battle royale maps, TROI and Erangel 2051, the latter of which is inspired by PUBG’s original Erangel map. Additionally, a new map called Station is now available in beta for players to test their skills.

Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is another great alternative to PUBG Mobile. It features a similar game format but have many unique features. Before the game begins, players can customize their characters, which adds a personal touch to the experience. Rules of Survival takes place on a gigantic field map with a maximum of 120 players. A quick tutorial educates participants on the game’s various mechanics and tools.

Download Clash of Clans for PC Windows 11 / 10 / 7 & Mac

Destroy your enemies and lead your clan to victory in Clash of Clans. A real-time strategy and management game, this one propels you into the heart of a constantly evolving fantasy world in which you must build your village, train your troops and destroy enemy goblin camps. here, we will show you some features of this game and how to download and install it on Windows or MacOS.

» What’s Clash of Clans?
» Download & Install
» Join a Clan
» Alternatives

Name Clash of Clans
Developer Supercell Oy
Year of Launch 2012
File Size 276 MB
Supported OS Android / iOS
Category Strategy
License Free
In-App Purchases Pocketful of Gems $0.99
Pile of Gems $4.99
Bag of Gems $9.99
Sack of Gems $19.99
Resource Pack $0.99
Gold Pass $4.99
Language(s) English / Spanish / Portuguese / Russian / Hindi / Arabic and 14 more
Store(s) Google Play Store / App Store / Amazon App Store
Official Website

What’s Clash of Clans

Developed and published by the Finnish studio Supercell, this free-to-play released in 2012 on iOS and Android platforms brings together millions of players around the world. Initially reserved exclusively for mobiles, it’s now possible to download Clash of Clans to play it on Windows and MacOS thanks to mobile game emulators like BlueStacks and MEmu Play.

Clash of Clans for PC is a  real strategy game, the main objective when coming to download Clash of Clans is to constantly improve your town hall to a higher level in order to enlarge and fortify it as much as possible. The latter is your base, which you must protect at all costs from your enemy troops, the Goblins. To do this, you will have to extract gold and elixir, the main raw materials needed to build your buildings.

At the same time, you will have to take care of the training of your fighters. Indeed, the latter will have to be at the highest levels in order to be able to loot the neighboring clans and villages but this looting comes at a price, so you will need to invest your raw materials in defense. Each time you win a war against other clans, you collect trophies but also gems (the currency of the game), these will help you build, improve and obtain more raw materials.

To help you in your quest, it’s also possible to collaborate with other players and create your own clan to become even stronger! Regularly many updates are added to Clash of Clans with campaigns such as The Pirate Champion, The Clashoween Event or The Battle Drill for example.

Download and install Clash of Clan on Windows with BlueStacks or MEmu Play

BlueStacks and MEmu Play are famous Android emulators that work well with Windows and MacOS. With them, you can download and install Android and iOS applications on your computer and also use external hardware like your mouse and keyboard.

Here are the steps to download and install Clash of Clans on your computer using BlueStacks or MEmu Play emulator:

  1. Head over to BlueStacks or MEmu Play to download and install the emulator of your choice.
  2. Launch the emulator and open Google Play Store.
  3. Log in to your Google Play Store account and search for the app Clash of Clans.
  4. Select the app when Clash of Clans icon appears in the search results and click on the Install button.
  5. When the installation is complete, the Clash of Clans icon will appear on your emulator’s home screen.
  6. Click on the icon to launch the application on your computer.

How to play Clash of Clans?

If you decide to download Clash of Clans on Windows, know that you are embarking on a real adventure that is in no way comparable to a health walk. Composed of mustachioed barbarians, fire-thrower wizards and other dragons or giants, you will have to loot and destroy all the goblin villages that are in your path. For this, you have two options, either to play in solo mode or to decide to join an already formed clan. Whatever your choice, you will always have to be on your guard, because the goblins turn out to be much sneakier than they seem.

Single-player mode

By choosing the solo mode, you will have to start from the beginning, namely to build your village from A to Z. This is essential, it will allow you to be able to train your troops and store your raw materials and other harvested trophies in your battles. To build your village, you must go to the Store, it is from this one that you will find all the objects and materials necessary for your construction. It consists of several elements such as the Defense section to protect your village, the Resource section for productivity, followed by the Army and Decoration sections.

Life points always bring experience, that’s what decorations are for. At the beginning, you have limited resources, prioritize above all the protection of your town hall and your reserves of gold and elixir. You will have plenty of time to improve your base as you progress through the game. As soon as you feel ready to attack, go for it! This is the best way to test your strengths and collect maximum resources.

Before launching your assault, take a good look at the resources your enemy has, if he has a very large quantity of them, there is a good chance that your enemies are strongly armed to protect him. It’s up to you to decide if you can beat him before launching into a useless battle, barely lost. When you attack a gold reserve, it goes directly into your bank account. Even if your troops are killed during the attack, the gold will remain in your account.

You will get even more treasures and bonuses if you manage to destroy your opponent’s base and town hall. After attacking, be sure to train more troops to replace those you lost in battle. The construction of a laboratory is essential for this, it allows you to improve your troops so that they have more offensive power and that they resist more damage. You can also get more advanced levels of troops like Archers, Sorcerers and Goblins which will allow you to earn more trophies and move up in Leagues.

Graphics from Clash of Clans on iOS and Mac

Evolved village in Clash of Clans.

Join a Clan

If you choose to create or join a clan, be aware that it will cost you some gold coins. This is equivalent to a right of entry in order to participate in the life of the community. Whatever your choice, you will absolutely have to rebuild your Clan Castle. A clan can have a maximum of 50 members. You can join an already formed clan provided, of course, that you meet the conditions set by the clan leaders (number of trophies or town hall level).

To compensate for its proper functioning, the clan has a hierarchy. To do this, four ranks are distinguished: chief (only one per clan), deputy chief, elder and member. The leader has the same rights as a deputy leader but he is the only one who can exclude or degrade a deputy leader. Each rank makes it possible to promote a player to a rank lower or equal to his or to degrade, even to exclude, a player to a rank strictly lower than his. Once you have joined a clan, you will be able to participate in clan wars.

The latter can bring in a lot of resources, the rewards are very interesting and are added to those of other members. Only the clan leader or one of the deputy leaders have the ability to declare war. The decision can nevertheless be taken as an agreement through the chat, the discussion platform open to all online players. Once the decision has been made, they will have to choose a minimum of 5 members to participate.

In a clan war, there are several phases: the preparation day, the battle day and the end of the war. The clan with the most stars wins the clan war. In case of a tie, the destruction rate is taken into account. There are also friendly wars where no rewards are given, but which allows you to challenge a particular clan and gauge its strength before a possible fight.

Clash of Clans on Android and Windows

Clash of Clans is a multiplayer game where you have to conquer your rivals territory.

Alternatives to Clash of Clans for Windows

Brawl Stars

Also developed and published by Supercell, this one offers you to play as a team in order to eliminate your opponents and achieve different objectives. You will find many game modes that constantly renew your gaming experience. As a team, alone or with friends, you will face other players from around the world in short intense battles.

Clash Royale

Also coming from Supercell, it combines both a strategy game and a card game. The gameplay is different but instead of building towers or training troops, you will have to rely solely on the strength of your cards. These include different spells and special attacks. Stimulating and fun, this game will delight both children and adults.

Final though

If you too want to live a great fantasy adventure in the world, don’t wait any longer and come and download Clash of Clans now for free from the iOS and Android stores or on the various emulators to play it on your Windows.

Download Telegram for PC Windows 11 / 10 / 7

Many people don’t yet know Telegram for PC but this application is one of the most used messaging services around the world. The platform is often brought up in topics of conversation about online security and privacy policy. Moreover, the more popular platforms like Messenger and WhatsApp have much less, this is because Telegram uses strong encryption.

» What’s Telegram?
» Features
» Why to Use Telegram?
» Configuration Guide

Name Telegram
Developer Telegram FZ-LLC
Year of Launch 2013
File Size 143 MB
Supported OS Windows / MacOS / Linux / Android / iOS
Category Messaging
License Free
In-App Purchases Telegram Premium $4.99
Telegram Premium (3 Months) $14.99
Telegram Premium (6 Months) $19.99
Telegram Premium (1 Year) $35.99
Language(s) English and 18 more
Store(s) Google Play Store / App Store / Mac App Store / Microsoft Store
Official Website

Telegram, what is it?

Telegram for PC is a cross-platform messaging service created in 2013 by Pavel Durov, a Russian entrepreneur. In its early days, it was launched on Android and iOS. Today, the application claims more than 500 million users. Most of the customers were former users of other competing apps who were subject to privacy scandals. Telegram emphasizes privacy with the primary goal of offering increased security to the subscribers as a feature that other messaging apps doesn’t have.

More than just an application, the service allow users the ability to take part in end-to-end encrypted secret conversations for ultimate protection. Apart from videos and photos, Telegram also allows you to transfer documents or share your current location with just one click. In addition, you will not be entitled to any advertising and the application is completely free.

How does Telegram work?

The way Telegram for Windows works is pretty much the same as other apps and messaging platforms. It allows you to create group conversations, send messages to other users, send stickers as well as files. However, compared to others, the app is much more popular due to its privacy policy and some specific features like chat options. The platform has end-to-end encryption software that makes it possible to secure a discussion so that outsiders (hackers, government or company) can’t access the messages sent.

Despite the fact that this type of encryption only concerns so-called secret conversations and calls, Telegram has always been able to meet expectations. To date, no complaint has yet been registered but it doesn’t mean that ordinary discussions are in plain sight. They are also encrypted but only from the user to the server. The service also stands out for its enhanced use of the cloud. Photos, messages and videos are stored on a server. This content will be accessible to users from any connected device.

Telegram interface on Android

Telegram is a free, powerful and fully customizable app.

Telegram’s features

Telegram offers the same lists of features as other types of messaging applications. However, here are some features that make it unique and may encourage you to change your messaging service:

Secret conversations

thanks to this option, you can exchange encrypted messages with a specific contact but it will not be able to transfer or take a screenshot of your chat. In addition, to this option is added another feature: the self-destruct timer.

Deleting All Messages

Telegram got an update in 2019 and comes with a brand new feature that relates to global message deletion. It allows you to permanently erase all traces of a discussion. Despite the fact that this feature ensures great privacy, it is still recommended to have full control over virtual communications.

Large File Support

Unlike other messaging apps and platforms, Telegram can support sending large files. With other media, the maximum authorized size is 300 MB, while the application allows files to be sent with a maximum size of 2 GB. In addition, shared content is stored in a private cloud accessible with any kind of connected devices.

The customization option

Thanks to this feature, it’s possible to have more friendly conversations. You can change the color of the discussions and customize the way the links open, by adding animations for example. To do this, users can create themes, custom bots and stickers.

Other features of Telegram

Messaging of course offers other practical features such as disabling notifications. It can be configured for a group, a discussion or a chain. You can also download videos from Telegram and watch them later but this picture-in-picture option will not allow you to enjoy the normal image size. The video will be smaller in size, but it will play to the end. In addition, you will be able to move the image of the video from one end of your screen to the other.

Interface Telegram on PC Windows

Telegram let you have private conversation, you can delete it or wait the auto deleting works. It’s also fully customizable.

Why use Telegram on your computer?

High reliability

Compared to other platforms, Telegram is generally one of the safest. What’s more, no other company or business is concerned with end-to-end data encryption. The privacy of users will then be well protected. The same level of encryption is granted to the secret conversation function.

Users on both sides of the conversation cannot forward or screenshot messages. In addition, it’s possible to program the self-destruction of messages. Each of the users will therefore be able to delete their messages but also those of others. The messages will therefore be completely deleted from all devices.

Free features

For some time, Telegram has started using new monetization methods but until today, the main activity including chatting, is still free. Users can use all features of the messaging service for free and in addition, the platform makes its API available to everyone.

How is Telegram different from WhatsApp?

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram is cloud-based messaging with always-on sync. So you can access your messages from multiple devices at once, including tablets and computers, and share unlimited photos, videos and files (doc, zip, mp3, etc.) up to 2 Go each. Telegram requires less than 100MB on your device – you can keep all your media in the cloud without needing to delete anything – just clear your app cache to free up space.

Thanks to Telegram’s multi-datacenter infrastructure and encryption, it’s faster and much more secure. On top of that, private messaging on Telegram is free and will remain free: no ads, no subscription fees, forever. Telegram’s API and code are open, and developers are welcome to create their own Telegram apps. We also have an API for bots, a platform for developers that allows anyone to easily create specific tools for Telegram, integrate all types of services and even accept payments from users around the world.

Guide to configure Telegram

  1. To use Telegram on your PC and send messages to your loved ones, you must first install the application from Google Play or App Store. Click on the icon with the paper plane logo and proceed with the installation.
  2. Once you are done browsing the welcome page, enter your phone number. A four-digit code will then be sent to you by SMS. To continue, you must enter this code. Then create your own profile by adding your name and a photo.
  3. Once you’ve finished creating your account, Telegram can analyze your contacts for you to find friends who use the application. It will therefore display a list of your friends who are present on the platform.
  4. All you have to do is send them an invitation. Afterwards, you can start a chat with a friend who has an account. You can send him a web image, photo, document, video or contact.
  5. At the same time, you can share the contact, modify it, block it or delete it. At this point, you can also start a secret chat, which provides additional privacy. It’s also possible to add a shortcut that will take you to the home page and allow you to quickly access a discussion.

Final though

Telegram is a great messaging application who gives you a lot of controls and privacy. The auto delete function and the fully customizable chat make this app one of the best to have and it also available on all platforms like computers different OS or mobile devices.