Download Airtime Player for Mac

With Airtime Player for Mac you can watch your TV show, movie and other video you like in most flights and share content from the the plane WiFi. Unfortunately, Airtime is only made for Android and iOS but here we will show you how to download and install Airtime Player on MacOS.

Name Airtime Player Developer Global Eagle Entertainment, Inc.
Year of Launch 2014 File Size 17 MB
Supported OS iOS Category Video Player
License Free Language(s) English | Spanish | Portuguese | Hindi | Arabic and 10 more.
Store(s) App Store Rating
❭ 4 ✯ ❭ 3 votes

Features of Airtime Player for Mac

Airtime Player is the go-to app when you want to watch videos while traveling. The app saves you from getting bored and spending your time sleeping on the flight. The app has several features that make it the top choice of most users.

Supports audio and video chat

While using an Airtime player, you can participate in audio or video chats. You can create a separate chat room and share your thoughts with friends or family. The app supports up to 10 peoples at a time in video chat.

Invites are not needed

You can join Airtime Player anytime, even if you are not a part of any community you don’t need an invitation. Log in to your account and connect to a new Airfam. You can always access the app and watch whatever you want.

Two-way interaction

Unlike other media players, Airtime Player doesn’t only stream videos. It allows you to share your thoughts in comments and communicate with your friends while watching. You can also like the videos or react to the content by sending applause, hearts, flames, etc.

Watch privately

If you don’t want to watch live content, you can create a private room with your friends and watch a movie, TV show or a video privately. This room will only be accessible to people you have invited. You can constantly chat with them while watching videos.

Go public

Airtime Player always has something live streaming. You can create a public room and share the stage to showcase your talent or hobby to the world. Alternatively, you can watch other people participating in live shows and connect with new people from worldwide.

Interface of Airtime Player on iPad.
Airtime Player let you use internet connection in airplane.

Alternatives to Airtime Player for Windows


Tribe is a platform where users can create their community and communicate with them. It’s like building a social media platform for your friends, family members or followers. The app allows users to participate in forums and discussions, ask questions, comment, upvote or create polls. The Tribe app is only accessible online through its web version. It doesn’t have any mobile app.

Google Play Movies & TV

The Google Play TV app is an all-in-one platform for watching TV shows, Movies, etc. It has a vast library with over 700.000 titles. You can buy or rent content to stream via this app. The app offers content in various languages. You can stream media on your TV, mobile phone, desktop or tablet via Google Play Movies & TV.


WhatsApp is a worldwide popular mobile application for messaging and calling people. The app allows users to send messages via the internet for free. Using WhatsApp, you can also voice or video call your loved ones for unlimited hours but you need internet. WhatsApp was earlier available for Android and iOS users only. But the company has recently released a new version of the app accessible on Windows and MacOS.

Frequently asked questions about Airtime Player

How can  use Airtime Player Player for Mac?

Airtime Player is a must-have app if you want to make your plane journey entertaining. You can download the app on your mobile phone directly from the App Store. You can also officially use it on your MacOS with Bluestacks or NoxPlayer.

Is it possible to download Airtime Player for Windows 11?

No, there isn’t version for Windows of this application.

Is there a free version of Airtime Player for Mac?

The Airtime Player app is available for free. You can download it from the Google Play Store and watch content without paying anything. The app doesn’t cost you anything since you get access to the free-to-watch content offered by your airline. You only need to download and start using the app by logging into your account.

Is Airtime safe to use on windows?

Yes, Airtime Player is a reliable and safe application for Windows. You don’t have to bother about viruses and malware as long as you download the app from trusted sources like the official website of Airtime or on the App Store.

Is Airtime Player for Mac available?

You can use Airtime Player’s web version on your MacOS but if you want to download the app on your Mac device, you can get it only through emulators like NoxPlayer or BlueStacks, since the app is not officially available for Mac OSX. The steps to install Airtime on your Mac are the same as those for Windows.