How to Download and Install Cooking Fever for PC [Windows]

Cooking Fever is a favorite game for cooking lovers and mobile gamers. You can prepare various dishes under various cuisines and serve your customers while playing. The catch is that this amazing game is only available for Android and iOS mobile users.

But you don’t have to get disheartened! You can still download and play Cooking Fever on your PC with full keyboard and mouse controls. In this article, you’ll find the methods to download and install Cooking Fever for PC.

Cooking Fever for PC App Specs

TitleCooking Fever for PC
OS RequirementsWindows 7 and above
Download Size145 MB
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Features of Cooking Fever for PC

Cooking Fever is an addictive game, especially for cooking lovers. You’ll spend hours playing this game and cooking delicious meals like in a real kitchen. Some of the striking features of this game include:

Multiple cuisines

Cooking Fever gives gamers the option to choose from thousands of cuisines. You can cook desserts, Indian, Chinese, Italian, and many more dishes with high-quality ingredients in your kitchen.

Options to upgrade

You can get bored of cooking in the same kitchen and looking at the same restaurant interior all the time. So, Cooking Fever offers hundreds of options to upgrade your kitchen, furniture, and appliances to ensure your customers get the best experience and you enjoy cooking!

Unique location setups

The game offers eight different location setups. You can choose from a Breakfast Cafe, Fast-Food, Pizza, Chinese, Indian, Seafood, Sushi, and Bakery. All these locations have a unique kitchen, and you can use the ingredients to prepare delicious meals according to your location.

Hundreds of levels

Cooking Fever has more than thousands of levels, and as you complete each level, the game becomes more fun and challenging. You also get rewards for completing the levels.

Method 1: How to Download Cooking Fever for PC using Memu Player?

The first method to download and play Cooking Fever on a PC is via Memu Player. Memu Player is a software that provides access to Android games on a PC.

Cooking Fever is officially available on Memu Player, and you can get it via the steps given below:

Step 1: Navigate to Memu Player’s official website and download and install the software on your PC.

Step 2: Launch Memu Player on your PC and sign into your Google account.

Step 3: Search for Cooking Fever in the Google Play Store and hit the Install button to begin the installation.

Step 4: Now go to Memu Player’s home page.

Step 5: Click Cooking Fever’s app icon to launch the app. You can now play the game on your PC.

Method 2: How to Download Cooking Fever for PC using BlueStacks?

Another official site that provides Cooking Fever for PC is BlueStacks. This software is available for Windows and Mac users, and you can use it to play Cooking Fever on your PC. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

Step 1: Download and install the BlueStacks software from the official BlueStacks website.

Step 2: Sign into your Google account to access Google Play Store.

Step 3: Search for Cooking Fever and click the Install button to begin the installation.

Step 4: You’ll find the Cooking Fever icon on the BlueStacks home page after installation. Click it to start playing the game.

Is  Cooking Fever available for Mac?

Cooking Fever is not officially available as a standalone app for Mac users. The app is only available for mobile users. However, you can play Cooking Fever on your Mac by installing the game via Memu Player or BlueStacks.

The installation process is the same as explained in the earlier sections of this article.

How to Get Unlimited Gems in Cooking Fever?

Cooking Fever gives 15 gems every 12 hours. However, if you want to earn more gems, you must complete multiple levels, replay the completed levels, and play the game daily. You can also increase your gems by earning more gems in the Casino.

Cooking Fever also gives you gems to understand the facial expression and moods of your customers.

Another method to earn more gems is by changing the date and time of your device. However, this method is least recommended since it’s illegal.

Alternatives of Cooking Fever

Apart from Cooking Fever, the playstore offers various other cooking games. If you want to explore more cooking games, here are a few alternatives.

Restaurant Fever – Cooking Food Street

With Restaurant Fever, you can practice your master chef skills and enjoy cooking delicious Asian meals. This crazy kitchen simulator gives you a real-life cooking experience. You can cook various dishes using the available ingredients and appliances.

You can also upgrade the kitchen and restaurant for a better experience.

Star Chef: Cooking Game

If you dream of becoming a master chef at a top cafe or five-star hotel, you can live your dream with the Star chef game. This game allows you to run your cafe and hotel.

You can prepare delicious meals in your kitchen and serve your customers. You can also hire trained staff to support you in your business.

Happy Chef 2

Happy Chef is an iOS-based cooking game. You can prepare hundreds of meals across various cuisines to master your cooking skills. You can serve pizzas, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, etc. dishes to your customers.

For a better cooking experience, you get high-quality appliances and ingredients. You can also decorate the restaurant to make it more attractive for your customers.

Cooking Academy

Cooking Academy is another fun cooking game. You can use your chopping, frying, flipping, kneading, and mashing skills to prepare 50+ dishes.

The game puts you in charge of assembling the ingredients and preparing the food within the given time. You also earn trophies and rewards as you complete the game levels.

The Restaurant Game

The Restaurant Game allows you to practice your skills while preparing delicious meals across various cuisines. You can prepare various dishes like pizza, Chinese, Indian, desserts, and many more.

The game also allows you to upgrade your kitchen and restaurant according to your preferences.

FAQs about Cooking Fever

Is Cooking Fever an offline game?

No, Cooking Fever is not an offline game. You need an internet connection to play this game. However, the game requires a small amount of data to function smoothly.

How do you earn gems in Cooking Fever?

Cooking Fever provides 15 gems every 12 hours. However, you must play it daily and complete more levels to earn more gems. You can also replay the levels to keep earning gems.

Is it Free and Safe to use for kids?

Cooking Fever is safe for kids and available for free. However, the app has in-app purchases. So, if your kids are playing the game, alert them not to purchase anything.

What is the hidden achievement in cooking fever?

Achievements in Cooking Fever are the goals achieved by the player. The hidden achievements indicate that the player has not completed or claimed the goal. After claiming the achievement, you get reward points.

Does Cooking Fever have ads?

Yes, Cooking Fever supports advertisements. So, you’ll have to deal with ads while playing the game.


Cooking Fever is an addictive and fun game available for mobile users. However, playing the game on a tiny screen ruins the gaming experience for most players. So, we’ve explained working strategies to install and play Cooking Fever on your PC. Use these methods and get the game running on your PC in a snap!

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