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Arch Linux

Page last updated 18 Mar 2021 by luke2m
Latest Version 2019.03.01
Installation type Command line
Developer(s) Arch Linux Devlopers

Arch Linux is not a distribution for the faint of heart. If you already have the know-how for the Linux command-line, and are comfortable in a terminal window, Arch Linux has some robust tools for building your custom system.

Its highly-regarded documentation, complemented by the excellent Arch Linux Handbook makes it possible for even less experienced Linux users to install and customise the distribution. The powerful tools available at the user’s disposal mean that the distro is infinitely customisable to the most minute detail and that no two installations can possibly be the same.

Besides featuring the much-loved “rolling-release” update mechanism, Arch Linux is also renowned for its fast and powerful package manager called “Pacman”, the ability to install software packages from source code, easy creation of binary packages thanks to its AUR infrastructure, and the ever increasing software repository of well-tested packages.

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