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Debian 10 with the GNOME desktop

Debian 10 with the GNOME desktop


Page last updated 22 Mar 2021 by Sam Hewitt
Latest Version 10.8
Desktop Environment(s) Cinnamon,GNOME,KDE Plasma,LXDE,MATE,Xfce
Installation type Graphical
Developer(s) Debian Project

As one of the oldest free software operating systems, Debian is renowned for its stability & reliability. However given its complex development cycle, it is infrequently updated and a tendency to lag behind the competition in terms providing the latest and greatest software.

The Debian Project holds a steadfast adherence to Free Software, distributing Debian in accordance with the principles of the GNU Project and has produced a strict social contact and set of Free Software guidelines to guide the development of Debian and inform its many contributors.

While the default desktop environment of Debian is GNOME, during installation you can pull from Debian’s vast software respository of over 50000 packages to install virtually any other.

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