Trisquel Compute Freely - Free your computer. Use Linux.
Trisquel GNU/Linux with the MATE desktop

Trisquel GNU/Linux with the MATE desktop


Page posted on 03 Jun 2018 by Sam Hewitt
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Latest Version 8.0
Desktop Environment(s) MATE,LXDE
Installation type Graphical
Based On Debian
Developer(s) The Trisquel Project,Sognus, S.L.U.

Trisquel is a 100% free software GNU/Linux operating system, meaning it comes with no proprietary software, a distinction that gained it an endorsement from the Free Software Foundation as a entirely “free as in freedom” distribution.

Trisquel comes with a complete selection of programs that can be easily extended using a graphical installer. There are several editions available, including a “mini” edition for netbooks and old computers.

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