Trisquel Compute Freely - Free your computer. Use Linux.
Trisquel GNU/Linux with the MATE desktop

Trisquel GNU/Linux with the MATE desktop


Page last updated 03 Jun 2018 by Sam Hewitt
Latest Version 8.0
Desktop Environment(s) MATE, LXDE
Installation type Graphical
Based On Debian
Developer(s) The Trisquel Project, Sognus, S.L.U.

Trisquel is a 100% free software GNU/Linux operating system, meaning it comes with no proprietary software, a distinction that gained it an endorsement from the GNU Project as a entirely “free as in freedom” distribution.

Trisquel comes with a complete selection of programs that can be easily extended using a graphical installer. There are several editions available, including a “mini” edition for netbooks and old computers.

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