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ubuntu 18.04 with the GNOME desktop

ubuntu 18.04 with the GNOME desktop


Page last updated 31 May 2018 by Sam Hewitt
Homepage ubuntu.com/
Latest Version 18.04
Desktop Environment(s) GNOME
Installation type Graphical
Based On Debian
Developer(s) Canonical, Ubuntu Community

Ubuntu has a very large userbase and community, and probably has the best name recognition of any distribution, as such it has a wealth of contributed support resources and the most attention from third-party app developers and companies.

Ubuntu’s development is largely fueled by the Canonical fuels the development of Ubuntu corporation which provides both support for the Ubuntu OS as well as the direction for the project as a whole.

Ubuntu has a large and vibrant community. There are many Ubuntu derivatives called flavours which are community versions of Ubuntu that have been respun with different pre-installed software and desktop environments.

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