Fantastical for PC Windows 11/10/7

Fantastical is a popular calendar app for Mac and iOS users to set and track their schedules. Users can schedule and share events with their friends or team members and use various other tools from this application but the sad news is that it’s not available for Windows. That brings us to today’s post, where we have found the 7 bests Fantastical for PC Windows.

Name Fantastical Calendar Developer Flexibits Inc.
Year of Launch 2011 File Size 185 MB
Supported OS MacOS | iOS Category Calendar
License Free In-App Purchases View the listFlexibits Premium | $56.99
Premium Family | $89.99
Language(s) English | French | German and 3 more. Store(s) App Store | Mac App Store
Official Website Rating
❭ 5 ✯ ❭ 3 votes

Features of Fantastical for PC

Fantastical is among the favorite Calendar apps of most users for its incredible features. Some features that make Fantastical stand out from the other apps are listed below.

Easy and quick event creation

Fantastical allows users to create and track new events in a few clicks. You can import events or manually type the event details, and it’s all set. Your calendar will store the event and notify you accordingly.

Customize calendar

Fantastical allow you to view calendars in different formats, change the calendar color and design the calendar such that you can quickly check schedules. You can also select how many events you want to view at a time.

Automatic alarms

You can change the settings to get reminders and alarms for upcoming events. The app let you add alarms for all new events. You can also customize the alarm based on all-day or timed event.

Instant search

Searching for events within Fantastical is effortless. You can view any past, present, or future event by clicking the search icon. The details of any important event can also be viewed with a single click.

Third-party app integrations

Fantastical offers easy and quick integration with third-party apps like iCal, Entourage, Outlook, Google Calendar or Yahoo! Calendar. This way, you can import events and use features of other apps from Fantastical.

Fantastical is a calendar apps who give you a lot of features.
Fantastical is only available on Apple devices and give users premiums features.

Google Calendar vs. Fantastical for PC – Which is Better?

Google Calendar and Fantastical are both popular Calendar apps providing unique features but when it comes to choosing between the apps, here are a few factors to consider:

Cross-platform availability

Google Calendar is available on Android, iOS and with a web browser as Fantastical is only available for iOS and MacOS.

User interface

The UI of Google Calendar is frequently updated for a seamless experience but currently, the app offers only a light theme and no dark mode. Besides, the app’s interface doesn’t give the latest iOS interface’s look and feel. Alternatively, Fantastical offers both light and dark modes for users. And its interface is up-to-date and flawless.

Supported Integrations

Google Calendar allow integration with various applications but it doesn’t allow users to add TV or sports schedules. Fantastical offers a range of integrations and users can add reminder and schedule for TV show, meeting or event for example.

Adding Events

Google Calendar allow you to add event manually by selecting the date. You can add meeting, note, location and attach Google Drive files to the event. Contrarily, Fantastical allows users to add events by clicking the date, and a one-hour event will be marked automatically. Next, you can use readily available templates to add events in a single tap.

Who is the winner?

Considering the above factors, we conclude that Google Calendar and Fantastical are exceptional applications but Google Calendar is a free application with limited functionalities, whereas Fantastical offers a lot. So, if you want an all-rounder application, Fantastical is the best option.

Alternatives to Fantastical for PC Windows

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is available as an inbuilt calendar app on almost every device. The calendar app is similar to Fantastical and offers a range of functionalities to simplify daily task scheduling and event tracking. You can add daily, weekly, monthly and yearly events within a few minutes and also change the calendar’s view per your preferences. One of the best parts of Google Calendar is its integration with Google Meet, which allows users to schedule video conferences and share them with their team and friends. You can create multiple calendars or subscribe to other calendars via Google Calendar. Besides, everything you save on Google Calendar is available online.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the oldest yet most reliable calendar applications. The app gives you access to your email, contact and calendar all in one place. You can add multiple calendars, switch views and even schedule events for the entire week in a few clicks. Microsoft Outlook allows you to share your entire calendar or compare your schedule with others. The app allows you to convert your email into a calendar appointment by dragging and dropping it. Microsoft Outlook is an excellent calendar app if you enjoy using Microsoft products. You must explore its features while looking for a Fantastical alternative.


CiraSync is a calendar app specifically for Office365 users. The app syncs contacts and calendars at zero cost. With CiraSync, you can create, edit, delete, and share contacts and appointments. You can set and track all your events and details from a single account without installing any software on your device. CiraSync makes it effortless to sync and access everything, including your public calendars, native phone contacts, and public folder emails. CiraSync is one of our best Fantastical alternatives because you can use the app for free. It has no annoying ads to waste your time and no in-app purchases.

Zoho Mail

As the name suggests, Zoho Mail is an email integration suite. But the software has several additional features, of which calendar, note and task scheduling are a few. With Zoho Mail on your device, you can handle various tasks without using any other software. The app allow you to switch between multiple email accounts and communicate and send emails instantly. You can create multiple calendars, schedule appointments, share events and accept invite with your Zoho mail account. Zoho mail is also an excellent option to collaborate and communicate with team members in a corporation.

Chili Piper

Chili Piper is another popular Fantastical alternative offering a range of similar features. The software lets you schedule, route, and qualify inbound leads in a snap. It is the most advanced scheduling and routing app for B2B revenue teams. Chili Piper allows you to integrate with third-party apps like Zapier, Serenova, SalesForce, Twilio, HubSpot and Gmail. You can create and view calendars in multiple formats and share them with others. It allows you to set and share schedules, meetings, and events. You can also set reminders via email, push notifications, or SMS for upcoming event. Several companies use Chili Piper to manage their teams and boost productivity.


Spike is another popular app on the internet to boost productivity and manage your daily tasks. The app is an email and team chat app that allows you to send emails, set tasks, and collaborate with team members. With Spike, you can set and organize your team task, project or meetings and share them with your team members. You can also set reminders and communicate with your clients without leaving your email inbox. The app makes it convenient to communicate, collaborate and manage all your tasks from a single place! You can integrate the app with other third-party apps for additional features. Besides, there are no ads, so that you can enjoy its features without distractions!

Microsoft Exchange Online

Microsoft Exchange Online by Microsoft is an online application giving access to your emails, contacts and calendars in one place. You can access the software from anywhere, anytime, and on any device since it’s available online. All you need is your credentials. With Microsoft Exchange Online, you can create and sync multiple calendars, import events and even share them with others. The app supports third-party software integrations to make it easier for you to communicate and collaborate with your team. You can change the calendar view based on your preference. And also, set reminders to get notifications for upcoming events.

Frequently asked questions about Fantastical

Why use Fantastical for PC?

Fantastical is one of the best calendar apps for iOS users. But since the app is not officially available for Android and Windows users, you can try out the Fantastical alternatives mentioned here to enjoy similar functionalities on your device. All these apps are available for Android, Windows, and iOS users and some are also available online.

Fantastical for PC Windows – Is it Possible?

Fantastical is not officially available for Windows but you can use it via an emulator like MEmu Play, BlueStacks or NoxPlayer. To use Fantastical via an emulator, you have to install the emulator on your computer first, then download Fantastical from the App store.

Does Fantastical for PC have a web interface?

No, Fantastical doesn’t have a web interface. You need to download and install the software on your device to use it.

Is Fantastical for PC available on Android?

No, Fantastical is not available on Android. The app is exclusively available for iOS users only.

Is Fantastical for PC better than the Apple calendar?

Apple Calendar is free to use but offers basic and limited functionalities. Alternatively, Fantastical is an advanced and more efficient app with several features that make task scheduling and tracking easier. So, if you need an app that gives you multiple features in one place, it’s best to go for Fantastical.

How secure is Fantastical for PC?

Fantastical is a highly secure app that provides end-to-end data encryption. No one can view your details. It also ensures data privacy and security.