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Download KeyNote for Windows PC 11,10,8.1 Free

The app is popular and can be used by students, employees, or anyone else owing to its easy-to-use interface. The app is primarily for Apple users and thus unavailable for Windows users.

The question thus is how to download the Keynote for Windows. We have you covered; all the necessary steps to download the app are mentioned in detail in the post. Let’s get started!

Is KeyNote compatible with Windows?

The app has no official version for Windows PC users, as it was primarily developed for Apple users. It can be installed using emulators on Windows PC. Emulators are programs or pieces of hardware that let the host system use programs, tools, and gadgets made for the guest system.

The emulator uses the host’s hardware and software to recreate the guest system’s environment. In the instance of KeyNote, the PC serves as the host device, and Apple’s Keynote software is the guest.

Requirements for KeyNote installation on Windows PC

To avoid any damage or lag in the host Windows PC, there are several basic requirements that the device must meet before installing the emulator or the KeyNote app. First and foremost, a device with two CPUs is required for both downloads.

A minimum 2GHz processing speed is required. The power of a two-core CPU is incredible. The minimum demands are a 20 GB hard drive and 2 GB of RAM. Maintaining GPU drivers at their most recent iteration makes sense.

Method 1: Download KeyNote for Windows PC using BlueStacks

  1. Open the Windows App Store and download the BlueStacks program.
  2. Simply double-click the application in the PC’s downloads folder.
  3. Accept the license agreement 
  4. Open the search window in the BlueStacks emulator and search KeyNote.
  5. The KeyNote app window will open in the Windows Store.
  6. Select the install option.
  7. Launch the KeyNote software with a click and signup/login to the iCloud.

Method 2: Download KeyNote for Windows using NoxPlayer

  1. Open the Windows App Store, download the NoxPlayer program.
  2. You can also obtain it from the NoxPlayer website.
  3. In the PC’s downloads folder double click on the NoxPlayer application.
  4. Accept the license agreement.
  5. Open the search window in the NoxPlayer emulator and search KeyNote.
  6. The KeyNote app window will open in the Windows Store.
  7. Select the install option.
  8. Launch the KeyNote software with a click and signup/login to iCloud.

How to Open KeyNote on a PC?

The KeyNote has no PC version; thus, opening a Keynote file in Windows requires additional tools. For installing KeyNote on PC, we use emulators; if that’s already done, opening a KeyNote file won’t be an issue.

Without such an installed version, the user can open KeyNote files using PDFelement, among other options.

The steps to open KeyNote files using PDFelement are as follows:

  • Click open the KeyNote file on your PC. In the “File” menu in the taskbar, select the “Export to > PDF option”.
  • This will export the file in PDF format. No font change or formatting style will change the export. Open this PDF version of the presentation in PDF element by selecting the “open files” option.
  • The file will be open to editing, converting to PPTX format, or sharing.

Using iCloud

This will lead to a simple connection to the internet so that u can access the iCloud software on the web. The steps are simple and are as follows.

  • Search for “iCloud.com” on the respective web browser of your Windows PC.
  • Download the application on the PC by clicking on the download link and following the instructions showing up on the screen.
  • Sign in to the iCloud account and access all the applications, including KeyNotes.

Features of KeyNote

Easily creating presentations with dazzling tools and effects is the app’s basic and highly sought feature. It is important to know all such features to make the best of your KeyNote experiences.

Some of the key features of the app:

  • Cinematic Animations – Slide transitions along with text and image animations are the features direct out of a Moviemakers page. The magic move effect lets you animate and morph graphics easily, while the Emphasis feature, as the name suggests, adds impact with a single click. As you are animating the slides, live canvas previews are available to crosscheck the work being done.
  • Presentations – The app allows you to rehearse a presentation with the current slide, presenter notes, and timer features. You can present at a video conference and still see presenter notes, current and the next slide, and slide navigation in a different window. The multi-presenter allows control sharing of a slide with any device, a must for group work.
  • Streaming: AirPlay and Apple TV can be used to stream content from the host device wirelessly and in high-quality video and audio. You can even create automatic and interactive shows for streaming using the app. The chart and chart animations provided in the app help set up a strong content base.
  • Creative Effects: The app presents over 40 themes, all Apple developed. The built-in camera adds real-time video directly to your slide. 700 and more shapes and a gallery of photos and videos can be added, the shapes from within the app and gallery of your calling.

    Slide navigator helps perform the important function of swift slide change, adding new slides, and recording slides.
  • Collaboration – The app supports real-time collaboration, allowing the team involved in a project to simultaneously work on the presentation on a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. This feature works on the saved slides in the Cloud or the Box.

    To maintain accountability, you can see who is working, where their cursors are, and what addition they have made to the presentation.
  • iCloud storage and sharing the document – Simply log into the iCloud, and you can access all the presentations and easily edit them across Mac, iPod touch, iPhone, or the iPad. Even the PC browser lets you access these slides through iCloud.com.

    You don’t have to worry about losing data as the app has an auto saver. Sharing presentations to MS PowerPoint, PDF, movies, HTML, and image files is easier than ever with the KeyNote app. AirDrop, of course, allows nearby sharing.

KeyNote app let you make beautiful presentation of your documents

Alternatives of KeyNote


Prezi is a free presentation software with an informal presentation format. The information presentations are unstructured as there are no slides but a single canvas; the content presents itself and then goes back to the canvas.

The presentation first focuses on one content and then shifts to the other. The non-linear model can be best described as zoom in and zoom out. The app lacks animations primarily due to this feature.


The app provides the tools to create infographics, presentations, branded videos, and Professional documents. The popup and hover-over effects are the highlights of the application. Collaboration and shared space allow room for inclusion and group work.

The library of templates, animations, and images by the app is huge, providing samples that can be easily turned into content. The app is available on the web and on macOS and Windows.


An online presentation website offering splendid templates leading to astonishing presentations. The template gallery is huge with all possible categories. You can collaborate with people using the cloud sharing option. Like KeyNote, you can save the presentations in any format.

You can add and upload your audio, video, photos, recording, and GIFs to create quality videos and presentations.

The app’s integration includes platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, HubSpot, and many more.


Pitch provides a workspace feel while making the shared presentations. It supports apps like Notion, which makes the app highly efficient. The application allows you to make project plans, presentations, and sales pitches easily.

It provides fast edits along with smart formatting options. You can search for millions of images for each of your slides along with sites that the app integrates, including Unsplash, Icon8, and Brandfetch.

Similarly, the user can add Vimeo, YouTube, and Loom videos to make the slides lively and resourceful. You can even integrate data with Google Analytics and Google sheets.

Microsoft Sway

Similar to PowerPoint, the template of the presentation can be easily changed. The Smart Feature shows templates based on different topics such as business and education. The interface is user-friendly. It has strong integration with PowerPoint tools and has several similar features.

The Sway cards include grids, headings, videos, and text for the presentations; each card is distinct in terms of content.

The Remix button allows applying of random designs until two slides start showing the same designs. The app is subscription-based along with Office, which costs around $6.99 monthly.

Frequently asked questions

Is KeyNote Safe to Download on Windows?

The app is developed by Apple and established software. It’s safe to use on Windows if downloaded with a credible site or emulators such as BlueStacks and NoxPlayer.

What is the difference between PowerPoint and Keynote?

The basic functions of both PowerPoint and Keynote are the same. The difference lies in the features of both applications. Keynote’s features mostly bend towards graphic design, while PowerPoint is presentation focused.

Can I open KeyNote files in PowerPoint?

You can easily open KeyNote files in PowerPoint by converting them into a PPTX or sharing them in a PPTX format. No font change or formatting style will be changed upon conversion.

Can you open Keynote in Google Slides?

Keynote is not compatible with Google Slides, and thus it is hard to access or open a keynote file in Google Slides. The required step is to convert the file into a compatible format that Google Slide supports.


The KeyNote is the leading industrial product in designing and sharing presentations. The article has covered all the app’s important features that make it so. It has covered the steps to access KeyNote files without downloading the app.

In need of app download, It mentions device requirements to have the app on Windows PC, the steps to download using emulators, and some questions that may arise while downloading the app.

Finally, alternatives have been provided in the scenario, the device does not fulfill the requirement to download the Keynote app on your Windows, or you wish to broaden your options.

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