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Only available via the Play Store in the USA and Canada, Popcornflix for PC is a free VOD platform with ads that offers nearly 1500 references of films and TV series. On the menu, B series, genre cinema classics and American TV shows. However, getting started with the application is risky due to numerous bugs, the absence of subtitles and random audio/video quality. However, the platform is worth trying to discover cinema classics for free in the original version.

NamePopcornflixDeveloperChicken Soup For The Soul Entertainment, Inc
File Size38 MBSupported OSAndroid | iOS
CategoryStreaming VOD PlatformLicenseFree
Language(s)EnglishStore(s)Google Play Store | App Store | Amazon Appstore
Official Websitewww.popcornflix.comRating
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What is Popcornflix for PC?

Watching movies while eating popcorn is one of the most comforting things you can do. But did you know that there is a movie streaming site called Popcornflix? Yes, you read correctly. If we are correct, Popcornflix is a popular streaming site that offers free TV shows and movies especially for Apple users. Also, since it is popular, we want to know the pros and cons of Popcornflix. Of course, we’ll talk about that later. But first, we want to know more about what Popcornflix is. Besides that, it is easier to use because the options are visible. Also, you must remember that Popcornflix does not work on Windows browser, maybe because it is for Apple users only. Now let’s see the pros and cons of Popcornflix. Read them carefully as they might help you before watching them on the movie’s official website.

Popcornflix video quality

As you can see, Popcornflix’s video player is basic but clean. From what we’ve read, Popcornflix has many useless Player Controls, such as Time Stamped Comments and GIF Maker. However, he is more polite now. You’ll notice that his player control is now at the bottom; Replay, Rewind, Play, Stop, Fast Forward, Subtitle Icon, and Full Screen. Also, if you see the yellow dot on the Play Duration, the ads will start playing for a few seconds or sometimes even a minute. However, the good thing about Popcornflix is that its ads are too short. Additionally, Replay allows you to rewind the movie up to 10 seconds. Moreover, on the Popcorn Subtitles, you can choose the language you like, depending on what you understand. Overall, even though Popcornflix offers free movies, the quality is still good and you will still enjoy watching movies.

Popcornflix Ads and Video Buffering

As the top part of this article mentions, Popcornflix movies are free. For this reason, we can expect every movie to have ads. Of course, this is normal for all free movie streaming sites. If Popcornflix does not have ads, it cannot deliver movies to viewers. So much so that it was also mentioned a while back that when you see a yellow colored dot on the movie player duration, that is a sign that an advertisement will play. It will take 15 seconds to 30 seconds. Moreover, you will also get an idea of how many ads a movie has. For example, if you see ten yellow dots on the player duration, that means the ads will play the entire movie in 10 ads.

Popcornflix for PC Windows is available on MacOS and Android.
PopCornFlix is a free VOD you can use to see many movies and series.

PopCornFlix for PC : A free VOD platform without registration

Launched in 2011, Popcornflix is a free VOD platform owned by the American distributor of films and TV series Screen Media Ventures. It is reserved for the US and Canadian market and is unusable in our countries unless you use a VPN service to simulate geolocation in the USA or Canada. This VOD platform is completely free and without registration necessary, advertisements are however present at the beginning and during playback.

A singular catalog

With nearly 1,500 references to films, TV series and shows, Popcornflix has a catalog made up of genre cinema references, westerns, great classics and international films. The interface makes it easy to navigate between different content with its three tabs: movies, TV series and viral videos. The platform is based on a large selection of horror films, spaghetti westerns, films from Bollywood and many US comedies. However, there are few quality TV series apart from 2 or 3 classics like 21 Jump Street or Maison brothel, viral videos are not worth the detour.

What functions are available?

This is where the shoe pinches for Popcornflix! Subtitles are not available except for international productions which are subtitled in English. The app also does not offer voice acting other than English. A very incidental comments function is included and requires the creation of a free account. Another downside, the video quality can only be changed on certain titles and there are many audio/video lag bugs.

Alternatives to Popcornflix for PC


TubiTV, which necessarily tries to put itself forward, describes itself as “the biggest” VOD platform financed by advertising. It claims a catalog “twice as large” as that of Netflix, with no less than 12,000 films and television series, for 40,000 hours of content.


With Pikashow you can watch Anime Series & Movies & Live TV Channels Online is a special free app to track anime episodes and movies directly through top English sites like Pikashow.


Soap2Day is a popular free online movie streaming site where you can watch up to tens of thousands of movies and TV shows in HD quality at no cost. Our database covers all genres and subgenres to make sure no matter what mood you are in, you can always find something interesting to watch on Soap2Day.


PrimeWire is also another website like Popcornflix. To watch films or TV shows at, above all else, you have to make a free record. The login procedure is straightforward like different locales. Straightforward snap on makes a free record catch and fill required detail and all done.

Conclusion about Popcornflix for PC

To take advantage of this platform, it will be necessary to have a VPN and above all to be patient with regard to the many advertisements during playback which disrupt the playback of films and TV series. The content is however original between classic films and genre cinema galore. A lackluster review, but a good source for old and recent movie references that are legally available.

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