Download PoshMark for PC Windows 11 & 10 [2022 Version]

Want to use the latest version of the PoshMark app on your PC? You’ve reached the right place!

PoshMark is the leading fashion mobile application that allows users to sell their clothes and accessories. Users can shop from this app or even turn it into a business by selling things online. PoshMark is a popular mobile application, but the catch is that it’s limited to mobile users. So, there is no official method to use PoshMark on your PC.

However, if you want to use PoshMark on your PC, we’ve figured out some solutions to get you sorted. In this article, you’ll find the methods to download the PoshMark app for Windows 10 & 11. Keep reading!

Technical Specifications

NamePoshMark Buy & Sell Fashion for PC
Supported PC VersionWindows XP, Surface Pro, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11
SecurityChecked using VirusTotal
App Version6.5
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Features of PoshMark

PoshMark allows users to buy and sell clothes and various other things. Most users prefer this app to refresh their wardrobes mainly because of its features. The app outstands most other shopping apps due to the following features:

Endless shopping items

PoshMark has everything from local to branded items to increase the value of your wardrobe. You can shop for brands Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, MAC Cosmetics, Nike, Brandy Melville, etc.

The app also lists products across various categories, including fashion, footwear, home decor, jewelry, handbags, and many more.

Get style tips

PoshMark allows users to connect with top fashion stylists. So, you can get styling tips and suggestions from experts. The stylist will get you dressed when you are stuck on what to wear!

Discounts and offers for buyers

Sellers often list a closet clearance sale where buyers can purchase items at massive discounts. PoshMark also organizes events to give discounts to buyers and increase the number of sales.

Free to use

The PoshMark app is available for free. You don’t have to pay a single penny to download and browse the app’s listings. You only have to pay for what you purchase.

Method 1: Download PoshMark for PC using Bluestacks

Although PoshMark is not officially released for Windows PC users, you can still access the app via the BlueStacks emulator. The BlueStacks emulator allows you to access mobile apps like PoshMark on your PC.

Here is how you can download and use PoshMark on your PC.

Step 1: Navigate to the BlueStacks website and click the download button.

Step 2: Complete the setup process by following the onscreen instructions. Then launch the software.

Step 3: Sign into your Google account and go to the Google Play Store.

Step 4: Now search for Poshmark – Buy & Sell Fashion using the search bar.

Step 5: Click the install button to begin the installation. After installation, you can start using PoshMark by clicking the app icon from the BlueStacks homepage.

Method 2: Download PoshMark for Computer using Nox

Nox Player is another popular emulator that gives access to PoshMark on PC. You can download the app using this software and use it on your Windows or Mac devices.

Following are the steps to download and install PoshMark on your PC using Nox.

Step 1: Open any web browser of your choice and download Nox Player ( on your device.

Step 2: Launch Nox Player after installation.

Step 3: Sign into your Google account and head to the Play Store.

Step 4: Search for PoshMark and click Install.

Step 5: Go to Nox Player’s homepage. You can use PoshMark by clicking the app icon.

How to Download PoshMark on Windows 11?

If you are using a Windows 11 device, you can officially access Android apps via the Amazon app store. You can also use PoshMark on Windows 11 using the same method.

Below is the stepwise process to use PoshMark on your Windows 11:

Step 1: Go to the Microsoft App Store on your PC.

Step 2: Search for Amazon App Store and click Get to download the app.

Step 3: Now click the Start Menu button and look for Amazon App Store after successful installation.

Step 4: Log in to your Amazon account.

Step 5: Search for PoshMark and click Install. You can then use PoshMark by clicking the Open button.

Pros and Cons of PoshMark

PoshMark is an excellent shopping app. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages of this app.


  • Listing items to sell is easy and fast.
  • You can create a business using this app.
  • The app is constantly updated to give a smooth shopping experience to users.
  • You can get discounts on branded products, especially if you purchase during events or sales.


  • PoshMark takes a separate fee on all the products you sell.

PoshMark vs. Depop

PoshMark and Depop are both popular online marketplaces where users can resell and purchase clothes and other items. Both apps have a large community of users and offer similar functionalities.

Also, they are available to Android and iPhone users. However, the major differences between these two shopping apps are as follows:

It takes a flat $3.95 for all sales under $20 and a 20% commission on sales above $20.It takes 10% commission from sellers.
Users can contact sellers only via a public forum listing.Users can contact sellers privately via DMs.
PoshMark has a diverse audience looking to shop things across various styles.Depop users specifically hunt for vintage clothes and trends.

Alternatives of PoshMark

Whether you are looking to sell your clothes or other items online, you can choose to sell on various PoshMark-like apps. The internet has several shopping apps. If you don’t want to use PoshMark, you can go with its alternatives.


If you don’t want to go through the hassle of posting the items you want to sell online, ThredUp is worth checking out! This platform is like a passive reselling platform, where you send the clothes to ThredUp, and they’ll handle the selling part for you.

They provide an estimated cost of your items so that you know how much your products cost. They also pay upfront for trending items but not for items that may take longer. You can also ask them to return or recycle the clothes if they are not sold.


Mercari is one of the most popular marketplaces where you can buy or sell anytime. The platform is easy-to-use. You can list any item on this marketplace and set your price.

However, it’s best to check out similar listings to know the worth of your products. You don’t have to pay any fees to list products. But Mercari adds a 10% commission to your prices.


Depop works similarly to PoshMark. However, the app gets more interesting by adding social elements to items. This way, you get to know what your friends are buying or selling.

The top sellers on this app use their social media followers to boost their sales. Like most other selling apps, Depop also charges a 10% commission on every sale.

The RealReal

If you are into luxury shopping, The RealReal is the right shopping app for you! This app exclusively supports reselling and purchasing of luxury goods and clothes.

Their team authenticates every item on this app to ensure you get original and high-quality products. Besides, if you are a seller, you get to keep 85% of the sale price, and the rest goes to The RealReal.


How do you list your website on Poshmark?

All users have their webpage on PoshMark. You can list yours using the following URL:

You must replace the last part with your user name to get your URL on PoshMark. You can also find your URL by clicking the My Closet option under your profile icon. Your website link, in this case, will appear in the address bar of your web browser.

Is Poshmark an app or website?

PoshMark is an eCommerce website and mobile application. You can use the site online or install its app on your device.

How much does the average Poshmark seller make?

The earnings of PoshMark sellers vary depending on the items they sell. There is no report of the exact earnings a seller can make. Typically, the earnings can range anywhere between $100 to $2000 per month.

What percent does Poshmark take?

PoshMark charges flat $3.95 for every sale under $20 and a 20% commission on sales above $20.

Do you have to pay taxes for selling on Poshmark?

PoshMark automatically calculates the local and state sales tax on the seller’s behalf. So the tax is not deducted from the seller’s income. However, the buyer has to pay the applicable tax fees.


PoshMark is a leading eCommerce platform and one of the best places to find secondhand products. You can follow the methods described in this post to get the app on your PC. You can also check out PoshMark alternatives for better shopping and reselling experience.

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