Download Purble Place for PC Windows 11/10/7

Purble Place for PC is a set of three mini-games for kids where they can have fun training their memory, coordination and deductive skills. This article will give you a detailed outlook on some of the best features and alternatives for Purble Place and also tell you how to play this game on your Windows or MacOS.

NamePurble PlaceDeveloperOberon Media
File Size200 MoSupported OSAndroid | iOS
In-App PurchasesWeekly subscription | $9.99Language(s)English
Store(s)Google Play Store | App Store | Microsoft StoreRating
❭ 4.2 ✯ ❭ 24 votes

Install Purble Place for PC Windows using BlueStacks or MEmu Play

BlueStacks and MEmu Play are famous Android emulators that work well with Windows and MacOS. With them, you can download and install Android and iOS applications on your computer and also use external hardware like your mouse and keyboard.

Here are the steps to download and install Purble Place on your computer using BlueStacks or MEmu Play emulator:

  1. Head over to BlueStacks or MEmu Play and install the emulator of your choice.
  2. Launch the emulator and open Google Play Store.
  3. Log in to your Google Play Store account and search for the app Purble Place.
  4. Select the application when Purble Place icon appears in the search results and click on the Install button.
  5. When the installation is complete, the Purble Place icon will appear on your emulator’s home screen.
  6. Click on the icon to launch the application on your computer.

Features of Purble Place for PC

Three-in-one Gaming Platform

Purble Place is a package of three mini-games and they are all very different each other. Each of these games is available from the menu option.

1.Purble Pair

The first game is called Purble Pair, a two-match pattern recognition game. The idea is to clear a field of cards by revealing two cards with the same image on the same turn. Grids are included in this game, which you must clear. These grids increase in size to make it more challenging, beginning with 5×5, then 6×6 and 8×8 grids. Purble Pair also offers a sneak peek option, which reveals all the remaining cards. The number of cards displayed increases as you make progress.

2.Comfy Cakes

The next game in Purble Place is Comfy Cakes, which is a hand-eye coordination game. In this game, you control a bakery where you must put together cake components in a particular order. It comes in various shapes, flavors, icing and other decorations. It has a variety of flavors, icing designs and forms. Depending on the order, you can decorate to create a one-layer or multi-layer cake. Penalties apply if the exact order is not followed and the game is over if you send an incorrect order three times in a row.

3.Purble Shop

The final game in Purble Place is called Purble Shop, which is purely a math test disguised as a code-breaking game. This game contains five items – a hat, a nose, a set of eyes and clothes. Purble Shop hides these items from the players. Here you must select from a range of colors and collect the right color of the object in the fewest moves possible. You will be given three items with three possible colors at the start of Purble Shop. There will be more items as you advance to intermediate and advanced levels.

Difficulty Levels

Depending on your children age, Purple Place has provided you with three difficulty levels. To better understand the game’s logic and rules, it’s best to start at the easiest level. As you gain more experience, you can progress from beginner to intermediate. The advanced level is the highest difficulty in Purble Place. Parents will also enjoy taking on the challenges that the Purble Place games offer.

Graphics and Gameplay

Compared to other games of a similar genre, Purble Place has very simple graphics and gameplay options. Even though Purble Place was initially created for children, all age groups can enjoy it. The cartoonist characters ensure that even though none of the mini-games have a plot or storyline, you won’t find them to be a dull experience.

Your child can experience a dynamic approach to cognitive learning through its enjoyable games and it’s more affordable than an interactive toys. The mini-games are easy enough for kids to pick up the fundamentals quickly but they can also be difficult enough to exercise their brains. However, you must note that no multiplayer mode are available in those games.

One of the three games in Purble Place for Windows.
Purble Place is a pack of many mini games for children you can choose at the start of the app.

Alternatives to Purble Place for PC Windows

Bin Weevils

Bin Weevils is specially designed for kids so they can learn something new and creative. This game has a virtual world where your child can find many secrets and pick up a lot of new information. Bin Weevils includes a set of cartoonist creatures, known as Weevils. Your child can create an avatar, personalize it and control it throughout the game. It’s a fun game that offers stunning gameplay where players can experience a world full of new adventures. Bin Weevils also offers a multiplayer mode where your child can interact with others and make new friends. This game offers more than a dozen customization options to help take your child’s creative skills to the next level.

Mundo Gatturro

This game is pretty similar to other games in this section. Mundo Gatturro offers similar gameplay and other aspects that you can find in Purble Place. Mundo Gatturro is designed for kids where they can create their characters and interact with other players. Here, players compete to collect objectives and earn in-game currency. Its addictive gameplay keeps your child engaged for endless hours of fun. Using its online chat system, players throughout the world can communicate with each other, share emojis and play mini-games against each other.

Club Penguin Island

If you are familiar with Club Penguin Online, you will find Club Penguin Island pretty similar. Produced by Disney Canada Inc., this game offers both single-player and multiplayer options. Club Penguin Island is divided into various zones and distinct areas, each of which has a variety of unique features. The gameplay and graphics are stunning and can easily impress players who engage in a virtual world. Club Penguin Island also allows you to create characters, friendly pets and other customizations.

Breakfast Cooking Mania

Breakfast cooking mania is a cooking game that allows you to cook breakfast and serve your customers. Using its attractive machines, you can apply your cooking skills to prepare mouth-watering dishes. It also has a bakery where you can bake bread and cake and can upgrade your kitchen and tools as you level up in the game.

Frequently asked questions about Purble Place for PC

Can you download Purble Place on PC?

If you have Windows Vista or 7, you can still download Purble Place but if you have upgraded your device to Windows 8 and later versions, you will not be able to download Purble Place since the game is removed from the Microsoft Store shortly after the release of Windows 8 but you can still play this game online on the lagged website, or choose to download it from third-party websites. If you are looking to download it, you must be aware that the size of the original game is 147 MB.

How much MB is Purble Place for PC?

The download size for the original Purble Place game is 147 MB.

How do I install Purble Place for PC Windows 11?

You can download and install Purble Place on Windows 11 with emulators like explained above, once the application is installed on your computer, do a right click and choose “Run as Adminstrator”.

Why did Purble Place for PC close?

Purble Place closed because Microsoft was unable to afford developers’ terms to secure a new lease for the property they occupied for 16 years.

Is Purble Place for PC still available in 2022?

Many websites offer you download links that you can try. Purble Place is also available to play online on the lagged website.

Can I Play Purble Place for PC Online?

You can play the Purble Place game online on the lagged website but the game is not officially available online by developers.

Is Purble Place Available for Mac?

Purble Place is a Windows game. So, it’s not officially available on Mac devices but if you have installed Windows 10 on your Mac device, you may be able to access the game by downloading it.

Can I download Purble Place on Windows 7?

Purble Place is officially pre-installed on Windows 7 devices. So, you don’t need to download the app. You just have to go to the start menu and search for Purble Place to play the game but if the app is not available, you can go to Purble Place’s website to get it.

Is it free to download?

Yes, Purble Place is available for free. You don’t need to pay to download or play the game on your computer.

What is the latest version of Purble Place?

Purble Place is no longer officially available by its developers. So, there have been no newer updates made recently.

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