Download Rufus for PC [Windows Version]

You should definitely check Rufus for PC if you are looking for a tool that can create bootable USB flash drives.

It’s a fully offline setup installer that can be used to work on a system that doesn’t have an OS installed. Today, we will learn you everything Rufus can do and show you some alternatives you might like. Let’s get started.

Technical Specifications

Name Rufus for PC
Supported PC Version Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11
Category Live USB
Developer Microsoft Corporation
Language Available in 38 languages
App Version 3.20
Downloads 300.000+
Security Checked using VirusTotal
5/5 - (1 vote)
Price Free

Rufus for PC – Is it Possible?

Rufus is one of the best tools to use that allows you to create bootable devices from USB flash drives and SD cards. Downloading Rufus on your PC is extremely simple. Just go over to its official website and you will find the download link for this software.

Features of Rufus

• Functionality

Rufus is an independent tool that can be used to create and format your bootable USB drive for different kinds of ISO. This tool doesn’t take up any space on your system thanks to its minimal size of 5 MB.

In comparison to its rivals, Rufus is also relatively fast and secure. This tool works well whether you use it for formatting a USB drive or temporarily booting your OS in the absence of the media you might install.

Rufus can also install an operating system on a device that doesn’t have a DVD-ROM or CD drive. If you need to quickly access an OS while you are on the go, Rufus is a valuable tool to have.

This incredibly sleek software can flash firmware to a basic input-output system or other stations. The Disk Operating System can assist you with this process. Rufus can make a bootable USB drive quicker than anyone, despite being a small tool in comparison to other tools that are noticeably large.

• Ease of use

Rufus is much faster than other free USB flash tools on the market and is very user-friendly. It is a free utility software that works in both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows.

This software was initially created for Windows 7, and thanks to the recent development Rufus creator has made, you can now use it on newer versions of Windows such as Windows 8, 10 and 11.

Rufus can still transfer data to other USB drives after you have finished formatting your USB drive with it. It isn’t always required to be specifically used for disc operating systems or to be used only during installation. Rufus also enables you to check your device for corrupt USB blocks. To check if your device has any flaws, you can use up to four passes.

• Portability

Rufus can be used without being installed because it’s portable. All you need to do to get started is run the.exe file. Since Rufus is a very compact tool, storing it on your USB drive won’t be a problem.

One of the best features of the Rufus tool, aside from its portability, is how easy it is to understand the software. Therefore, even if you are unfamiliar with USB flash drive tools, you will have a smooth experience. Rufus resembles other Windows formatting tools very closely, whether you use the tool to format a USB drive, CD or DVD-ROM.

• Creating USB Drives

You can make different kinds of USB drives with Rufus on any operating system, including Windows, macOS, Linux, etc. Using the Rufus bootable USB drive, you can test mobile operating systems like iOS and Android on your computer.

All you need to do is install an Android or iOS ported ISO file and simply extract it to your USB drive. Free support for the Disk Operating System is also included. This is advised if you are using a keyboard that isn’t from the US because DOS can support more keyboard layouts.

Rufus interface is easy to understand
With Rufus you can create a bootable OS like a Windows or Linux with an USB key.

Alternatives to Rufus


One of the best alternatives to Rufus is Etcher. It is an open-source, free image burner that works quickly to burn images to cards or USB drives. It offers a function called Image Validation that enables you to burn a variety of system images including DMG, ISO and IMG. Before you flash, Etcher can verify the portable drive and the system image.

Since it avoids writing an image on corrupt USB devices, Etcher can save enough time. The user interface of this tool is among its best features. Etcher is one of the quickest USB booting tools, which guarantees up to 50% faster flashing than its competitors.


One of the first and most well-known independent tools, PowerISO allows you to perform a variety of other tasks in addition to burning CDs and DVDs. This tool can support some of the popular image systems today like ISO, BIN, CDI, DAA, BWI and many more.

PowerISO combines various other tools to allow you to manage your image. You can use this to burn or create images, as well as edit them by adding or removing files.

Using the PowerISO tool, you can convert an image format as well. Being able to create up to 8 virtual drives with PowerISO makes it even more pocket-friendly. You can also split a large file into two or more smaller files if necessary.

Media Creation Tool

To make a bootable USB flash drive, you can also use Microsoft’s own Media Creation Tool. To begin your flashing process, all you need to do is insert the USB device. This tool is probably one of the easiest pieces of software to use that is readily available for download on your Windows PC.

It will automatically download the operating system and begin the flashing process on your USB. Not only will it preserve your system memory, but it can also buy you some time. Altogether, Windows Media Creation Tool is one of the best and most secure Rufus alternatives you can use.


UNetbootin is one of the most common Rufus alternatives for Linux users which creates USB flash drives. The Linus OS can be run on many platforms once you’ve inserted your USB drive and given it the go-ahead to boot.

This easy-to-use USB drive can seamlessly work on many operating systems like Windows, macOS and Linux. UNetbootin’s user interface is also very simple to understand, which enables you to complete the task in a matter of minutes.


Can we use Rufus on Windows 10?

Yes, you can use any version of Rufus on your Windows 10 PC.

Is Rufus bootable safe?

Yes, Rufus is a legitimate tool that is absolutely safe to use. However, it also depends on the kind of data you are downloading so it is always important to take precautions.

Is Rufus free to download?

Yes, Rufus is free to download as it is an open-source portable software.

Is Rufus available for Mac?

Unfortunately, there is no Mac version of Rufus available to download for the moment.

Is Rufus available for Linux?

No, Rufus is not available for Linux. This tool is solely made for Windows operating systems.


In this article, we have showed you some of the best features and alternatives to Rufus for computer. This ultra-sleek tool can help you recover your system by creating a USB drive flash. Go ahead and download Rufus from the official website to fix or reboot your system. If you have any queries, please let us know in the comments below.

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