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Download Snapchat for PC Windows 10 / 11 / 7 and Mac

Launched in 2011 on the App Store and in 2012 on Android, the Snapchat application quickly attracted the wrath of Web giants Facebook and Google. The two entities tried to calm his ardor by proposing takeovers which ended in failure. Snapchat has held firm and the platform has become a flagship application that brings together several million users around the world. The application is exclusive to mobile devices but can be installed on Windows and MacOS with the method below.

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Name Snapchat
Developer Snap, Inc.
Year of Launch 2011
File Size 257 MB
Supported OS Android / iOS
Category Photo and Video
License Free
In-App Purchases Snap Token Pack – 80 $0.99
Geofilter $5.99
Snapchat+ (Monthly Plan) $3.99
Snapchat+ (12-Month Plan) $39.99
Language(s) English and 30 more
Store(s) Google Play Store / App Store / Microsoft App Store
Official Website www.snapchat.com
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What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a free photo and video sharing application is on the rise. Its rise in power results from its accessibility, the richness of its content and its audience.

A 100% mobile network

Snapchat takes first place in the ranking of mobile friendly platforms, all of its content is accessible on mobile devices. This is reason that the platform is the social network of the young people who spend an average of two hours a day on their smartphone. Aware of this impact, companies are turning the situation in their favor. Having a professional account on Snapchat has become the ultimate solution to gain visibility. There is no doubt that its accessibility will give pride of place to its rise.

Varied content

Multimedia content is king on Snapchat for PC. The platform relies on ephemeral photos and videos to attract and hold the attention of its users. However, the application is hardly content with simple files. It offers a lot of possibilities for customizing content as well as filters, guaranteeing the uniqueness of information and the relevance of content. The platform invites professionals to promote their brand by editing stories, filming their team behind the scenes or broadcasting professional events live. This is how professionals create a brand image consistent with their values.

A wide audience

Every day, more than 190 million internet users, are active on the social network. The application brings together a community made up of movies personalities, fashion stars, professional athletes or star of the small screen for example. Apart from well-known personalities, the interface is also the meeting point for generations X, Y and Z. It should be noted that the platform imposes a minimum age of 13 years. Companies that target young audiences have every reason to make their way onto Snapchat.

Which OS is Snapchat compatible with?

Snapchat is not compatible with Windows or MacOS but you can still open your account and manage your friends list and your confidential data on a computer but the online version from a browser doesn’t allow the publication of images or the sending of multimedia content. In order to meet the needs of its users, Snapchat for Windows has added the Snap Camera function, available from a computer equipped with a webcam.

It gives free access to the filters and special effects offered in the mobile version of the application. Moreover, the only solution to use Snapchat for PC is the installation of the BlueStacks emulator compatible with Windows and Mac. You also install another emulator like NoxPlayer or MEmu Play to use Snapchat on your PC.

Interface of Snapchat on PC
The originality of the Snapchat app, is that the sending message or pictures are deleted once they have been read.

Download and install Snapchat on Windows with BlueStacks or MEmu Play

BlueStacks and MEmu Play are famous Android emulators that work well with Windows and MacOS. With them, you can download and install Android and iOS applications on your computer and also use external hardware like your mouse and keyboard.

Here are the steps to download and install Snapchat on your computer using BlueStacks or MEmu Play emulator:

  1. Head over to BlueStacks or MEmu Play official website to download and install the emulator of your choice.
  2. Launch the emulator and open Google Play Store.
  3. Log in to your Google Play Store account and search for the application Snapchat.
  4. When icon appears in the search results, click on the Install button.
  5. Once the installation is complete, the Snapchat icon will appear on your emulator’s home screen.
  6. Click on the icon to launch the application on your computer.

What’s new in the latest version of Snapchat?

Apart from sending and receiving images and videos that fade after a few minutes, the platform offers many other features like:

New navigation tools

  • A new element has been introduced into the platform: the Action Bar. This is a new navigation bar located at the bottom of the screen. Its objective tends towards fluidity and simplicity of navigation.
  • Previously, users were forced to swipe the screen down in order to geotag their friends, making the feature unintuitive. From now on, geolocation is accessible via the first icon accessible from the left.
  • The icon on the right of the screen is dedicated to the Dscover section. You can scroll through news and stories from friends and famous accounts. These new options make the platform easy to learn.

New partnerships leading to new features

Snapchat have made partnerships with PlantsApp (a plant identification mobile app), DogScanner (a dog breed identification mobile app), and Yuka (a mobile app for identifying the nutritional quality of food from of its barcode).

These collaborations have given rise to new functionalities:

  • 90% identification of plants and trees by an image.
  • Determining the breed of a dog by a photo.
  • The estimation of the quality of the ingredients of a food via the barcode.
  • Snap Inc. has also forged close relationships with the NBA, the NFL, Disney, ESPN, NBCUniversal, ViacomCBS.

Happening Now: New Feature from Snapchat

A new feature is being added to Snapchat called Happening Now. The option provides hot news and miscellaneous facts. The information revolves around entertainment, sports, television, politics, horoscope, culture or society for example. Also, the data is modeled in such a way that it’s easy to consume.

In other words, the texts take the usual form of content as messages, images or videos. Bloomberg, ESPN, E!, The Washington Post, Reuters, BuzzFeed and NowThis round up the top sources. Horoscopes come from Sanctuary, while weather information comes from AccuWeather.

The difference between free Snapchat and paid Snapchat?

Snapchat is a free mobile application but you can subscribe for a monthly payment to unlocks additional features like:

The free Snapchat Features

  • In the free version, Snapchat offers posting images with captions and it was the first function.
  • In May 2012, the 10-seconds video message option appeared.
  • Stories, chat and geofilters (customizing images with decorations and filters) were added in 2014.
  • A new section called Discover is dedicated to advertisers. It allows the creation of content for advertising purposes but in a short format.
  • The platform then made the sponsored geofilters that boost the visibility of content.
  • An innovative feature has revolutionized the use of Snapchat: This is the creation of custom filters.

The paid Snapchat features

  • In 2015, a paid feature was launched. It allows users to review their messages. Its implementation follows the frustration of some subscribers who can’t fully enjoy the snaps (images) they receive.
  • The payment grants a replay of all ephemeral messages received.
  • A multiple replay function gives the right to several replays depending on the setting. Unfortunately, this novelty wasn’t to the liking of all users, preferring the ephemeral and spontaneous sides of the messages which make the originality of Snapchat.
Interface of Snapchat on iOS
Snapchat on iOS and some features used to make funny pictures.

Alternatives to Snapchat

Wickr Me

Wickr Me emerged from the Web in 2012. Available on iOS, the platform works like Snapchat. It allows the sending of videos, messages and images that fade after a certain time but you can configure the lifetime of a message. It also allows you to make live calls, a profitable option for professional accounts. The interface stands out for the existence of end-to-end encryption. Exchanges between all users are encrypted, ensuring a high level of security. Access is totally free and doesn’t involve any subscription.


Facebook is, without a doubt, the most used application in the world. The social media platform packs features similar to Snapchat. Users can post ephemeral content and stories that disappear after a while. They post statuses, videos and photos to only a handful of individuals or to the entire community. The platform allows subscribers to follow celebrity pages. The social networking site also offers filters and background music playing in the stories.


Snow is not a mobile application, it’s a comprehensive camera application that incorporates a variety of beauty filters. The interface invites its users to take photos and personalize them by adding stickers, make-up, snow or face filters. Another feature offers the creation of images from face filters, accessories and lenses. Inspired by Snapchat, a final option invites face swapping. To enjoy its functions, head to the official website and create your Snow account from your Facebook account or your phone number.

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