Download WhatsApp for PC Windows 11 / 10 / 7

WhatsApp for PC is an essential application that makes it easy to chat with your contacts, regardless of their phone model, in voice and video. A true reference used by billions of users, this application is easy to learn and available in 66 languages. Here, we will show you the best features of WhatsApp and how to install it on Windows and MacOS.

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Name WhatsApp
Developer WhatsApp Inc.
 Year of Launch 2017
File Size 160 MB
Supported OS Windows / MacOS / Linux / Android / iOS
Category Messaging
License Free
Language(s) English / Spanish / Portuguese / Russian / Hindi / Arabic and 61 more
Store(s) Google Play Store / App Store / Microsoft Store / Mac App Store
Official Website /

Why use WhatsApp Messenger?

In the messaging sector, WhatsApp is a leader. Acquired for more than 20 billion dollars by Facebook (now Meta), the application is available for free on iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS. WhatsApp makes it easy to communicate with friends, family and colleagues at no cost, excluding mobile data, by voice, video or messages. The app claims some 2 billion users in more than 180 countries, so you have some chances that your friends and family already have it installed on their smartphones.

Download And install WhatsApp on Windows using BlueStacks or MEmu Play

BlueStacks and MEmu Play are famous Android emulators that work well with Windows and MacOS. With them, you can download and install Android and iOS applications on your computer and also use external hardware like your mouse and keyboard.

You can also install the application via the official website but if you prefer the mobile version follow the method below.

Here are the steps to download and install WhatsApp on your computer using BlueStacks or MEmu Play emulator:

  1. Go to the BlueStacks or MEmu Play official website to download and install the emulator.
  2. Launch the emulator and open Google Play Store.
  3. Log in to your Google Play Store account and search for the app WhatsApp.
  4. Select the app when WhatsApp icon appears in the search results and click on the Install button.
  5. When the installation is complete, the WhatsApp icon will appear on your emulator’s home screen.
  6. Click on the icon to launch the application on your computer.

Features of WhatsApp

Creation of discussion groups

Apart from sending text messages, the user is able to create chat rooms with up to 256 users and attach photos, videos and voice clips to their messages.

Document sharing

WhatsApp also simplifies document sharing with support for 100 MB message attachments. Also note the integration of a shared photo customization tool with effects, a drawing function and the addition of smileys.

Sending ephemeral messages

WhatsApp also simplifies document sharing with support for 100 MB message attachments. Also note the integration of a shared photo customization tool with effects, a drawing function and the addition of smileys.

Voice and video calls

WhatsApp is also popular for its free voice and video calling feature. The latter use the internet connection of the telephone instead of the mobile plan. Please note that some telephone operators may apply data management fees.

Sending messages via Windows and MacOS with web browser

Applications for PC and MacOS, as well as the online application allow you to send messages directly from a computer. To do this, it will be necessary to scan a QR code with the mobile application installed on the smartphone.

Interface of WhatsApp on computer

WhatsApp is available on every operating systems computers and mobiles.

How to use WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is available in over 180 countries and is supported by a wide range of devices and operating systems. It is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, as well as desktop (Windows and MacOS) and the web. WhatsApp can be downloaded from official application stores such as Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Microsoft Store, or from the application website.

To create a WhatsApp account and thus be able to use the service, you will need to verify your phone number and enter the code received by SMS in the application. Applications for Windows and MacOS, as well as the online application allow you to send messages directly from a computer. To do this, it will be necessary to scan a QR code with the mobile application installed on the smartphone.

WhatsApp and the security of your data

On the security side, the WhatsApp application provides end-to-end encryption of conversations and shared files. A padlock then makes it possible to check whether calls and messages are encrypted in real time. Indeed, all WhatsApp users are listed in a common database in which a public key is associated with each telephone number but the latter can potentially be compromised by a malicious person.

Moreover, WhatsApp being under the control of Meta, the community giant is trying to create bridges with it. This is how, for example, it’s possible to converse with an online store promoting its products on Facebook. In this case, the messages are thus stored on the servers of the social network. WhatsApp has also faced widespread criticism over its privacy policy changes at the start of 2021.

Some tips to WhatsApp you may use

How do I send temporary (self-destructing) messages?

WhatsApp has recently made it possible to send temporary messages. These self-destruct after a configured period. You can choose between a delay of 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days (3 months).

  1. Go to SettingsAccountPrivacy.
  2. Choose Delay before disappearance then select a delay (24h, 7 days or 90 days).
  3. Once activated, all new messages sent will automatically disappear after the chosen period. (This does not apply to messages sent before activation.)

How to format text in bold, italic or underline

It’s always more pleasant for reading to have style in the formatting of the text. To emphasize a passage, you can bold or underline it. It’s also possible to put a word or a portion of your text in italics with those tips:

  • Bold: Put an asterisk on either side of the text, as follows: *text*.
  • Italic: Put an underscore on either side of the text, as follows: _texte_.
  • Strikethrough: Put a tilde on each side of the text, as follows: ~text~.

How to become invisible?

On WhatsApp, your phone number, name and profile picture are visible by default to all users, friends or not. If this bothers you, it is possible to restrict access to this information to your contacts only. To do this, follow the following procedure:

  1. Go to SettingsAccountPrivacy.
  2. In the following menus seen at, Profile pictureNews and Status, change the setting from Everyone to My Contacts.
WhatsApp on iOS

You can use WhatsApp on Android or iOS.

Alternatives to WhatsApp for Windows


Signal is a very popular instant messaging application for people who care about their privacy because it’s free and uses state-of-the-art cryptography technologies to provide end-to-end encryption. Available on Android and iOS as well as on PC (Windows, Mac and Linux), the application offers an excellent degree of confidentiality, minimal collection of metadata and great ease of use.


Olvid is a secure text instant messaging service that respects the privacy and anonymity of its users. End-to-end encryption, incognito mode, prohibition of screenshots, two-factor authentication and non-creation of an account are among its main advantages. Despite its proprietary status and its lack of voice and video call functions, Olvid remains a very good alternative.


Threema intends to establish itself as one of the most secure messaging solutions on the market. Integrating end-to-end encryption by default, this open source application integrates sending text messages, audio or video calls, sending files, group chats and more. Threema also benefits from a pleasant interface with various customization options. This service available for Android and iOS is not free but is well worth the few euros requested.


Finally, note that there is an unofficial fork of WhatsApp called GBWhatsApp. This application, available in the form of an APK file, reproduces the WhatsApp interface in every way by adding several options unavailable in the official version.

FAQ about WhatsApp

Is it available for Windows 11?

Yes, you can use WhatsApp on your Windows 11 via the link in the official website.

How to speak on WhatsApp without giving your number?

Using WhatsApp without a phone number is to link it to another account on an existing smartphone, for example a second mobile device.

Why use WhatsApp rather than SMS?

It must be said that WhatsApp has some serious arguments to make against the good old SMS. Indeed, the app is able to send messages, images, videos and animated GIFs to one or more contacts, but also to make voice and video calls or to share its GPS location.

What’s the difference between WhatsApp and Messenger?

If we compare the two applications, WhatsApp is thus more advanced and more functional than Messenger. Moreover, it’s fast, simple to use and reliable, although messenger has a very important interface. It has become the first messaging application that can be found on all platforms.

Is it possible to use WhatsApp without Internet?

Many users of the most popular instant messenger in the world don’t know that it’s possible to send messages on WhatsApp without an Internet connection. This is valid for smartphones running Android as well as iOS.

Are WhatsApp messages recorded?

All your conversations are by default saved on an iCloud or a Google Drive for example. That’s why when you uninstall and then reinstall the app, the conversations are restored.

Download Telegram for PC Windows 11 / 10 / 7

Many people don’t yet know Telegram for PC but this application is one of the most used messaging services around the world. The platform is often brought up in topics of conversation about online security and privacy policy. Moreover, the more popular platforms like Messenger and WhatsApp have much less, this is because Telegram uses strong encryption.

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Name Telegram
Developer Telegram FZ-LLC
Year of Launch 2013
File Size 143 MB
Supported OS Windows / MacOS / Linux / Android / iOS
Category Messaging
License Free
In-App Purchases Telegram Premium $4.99
Telegram Premium (3 Months) $14.99
Telegram Premium (6 Months) $19.99
Telegram Premium (1 Year) $35.99
Language(s) English and 18 more
Store(s) Google Play Store / App Store / Mac App Store / Microsoft Store
Official Website

Telegram, what is it?

Telegram for PC is a cross-platform messaging service created in 2013 by Pavel Durov, a Russian entrepreneur. In its early days, it was launched on Android and iOS. Today, the application claims more than 500 million users. Most of the customers were former users of other competing apps who were subject to privacy scandals. Telegram emphasizes privacy with the primary goal of offering increased security to the subscribers as a feature that other messaging apps doesn’t have.

More than just an application, the service allow users the ability to take part in end-to-end encrypted secret conversations for ultimate protection. Apart from videos and photos, Telegram also allows you to transfer documents or share your current location with just one click. In addition, you will not be entitled to any advertising and the application is completely free.

How does Telegram work?

The way Telegram for Windows works is pretty much the same as other apps and messaging platforms. It allows you to create group conversations, send messages to other users, send stickers as well as files. However, compared to others, the app is much more popular due to its privacy policy and some specific features like chat options. The platform has end-to-end encryption software that makes it possible to secure a discussion so that outsiders (hackers, government or company) can’t access the messages sent.

Despite the fact that this type of encryption only concerns so-called secret conversations and calls, Telegram has always been able to meet expectations. To date, no complaint has yet been registered but it doesn’t mean that ordinary discussions are in plain sight. They are also encrypted but only from the user to the server. The service also stands out for its enhanced use of the cloud. Photos, messages and videos are stored on a server. This content will be accessible to users from any connected device.

Telegram interface on Android

Telegram is a free, powerful and fully customizable app.

Telegram’s features

Telegram offers the same lists of features as other types of messaging applications. However, here are some features that make it unique and may encourage you to change your messaging service:

Secret conversations

thanks to this option, you can exchange encrypted messages with a specific contact but it will not be able to transfer or take a screenshot of your chat. In addition, to this option is added another feature: the self-destruct timer.

Deleting All Messages

Telegram got an update in 2019 and comes with a brand new feature that relates to global message deletion. It allows you to permanently erase all traces of a discussion. Despite the fact that this feature ensures great privacy, it is still recommended to have full control over virtual communications.

Large File Support

Unlike other messaging apps and platforms, Telegram can support sending large files. With other media, the maximum authorized size is 300 MB, while the application allows files to be sent with a maximum size of 2 GB. In addition, shared content is stored in a private cloud accessible with any kind of connected devices.

The customization option

Thanks to this feature, it’s possible to have more friendly conversations. You can change the color of the discussions and customize the way the links open, by adding animations for example. To do this, users can create themes, custom bots and stickers.

Other features of Telegram

Messaging of course offers other practical features such as disabling notifications. It can be configured for a group, a discussion or a chain. You can also download videos from Telegram and watch them later but this picture-in-picture option will not allow you to enjoy the normal image size. The video will be smaller in size, but it will play to the end. In addition, you will be able to move the image of the video from one end of your screen to the other.

Interface Telegram on PC Windows

Telegram let you have private conversation, you can delete it or wait the auto deleting works. It’s also fully customizable.

Why use Telegram on your computer?

High reliability

Compared to other platforms, Telegram is generally one of the safest. What’s more, no other company or business is concerned with end-to-end data encryption. The privacy of users will then be well protected. The same level of encryption is granted to the secret conversation function.

Users on both sides of the conversation cannot forward or screenshot messages. In addition, it’s possible to program the self-destruction of messages. Each of the users will therefore be able to delete their messages but also those of others. The messages will therefore be completely deleted from all devices.

Free features

For some time, Telegram has started using new monetization methods but until today, the main activity including chatting, is still free. Users can use all features of the messaging service for free and in addition, the platform makes its API available to everyone.

How is Telegram different from WhatsApp?

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram is cloud-based messaging with always-on sync. So you can access your messages from multiple devices at once, including tablets and computers, and share unlimited photos, videos and files (doc, zip, mp3, etc.) up to 2 Go each. Telegram requires less than 100MB on your device – you can keep all your media in the cloud without needing to delete anything – just clear your app cache to free up space.

Thanks to Telegram’s multi-datacenter infrastructure and encryption, it’s faster and much more secure. On top of that, private messaging on Telegram is free and will remain free: no ads, no subscription fees, forever. Telegram’s API and code are open, and developers are welcome to create their own Telegram apps. We also have an API for bots, a platform for developers that allows anyone to easily create specific tools for Telegram, integrate all types of services and even accept payments from users around the world.

Guide to configure Telegram

  1. To use Telegram on your PC and send messages to your loved ones, you must first install the application from Google Play or App Store. Click on the icon with the paper plane logo and proceed with the installation.
  2. Once you are done browsing the welcome page, enter your phone number. A four-digit code will then be sent to you by SMS. To continue, you must enter this code. Then create your own profile by adding your name and a photo.
  3. Once you’ve finished creating your account, Telegram can analyze your contacts for you to find friends who use the application. It will therefore display a list of your friends who are present on the platform.
  4. All you have to do is send them an invitation. Afterwards, you can start a chat with a friend who has an account. You can send him a web image, photo, document, video or contact.
  5. At the same time, you can share the contact, modify it, block it or delete it. At this point, you can also start a secret chat, which provides additional privacy. It’s also possible to add a shortcut that will take you to the home page and allow you to quickly access a discussion.

Final though

Telegram is a great messaging application who gives you a lot of controls and privacy. The auto delete function and the fully customizable chat make this app one of the best to have and it also available on all platforms like computers different OS or mobile devices.

Download Messenger for PC Windows 10 / 11 and Mac

Currently, there are several instant messaging platforms and applications but the most used is Messenger for PC, an application similar to WhatsApp. With this dedicated application, you can chat with your loved ones in the same way as you do on Facebook. The service therefore represents a tool that completes the official application of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network by focusing on the messaging part.

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Name Messenger
Developer Meta Platforms, Inc.
Year of Launch 2012
File Size 310 MB
Supported OS Windows / MacOS / Linux / Android / iOS
Category Messaging
License Free
In-App Purchases Supporter $4.99
99 Stars $0.99
530 Stars $9.99
Language(s) English / Spanish / Portuguese / Russian / Hindi / Arabic and 25 more
Store(s) Google Play Store / App Store / Mac App Store / Microsoft Store / Amazon App Store
Official Website

What’s Facebook Messenger?

Messenger for PC is an instant messaging application from the Facebook ecosystem. It gives you the opportunity to keep in touch with your friends who also have an account on the social network. Originally called Facebook Chat, this application was fully integrated with Facebook but is entirely independent still 2012. Facebook messenger is therefore a completely autonomous application accessible via internet. It’s a cross-platform applcation available on Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. Some desktop environments also allow it to be used on Linux.

How to install Messenger on Windows 10 and 11?

You can officially use Messenger on your Windows 10 / 11 PC via the Microsoft App Store:

  1. Go to the Microsoft App Store.
  2. Search for Messenger and click GET to Install.
  3. Click open to launch and use the app on your computer after installation.

Features of Facebook Messenger

Sending and receiving pictures and messages remain the basic functions of Facebook Messenger but the application has advanced functions such as the Quck Slot function. With this feature, you can see where you are and share your location with friends. It’s not really a priority but it can be very useful when you go out to meet your friends and, by temporarily sharing your location, you will be able to locate yourself and won’t risk getting lost. To do this, you will only have to allow the location of a particular message. This will then be labeled with the one for where you are. To know your location, your interlocutor will only have to select the Show Map option in the menu.

Messenger position sharing

You can share your position to meet other people more easily.

Send voice notes

Here is a function that makes all the particularity of Facebook Messenger. This is a tool that allows you to send audio messages to your friends. So instead of wasting your time writing text messages, you just have to transcribe your voice and to achieve this, you need to press the microphone. You will see a small red button appear which you must hold to record your audio message. As soon as you are done, you will only have to remove your finger and the sending process will be immediate.

Use Messenger to send money

The platform also has some additional functions highly appreciated by users. Much more than a simple messaging application, it makes it easier to send and receive money. You can use it to send small amounts of money directly from the chat to friends but this function is only available in the United Kingdom, United States and France. Only people who live in these countries can use this function.

In addition, they must meet certain conditions such as having a PayPal account, a debit card, a Mastercard account or a Visa credit card issued by an American bank. If you meet these criteria, you can send money by opening a chat with the contact you want to transfer money to. Next, press the button that is in the lower left corner. Click on ay Friend before typing the amount you want to send. To confirm, press Pay and the indicated amount will be sent immediately.

You can also ask your interlocutor to pay this amount by using the Request function. If you haven’t already, consider choosing the payment source. When you complete these steps, you will see the request appear in the conversation. The amount you transferred will be debited from the PayPal account or from the card you previously created on Facebook Pay. If you request money from another user, the same methods will be used to transfer the sum to you.

Facebook Messenger on Mac available on all platform

Facebook Messenger is available on Desktop via The Microsoft Store and App Store.

How to make free calls with Facebook Messenger?

In the digital age, voice calls and video calls over the web are an integral part of our daily lives. Many messaging apps today offer this kind of service. This is the case of Facebook Messenger. The platform offers you the possibility to easily call any contact. Obviously, the voice and video calls you make with the app are completely free. To do this, you just have to place yourself in the conversation of the person you want to talk to. You must then click on one of the two buttons that appear in the image.

Depending on the button you chose, you either initiate a video call or a voice call. It doesn’t really matter, because once the call is made, you can switch between modes. To do this, you just have to drag the command you have in the upper right corner. In addition, during calls on Facebook Messenger, you can also activate the hands-free kit by pressing the button dedicated to this purpose, starting from the left. You can also mute your microphone by clicking on the central button.

To end the call, you only have to click the last button. To return to the chat, just tap the button in the upper left corner. This will not interrupt the call. Rather, it allows you to continue your conversation and write in a chat at the same time. You can then return to the call by clicking on the top panel that says Tap to return to call. It should be noted that Facebook Messenger uses the connection to your WiFi network or your data rate to initiate a call. So it may incur additional costs depending on your subscription.

Facebook messenger on iOS

Facebook Messenger is available on smartphone iOS and Android.

How much does Facebook Messenger cost?

Facebook Messenger is a completely free application. Therefore, you can use the options for sending and receiving messages as well as voice calls and video calls without having to pay any additional charges but you should keep in mind that you are paying for the service with your personal data and with the advertising presented to you based on it. Indeed, the service uses your personal data to study your behavior and then process it.

This with the aim of producing personalized advertising that perfectly matches your tastes and interests. These advertisements pay Facebook, which guarantees the profitability of Messenger. When you register on the platform, you have to accept the general conditions and therefore the fact that your information is used in this way.

Download Signal for PC Windows 10/11

Signal is a free encrypted open source messaging application for iOS, Android and desktop. The software was developed by Open Whisper Systems, an organization based in the US. The application uses end-to-end encryption to secure all communications to other Signal users.

» The best messaging encryption
» High end privacy and security
» Signal for Desktop

Name Signal
Developer Signal Messenger, LLC
Year of Launch 2014
File Size 143 MB
Supported OS Windows / MacOS / Android / iOS
Category Messaging
License Free
Language(s) English / Spanish / Portuguese / Russian / Hindi / Arabic and 55 more
Store(s) Google Play Store / App Store
Official Website

The best messaging encryption

One of the key features of Signal is its end-to-end encryption, which ensures that only the intended recipients can read the messages. The encryption is applied automatically and seamlessly, without any input or action required from the user. The encryption keys are generated and stored on the user’s device, rather than on a central server, ensuring that only the intended recipients have access to the messages.

In addition to text messaging, Signal also supports voice and video calls, as well as the ability to send images, videos and other files. The calls are also encrypted end-to-end, ensuring that only the intended recipients can hear the conversation. Signal also features a “disappearing messages” feature, which allows users to set a timer for messages to automatically delete after a certain period of time.

Privacy and Security in higher level

Another important feature of Signal is its focus on privacy and security. The application does not collect or store any metadata about its users’ communications and it does not include any third-party tracking or advertising. In addition, Signal’s source code is open-source, allowing experts to review and verify the security of the software.

Signal is available for download on the official website of the software. The application is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux and can be installed on a desktop computer or laptop. It is also available for mobile devices, including iOS and Android. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

Signal interface on a Macbook

Signal is a free and secured messaging software available on all platforms.

Signal for Desktop

The Signal app for desktop computers includes all of the same features as the mobile version, including end-to-end encryption, voice and video calls and the ability to send images, videos and other files. The desktop version also includes a feature called Linked Devices, which allows users to link their mobile devices with their desktop computers, so that they can seamlessly switch between devices while still maintaining their conversations.

Final though

Overall, Signal is a powerful and secure communication tool that is designed with privacy and security in mind. It offers a wide range of features, including end-to-end encryption, voice and video calls and the ability to send images, videos and other files. The application is open-source and does not collect or store any metadata about its users’ communications. Signal is available for free on the official website and can be installed on a desktop computer or laptop running Windows, MacOS, or Linux, as well as mobile devices running iOS and Android.

Download NextPlus for PC Windows 11, 10, 8

NextPlus for PC is an excellent communication tool which allow you to connect and chat with SMS or video with anyone in the world. You can call or text any number globally for a very low cost. In this article, we will show you how to download and install NextPlus on Windows and MacOS.

» Features
» Download & Install
» Frequently Asked Questions

Name NextPlus
Developer textPlus, Inc.
Year of Launch 2014
File Size 185 MB
Supported OS Android / iOS
Category Phone Operator
License Free
In-App Purchases 99¢ in Nextplus Credit $0.99
$1.99 in Nextplus Credit $1.99
$5.49 in Nextplus Credit $4.99
$10.99 in Nextplus Credit $9.99
$21.90 in Nextplus Credit $19.99
Remove Ads + Quick Reply for 1 Month $0.99
Keep My Number for 1 Year $4.99
Yearly Unlimited Calls to US & Canada $19.99
Language(s) English, French, Spanish
Store(s) Google Play Store / App Store
Official Website

Features of NextPlus

Easy to use

NextPlus has pretty seamless functions. You can manage your contacts and call or send SMS directly from the NextPlus app. Once you register, you get a dedicated phone number to share with your friends and family so they can reach you anytime. You can also get in touch with anyone who does not have NextPlus on their mobile devices.

Unlimited call and text message

NextPlus is a contract-free alternative to standard text messaging services. It enables users to make and receive unlimited phone calls and text message from any device. NextPlus does not require payments but to make calls, you will need to use credit, which you can earn by watching video ads.

Group messaging

Another feature of the NextPlus app is group messaging, which allows you to have conversations with multiple people in the same chat. Any message you send goes to everyone, and any message you receive goes to all the participants in the group. NextPlus users can use this feature to create family, friends or work groups to stay in touch more easily.


Nextplus includes many multimedia features, such as emojis, stickers, animated GIF, delivery notifications, user status and more. NextPlus users can also use the app to assign custom avatars, animated GIF and stickers for a more expressive experience.

Lightning-fast services

NextPlus operates on cellular and Wi-Fi networks and is not limited to 3G, 4G, or 5G networks. So even if you don’t have a sim card, you can use NextPlus on any device with an internet connection, including smartphones, tablets or even computers.

Interface of NextPlus app on Android

NextPlus is an application who have the same guideline as phone, for call and for messaging.

Download and install NextPlus using BlueStacks or MEmu Play emulator

Here is how to download NextPlus for Windows PC with BlueStacks or MEmu Play emulator:

  1. Head over to BlueStacks or MEmu Play official websites to download and install the emulator.
  2. Launch BlueStacks or MEmu Play and open Google Play Store once you have installed the program.
  3. Log in to your Google Play Store account and search for the app NextPlus.
  4. Select the app when NextPlus icon appears in the search results and click on the Install button.
  5. When the installation is complete, NextPlus icon will appear on your emulator’s home screen.
  6. Click on the icon to launch the application.

FAQ about NextPlus

Why to use NextPlus

With NextPlus, you can communicate with anyone worldwide at a low cost. You can also create groups and send multimedia messages to have fun with your friends and family.

Is Nextplus free?

Yes, NextPlus is free to download and has an in-app purchase option where you can access more of its features.

How do I get a new number on Nextplus?

If you already have a number and want to change it, click on at the top right corner → click on Customize my number → click on Free → pick the state with the area code → click on Get a customs number.

Which country is NextPlus available in?

NextPlus users can only send text messages to USA and Canada countries, but you can call anywhere in the world.

Is NextPlus available for Mac?

Yes, NextPlus is available for Mac. You can download and install NextPlus on your Mac via an emulator like BlueStacks or MEmu Play.

Is NextPlus available for Windows 11?

NextPlus is available for Windows 11 but there is no official way to download the software on any windows version. Currently, the app is programmed for Android and iOS users only. To use NextPlus on Windows 11, you must use an emulator such as BlueStacks or MEmu Play.

What is the difference between TextPlus and NextPlus?

TextPlus is the older version of NextPlus app. The new app retains the same texting and calling features but now optimizes WiFi networks. NextPlus has also modernized with multimedia features like GIF, avatars and sticker support.

Go SMS Pro for PC – How to Install on Windows

Searching for a way to download Go SMS Pro for your computer? Then you are at the right place. Go SMS Pro is a great way for people to stay in touch and a cost-effective method of communication. It is a messaging application that sends text messages to other people.

The Go SMS Pro app allows you to send messages anywhere, any time. It comes with a variety of features and has 100 million downloads. Go SMS Pro comes with more than hundreds of personalized themes and stickers. The app gives you full privacy with end-to-end encrypted messages.

Millions of people use this app daily to text their family members, relatives and others. But the catch is that it is only available for mobile users. However, we have managed to find some ways where you can install this app on your PC. So, follow the steps in the article to download the Go SMS Pro app on your Computer.

Technical Specifications

Name Go SMS Pro for PC
Supported PC version Windows 7 and above
Downloads 100.000.000+
Language English
Category Communication
App version 8.03
Cost Free
App Free ( With in-app purchases)
Google Play Store

Features of Go SMS Pro for PC

Go SMS Pro is a top-rated messaging app after WhatsApp. It has over 100 million downloads and millions of monthly active users. It is equipped with various features that give a very convenient messaging experience.

Below are some of its popular features:

Free application

The most interesting part about Go SMS Pro is that it lets you communicate with your near ones for free. You only need a working internet connection to send text messages. It doesn’t have any extra messaging fees or hidden charges.

Themes and Stickers

It has hundreds of themes and stickers, making your conversations interesting. You can apply different themes to different chats and use a general theme for all the chats. Access funny and trendy stickers while texting someone. It also has a lot of meme stickers and you can get more from the store.

Sticky Conversation and Scheduled Text Messaging

You can stick your important contacts on top of all the chats. Also, you can send scheduled text messages. All you have to do is schedule the time and day of the message and select the contacts you want to send. For example, if you set 7:00 PM, it will reach the selected contact at 7 PM.

Free Messaging and Group Chat

Group chats are a powerful way to keep in touch with friends and family. You can chat with them privately or share your thoughts and experiences with the whole group. Group messages in Go SMS Pro are free of cost. There is no limit on how many messages you send to your contacts or how many contacts you have.

Go SMS Pro interface on Android phone

Go SMS Pro is a fully customizable SMS chat with many themes, emoji, GIF etc.

Method 1: Download Go SMS Pro for Windows using Bluestacks (APK method)

Bluestacks is a popular online emulator that provides access to mobile apps on your PC. It can also be used for gaming and productivity purposes.

You can download and use Go SMS Pro via BlueStacks using the following method:

  • STEP 1: Download and install Bluestacks on your PC.
  • STEP 2: Download Go SMS Pro from any trusted website.
  • STEP 3: After installation, click the file icon and open with BlueStacks APK Handler.
  • STEP 4: The Go SMS Pro app will get installed on your PC.
  • STEP 5: Click the app icon to launch the app.

Method 2: Download Go SMS Pro for PC using MEmu Play

MEmu Play is an emulator used to run Android and iOS apps on your computer. MEmu Play offers various features, such as gamepad support, video recording and screenshot capturing.

This emulator can run Go SMS Pro on your PC using the following steps:

  • STEP 1: Download MEmu Play from its official website here:
  • STEP 2: Sign In to your Google Account and navigate to the Google Play Store.
  • STEP 3: Search for Go SMS Pro.
  • STEP 4: Click “Install” to install the app on your PC.
  • STEP 5: Click “Open” to launch the app on your desktop after installation.

Is it available for Windows 11, and how to install it?

Windows 11 comes with an exclusive feature that allows you to use any mobile app on your computer without any emulator.

To Download and use the Go SMS Pro app on your windows 11 computer, follow the steps below:

  • STEP 1: Go to the Microsoft App Store and install the Amazon App Store.
  • STEP 2: Sign into your Amazon account.
  • STEP 3: Search for the Go SMS Pro app on the store.
  • STEP 4: Select the app from the results.
  • STEP 5: Click on the Install button to install the app. You can now start using Go SMS Pro.

Pros and cons of Go SMS Pro

Here are some pros and cons of this app:

Pros of Go SMS Pro:

  • Free messaging and SMS services.
  • Supports group chats for family or office workers.
  • Hundreds of themes and stickers.
  • Messages are end-to-end encrypted.
  • Scheduled text messages.

Cons of Go SMS Pro:

  • Requires more space compared to other apps.
  • Message Backups are not efficient.

Alternatives of Go SMS Pro

Go SMS Pro is an excellent messaging application, but many alternative applications provide similar and even better features.

Below we have listed some alternatives to the Go SMS Pro:


The Signal app is a free app that allows the user to communicate without the fear of being tracked. It is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. With this app, you can send messages, make voice calls, and send pictures, all through an encrypted connection.

The signal app is easy to use and has an intuitive interface. Its features include message scheduling, group chat, and audio/ video calls.

Signal was first released in 2013 by Open Whisper Systems. It was created as an alternative to other popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

This app works with your phone number or email address, so you don’t need to create a new account or share your personal information with anyone else to use it.


WhatsApp is a popular mobile messaging application that allows you to exchange text messages with other users for free. The app was created by Jan Koum and Brian Acton in 2009 and was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion.

WhatsApp has over 1.5 billion monthly active users, making it the most popular messaging application. It’s also free to use, making it an attractive option for people who want to save money on their phone bills or avoid data charges from wireless carriers. You can also make audio or video calls using this app for free. All you need is a working internet connection.


Zulip is a powerful, open-source group chat and messaging application. Zulip offers a range of team features, including persistent chat rooms, threaded conversations, archiving of messages, private groups, persistent user information (e.g., name and email address), custom emoticons, file uploads and downloads, video conferencing integration with Google Hangouts or Zoom.

Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS is a messaging app for small businesses and enterprises. It offers a range of features like group chat, file sharing, video conferencing, etc. Pulse is the perfect solution for companies that want to stay connected with their employees and customers.

The app is designed to be simple, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to keep in touch with your team members and stakeholders. The app also has several security features that ensure the privacy of your messages.


Is Go SMS Pro free and safe to use?

Go SMS is free and safe to use. The messages are end-to-end encrypted, meaning it is encoded and no one can view or check your text messages.

How do I set up my Go SMS Pro?

Download the Go SMS Pro app from the play store or app store and open the app. Now fill in your number or email, and an OTP will pop up on your messaging app. Now you will be logged into the app. You can then change your profile picture and bio.

Why can’t I download Go SMS Pro?

You can’t download the Go SMS Pro app if you have an Android version lower than 4.1. Also, check if your internet is on or not. Try clearing the Play Store’s cache and data if it’s not installed.


Go SMS Pro is a popular messaging app with over 100 millions users. It provides many interesting features, including hundreds of themes and stickers, sticky conversations, end-to-end encrypted messages and many more.

This app is only available for mobile users but we showed you some ways to download this app on your PC. So, follow the above-given steps to download Go SMS Pro on your PC.