TextNow for PC Windows 11/10/8/7 Free Download

Are you looking for a way to download TextNow for PC? Look no further! In this article, we will show you how to download TextNow for PC. We will also provide some tips on how to use TextNow on your PC. So let’s get started!

Is Textnow Available for the Windows Operating System?

TextNow is the perfect app for staying connected with friends and family. With TextNow, you can text, video chat, and call your friends and family from other countries for a super low cost. You can also run it on your smartphone and tablet. TextNow is officially available for Windows Operating System. TextNow runs on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

  1. Go to the TextNow website and click on the download link.
  2. Choose the Windows version and save the file to your computer.
  3. Open the file and follow the instructions to install TextNow.
  4. After installation is complete, open TextNow and sign in with your account information.
  5. You can now start texting, video chatting, or calling your friends for a super low cost.

Features of TextNow for PC

The article covers the app because of its popularity and demand that has been rising. This popularity results from the app’s very lucrative features to its users. Some of these features are unraveled below.

  • Easy to customize:  As humans, our choices and preferences keep changing, even if it is about the background of the chat with your favorite person.

    The TextNow app has delivered in this space and presents the user with various customization options for the chat window and the background.

    Hundreds of emojis, customized ring tones, and even customized vibrations are at your disposal to set out your aesthetic for the app.
  • Calling without a phone plan: The software of TextNow easily converts any device with Wi-Fi into one with the ability to receive and make phone calls even if the device does not have a phone plan.
  • Picture messaging options:  The app lets the user send and receive pictures from the PC and the added option of saving them on the device. The texting app presents a unified inbox that displays all the incoming and outgoing messages, pictures, and text messages.
  • Voicemail and call forwarding options: This feature makes the PC feel like your smartphone. The app lets you record voicemail and forward calls to any other number if the primary is not reachable. The app widgets provide the ability to execute these options faster than ever.
  • Option to earn a reward: This is one of the most unique features of the TextNow app. The app allows you to win various awards by trying or completing several partners of the parent company offers. These awards can then be redeemed in the form of minute packs.

Alternatives to TextNow

If an individual does not prefer TextNow, or the app is not accessible to the person, an alternative that presents almost similar features is the usual lookout. Four of these suitable alternatives for TextNow are presented below.


The TextPlus or Text+ is one of the leading alternatives to TextNow. You can simply sign up  

to the app with a username; it doesn’t require using an email address. But, if you are an individual that tends to forget your usernames or passwords, it’s advisable to add one Gmail account. The app has ads just like TextNow that can be removed with just 99 cents a week.

One of the best features is that you can remove ads per day, so if you are not using the TextPlus number any day you can simply ignore the app and, of course, the ads.

Also, you can earn credits by completing several offers on the offer wall or simply watching videos. The cost of keeping the number for a month is $0.10, and it must be renewed every month if you want to keep the same number.


Another popular alternative is accessible on the Apple and the Amazon app stores, with over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store. Sign up with your email or Facebook account; you can have multiple numbers at your disposal.

The app also has ads that can be removed by upgrading the account, which will provide the user with a call forwarding option.

Texting and domestic calls are free to make.  You can buy credits or get them by simply completing actions. The app provides international numbers instead of just US numbers for calling, but texting is a feature reserved for only US and Canadian numbers. 


The numbers provided by TextFree are free to use forever but with the intext that you must use them every 30 days. The lack of such usage will lead to reassigning of the numbers.

But if you want to keep the number forever without the effective intext of 30 days, you can take the $ 4.99 premium. The app requires a Gmail address for signing up and no Facebook sign-up option.

The app’s interface is user-friendly, setting options like changing ringtone, auto call replies, and forward all calls to voicemail. Minutes can be added for calling by watching ads or completing offers.

2nd Line

The app is available for only android phones and costs around $9.99 per month. The free trial can be used for getting a trial before you commit your dollars to the app.

The app allows call recording, and with the second number, the option of setting up a voicemail and auto replying gets activated.

FAQs about the TextNow app

Is Text Now Free?

Yes, the official website mentions that the app provides free texting, free picture messaging, free phone numbers, free phone calls, and free voicemail. However, the catch is that the app has ads that need to be paid off to remove.

Is Text Now App Safe?

The app has several security measures to protect the data of its users. Encrypted communication between the app and the servers of TextNow is one such measure. Overall, the TextNow app is considered a safe VoIP service, but like all online services, certain risks are involved. It is thus advisable to use caution while using the app. 

Can I use TextNow on the Web?

According to the TextNow support website, the software can be accessed on the web for calling as well as texting. You simply need to provide microphone access to the browser. The browsers that support TextNow are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

Although various usage may differ across operating systems, for example, Microsoft Edge lets you access TextNow only on Windows and not on Linux or MAC.

What carrier does TextNow use? 

Previously TextNow used Nationwide Sprint Network as its carrier, but from 2021 it has switched to a GSM LTE network that promises larger coverage and compatibility with more devices.

Does TextNow show an IP address?

According to the TextNow support website, it does collect the users’ IP addresses. But the app normally never shares the IP address unless the government and law enforcement require the concerned address. Similar is the case with login details and other details like the Gmail ID attached or the other log-in options.


The TextNow app has features that draw users, explaining the popularity of the app. Free calling, picture messaging, and the ability to use the app on the web are some of the most important features.

The article has covered all possible features of the app and the device requirements that need to be fulfilled before downloading the app. It also explains the step-by-step app downloads through the BlueStacks and NoxPlayer emulators. 

In the end, we have already tacked some of the queries that may arise regarding the app. The alternatives are also mentioned in case of inaccessibility to the app. Hope we’ve covered all your curiosities related to the app and it was an easy read.

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