TweetCaster for Twitter for PC (Windows & Mac)

Twitter is a popular social media platform, and accessing the app is more accessible now. TweetCaster is an exciting android application that helps you tweet your messages and comments on Twitter without visiting the website directly.

This article will help you download and install the TweetCaster app on your Windows and Mac PC. You will also learn about the TweetCaster alternatives that can easily download on your PC.

Technical Specifications

TweetCaster is a good way of accessing your Twitter account on a client platform. Below are some essential technical specifications of the TweetCaster app.

NameTweetCaster for Twitter
Operating systemAndroid
Android emulators (for Windows and Mac PC)Bluestacks, Nox Player, MEmu Play
Developer nameOneLouder apps
Average ratings3.6 stars
SubscriptionFree, Pro version has paid subscription)
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Features of TweetCaster for Twitter

The TweetCaster app is considered easy to use and has a simple interface. Here is a list of features of the TweetCaster for Twitter app that will prove helpful in using this app.

  • TweetCaster allows you to create and access multiple Twitter accounts from one app.
  • It offers a variety of photo effects and filters to make your Twitter posts attractive.
  • The Zip-it feature on TweetCaster allows you to filter your timeline by muting a person or keywords, and that too without having to unfollow them.
  • TweetCaster has several widget options and themes to choose from.
  • Other exciting features include Search Party, Smart Lists, Speech-to-Text, and Read Later.
  • You can also access the latest statistics for your Twitter profile and see the number of retweets, profile mentions, and more.

Method 1: Download TweetCaster For PC using Bluestacks

For downloading the TweetCaster app for your PC, Bluestacks is a good android emulator software. Follow the below steps to install the apk file on your Windows PC.

  1. Download and install the Bluestacks app from the official Bluestacks website.
  2. Download the TweetCaster for Twitter apk file from any trusted source.
  3. Right Click on the TweetCaster for the Twitter apk file and open it with the Bluestacks apk handler.
  4. TweetCaster for Twitter apk will be installed on your PC.
  5. Click it to start using the TweetCaster for the Twitter app for Windows.

Once the apk file has been installed, you can use the TweetCaster app using Bluestacks emulator software.

Method 2: Download TweetCaster for PC using Nox Player 

Another android emulator that works well with Windows PC is Nox Player. Gamers mostly use it since the Nox Player offers a smooth gaming experience on PC.

The TweetCaster app is developed for android platforms. However, you can now access the app on your PC using Nox Player. Here are the steps to download and install the app on your PC using the Nox Player emulator.

  1. Before installing the TweetCaster app, you must download the Nox Player emulator software on your PC.
  2. Once the emulator is downloaded on your PC, go to the app’s icon and double-click on it.
  3. On the Home Screen of Nox Player, there is a shortcut to the Google Play Store app icon.
  4. Click on the icon, and you will be taken to the main screen of the Play Store. Here, on the Search bar, type TweetCaster for Twitter.
  5. Once the app appears on the screen, click on Install to download the app.  

You can now access the TweetCaster for Twitter app on your PC through the Nox Player emulator.

Is there a Mac Version available for TweetCaster for Twitter?

No version of TweetCaster for the Twitter app is available for Mac systems. However, you can access the app on your Mac using android emulators. Alternatively, you can log in to App Store on your Mac using your Apple account and install the app using the App Store.

TweetCaster Pro vs TweetCaster

Below is a comparison between the TweetCaster app and the TweetCaster pro app.

  • While the TweetCaster app is free of cost, TweetCaster Pro has a paid subscription.
  • TweetCaster has ads showing up when the app is used; however, with TweetCaster Pro, you are freed from these ads.
  • Tweet Caster offers a Search Party feature, allowing you to have a specific search option with possible exact results. TweetCaster Pro offers Search Party as well as Geolocation functionality.
  • TweetCaster Pro offers advanced profile editing options compared to the free TweetCaster app.

While TweetCaster is a good application for Twitter users, the TweetCaster Pro app is a better version with more photo and video editing options, post sharing features, etc., than the TweetCaster app.

How do you use TweetCaster?

The TweetCaster for the Twitter app can be used by downloading an android emulator on your PC. Once you use the abovementioned procedures for Bluestacks or the Nox Player emulator, you can access the app on your system.

Apps like TweetCaster

Here is a list of some of the best alternatives for the TweetCaster app:


The first alternative on our list is the TweetDeck app. This app lets you follow several more accounts on Twitter. You can also use this app to follow Facebook accounts. The app has a simple interface and is easy for new users. It lets you use and manage more than one account on different platforms.

TweetDeck app has a home screen that offers details and updates on all your accounts on a single screen. It is the best option if you have more than one Twitter profile.


The next app alternative for TweetCaster has been awarded for being a decent Twitter platform. Twitterrific app’s easy-to-use interface allows users to have selective tweets on their screen. You can also look for good gif options or memes when posting a tweet.

Twitterrific offers several features such as:

  • The muffles option allows you to remove tweets from your feed. You can choose and pick specific words, phrases, accounts, and hashtags to hide.
  • Customizable fonts, theme options, and image effects are some prominent features used to create new tweets.
  • The app is completely accessible with voiceover support and extensive shortcuts for keyboards.


Tweetbot offers support for Mac and iOS platform. The latest version of the Tweetbot app includes access to data for Twitter polls and cards. It is best known for fast performance and offers a timeline with all activities from a back date to the latest.

The app has a variety of widgets for different options within the Tweetbot app. You can also filter a specified time duration to see the media, tweets, links, and retweets, or type your keywords to create a filter rule.

With its Mute feature, you could avoid any accounts, persons, tweets, or keywords that you do not wish to see on your feed. Tweetbot allows you to sync your reading between several devices.


Last but not least is the Twicca app, another application that helps you access Twitter. You can access this app on your Android devices and your system with the help of an emulator. The app is light and has a simple user interface.

You can use the Twice app to receive any notification relating to your Twitter account. Moreover, you can use this app to upload photos and videos using the Via me feature.

An exciting feature of the Twicca app is that it creates shorter versions of original URLs and saves your search history. You can add widgets relating to Twicca on your system’s home screen. However, this may also reduce the battery life of your PC.

FAQs about TweetCaster

To know more about the TweetCaster app, below are some of the frequently asked questions:

Is there a Tweetcaster app for Windows 10?

No, the TweetCaster for Twitter app is not available for Windows 10 yet. However, you can use android emulators for this android application to access TweetCaster on your Windows PC. Some exciting emulator options are Bluestacks, Xeplayer, and Nox Player.

Is it free to use?

Yes, the TweetCaster for the Twitter app is free to use. The Po version of the app is available on a paid subscription.

How do you connect TweetCaster to Twitter?

You can use your Twitter account login id and password to access it on the TweetCaster app. The app allows you to manage more than one Twitter account within the same app.


The TweetCaster app makes it easier to access your Twitter account. And using android emulators, it is even simpler to use this app on your Windows or Mac PC. For Twitter enthusiasts, it is a good way of accessing the site without opening the browser.

So, if you want to use Twitter on your PC, download the TweetCaster app and get started.

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