Why Use Linux?

Completely Free

Most open source operating systems are completely free both in price & licensing. There are typically no upfront fees, lengthy legal agreements, or restrictive copyright protections. Plus, you even have the freedom to modify and make copies to distribute to your friends.

Safe & Secure

The robust and reliable combination of the GNU operating system and the Linux kernel system is at the heart of most free & open source platforms, running everything from the International Space Station, to much of the World Wide Web and billions of smart devices worldwide.

Openness & Transparency

Free software is developed completely transparently which means the source code is out there in the open for anyone to look at. This means, if you wanted to, you can have a meaningful influence over the software development process.


You are not the product! Free and Open Source operating system are private by default, there are no privacy policies to agree to or hidden built-in tracking software.


Free and open source operating systems are as diverse as the people who use and build them. Which means many come loaded with software meant to aid those with hearing, sight or motor impairment who are in need of assistance.

Community & Support

The Free & Open Source Software filled with many dedicated, vibrant communities and with them you get a world of support—from written documentation and forums, to mailing lists and live chat.


Thanks to the Linux kernel most open source operating systems have unparalleled hardware support. You can install them on virtually any number of computers or other devices that you want. You can even run some right from a USB drive!


There are thousands of free software applications available to install without the need to browse the web. All this software undergoes scrutinous review before it reaches you, so you can find and use what you like with confidence.