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Zosi Smart has been made for client property surveillance. The app offer sophisticated features to help you to control and manage your live cameras stream on computer. Every important detail about this surveillance management system has been provided in this post, with detailed steps to download and install this application on Windows and MacOS.

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Name Zosi Smart
Developer ZOSI Technology Co. , Ltd
File Size 174 MB
Supported OS Android | iOS
Category CCTV Security
License Free
Language(s) English | Dutch | French | German | Italian and 8 more.
Store(s) Google Play Store | App Store
Official Website
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Download Zosi Smart for Windows using BlueStacks or NoxPlayer

Zosi Smart can be installed via emulators on Windows. Emulators are programs or hardware elements that let the host system use applications, hardware and other items created for the guest system. The emulator uses the host’s hardware and software to imitate the environment of the guest machine. In this instance, a PC serves as the host device and the Zosi innovative program as the guest.

BlueStacks and NoxPlayer are famous Android emulators that work well with Windows and MacOS. With them, you can download and install Android and iOS applications on your computer and also use external hardware like your mouse and keyboard.

Below are the steps to download and install Zosi Smart using one of these emulators:

  1. Go to the BlueStacks or NoxPlayer official website to download and install the emulator.
  2. An installation wizard will guide you through the installation process.
  3. After installation, double-click the emulator’s icon on your desktop to start the software.
  4. You will now be requested to input your Google Play account credentials.
  5. Enter Zosi Smart into the search box and click Search.
  6. Select the icon for the Zosi Smart program. It will open a window of Zosi Smart on the Store.
  7. Then click Install and your program will begin downloading.
  8. The All Apps icon will appear. You can access a page with all your installed programs by clicking on it.
  9. Now, you can see the Zosi Smart icon, click on it to run the application.
Interface of Zosi Smart on iPad.
Zosi Smart is a camera controller available for mobile devices.

Features of Zosi Smart

Knowledge of the app features makes up a large part of the installation process of the devices connected. It allows the user the best out of the app and a safer surveillance mechanism. All such essential features of the app are mentioned below:

  • Zosi Smart offers to live NVR/DVR/IPC viewing on your mobile device anytime and from any location.
  • Numerous functions of Zosi Smart are supported, including configuring multiple settings from your mobile devices.
  • Multiple cameras can be viewed simultaneously on the screen with Zosi Smart.
  • Zosi Smart allows you to see previously recorded videos from your DVR, NVR, or IPC (requires high upload speed internet) on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Real-time video capture from your camera is supported by Zosi Smart so that you may view it on your mobile devices and play it back later.
  • Single and many still photographs can be captured with Zosi Smart and these images are saved to the picture library of your smart mobile device.
  • Remote PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) control of cameras is supported by Zosi Smart.
  • Device restarting remotely is another feature supported by Zosi Smart.
  • With two-way audio on Zosi Smart, you can converse with and hear from loved ones.
  • You can enlarge the image to obtain a better view of your surroundings.
  • An auto mechanical infrared cut filter is a feature of this camera.
  • The camera may make an audible clicking sound as it switches between the Day and Night viewing modes.
  • This clicking is typical and proves the camera filter is functioning.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zos Smart

What app can I use with Zosi Smart on Windows 11 and 10?

A free security-based app called Zosi Smart make it simple to use your camera remotely from anywhere in the world. It can always offer complete access to and remote-control overall camera functionalities. This app was created for use with NVR, DVR and cloud cameras.

Why is Zosi smart not working?

The app failing at 85% usually means that the IP Camera, DVR or NVR is offline or that there is a problem with a router setting that is connected to the device. I would advise switching to the opposing network on your phone. Switch to 4G/LTE if you are using your local Wi-Fi connection or the other way around.

Do Zosi cameras work without the Internet?

Even in live and recorded forms, video can be seen offline. If the NVR is connected to the Internet, cameras cannot be remotely seen (i.e., For instance, you can use a network cable to link your router to the network).

How do I view my Zosi cameras on my computer?

Your DVR will be listed in the left-hand column once you log in to the Web AVSS browser viewer. To view the connected cameras in a drop-down menu, click the DVR. When you double-click on the camera you want to see; it will move into one of the viewing area’s four portions.