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Available on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS, Brave browser for PC, unknown to the general public, is nevertheless one of the fastest and best in terms of protecting personal data and privacy but that’s not all, it is also the first web browser to make money for its users via cryptocurrencies. Advertisements, cookies, cookies: the co-founder of Firefox offers a browser that strips web pages of all the superfluous and guarantees speed and respect for private data.

NameBrave browserDeveloperBrave Software, Inc.
Year of Launch2019File Size340 Mo
Supported OSWindows | MacOS | Linux | Android | iOSCategoryWeb Browser
Language(s)English | Arabic and 26 more.Store(s)Google Play Store | App Store | Microsoft Store
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One of the fastest browser on the market

Who has never cursed at the slow loading of a recalcitrant web page? A digital scourge which is explained by the tendency to overweight the data necessary for the display of websites. Much of this data is, however, strictly speaking useless: it is often advertising, cookies and other cookies placed in the code of each page, for marketing purposes (to sell products or track the behavior of Internet users) .

End of recess

But Brave could well whistle the end of recess. This new browser indicates that it only downloads the data strictly necessary to display the content of the page, and nothing else. Exit therefore, advertisements and consorts, place at speed. “A web page loads so much faster when you remove the superfluous,” say its designers. The latter were not born out of the blue: the team behind Brave is led by Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript, one of the most widespread computer languages on the web, but also and above all and co-founder of the Mozilla Foundation, parent company of Firefox.

Available for a few weeks in alpha version on Windows (PC), OS X (Mac), iOS (iPhone) and Android phones, Brave has some advantages that could well make it a place in the very competitive world of browsers. And to achieve this, Brave therefore relies on its speed: the lion’s head browser would be up to 4 times faster than its competitors on mobile (40% on a desktop computer), according to Brendan Eich.

brave Browser is available on all platform, phone tablet and computers.
Interface of Brave Browser on different platforms.

“Virtuous” Advertisements

This is a major difference with other ad blockers: rather than closing the floodgates, Brave aims, in the long term, to integrate advertisements deemed “virtuous”. The contours of this program are still vague, but Brendan Eich has already sketched them. With one click, you can authorize the display of advertisements, provided that they do not slow down navigation. The income thus generated will be shared between the publisher of the site visited and the Brave team. Even better, it will soon be possible to make direct payments to the sites that you want to help financially.

Although more transparent, this strategy is reminiscent of that of Adblock, one of the most famous ad blockers, which, following its takeover at the end of 2015, adopted a program of advertisements deemed acceptable. But the goal of Brave, assures Brendan Eich, is not to harm this source of income, but rather to engage Internet users and publishers in a responsible approach where everyone finds their benefit: first control their screen and of their private life, to the latter the income.

Compared to recent browsers (Vivaldi or Edge from Microsoft), Brave therefore offers a unique approach. An unknown remains: how will Google, the world’s leading advertising agency, react to this inopportune who wants to deprive it of part of its income? As we know, the Mountain View firm does not really like ad blockers. Witness the recent eviction of Adblock Fast from Google Play, the Android application store. His response will therefore be carefully scrutinized… provided that the lion passes the most difficult test for a navigator: overcoming the force of habit among Internet users, for whom changing their routine is a feat.

Publishers and advertising agencies prepare the response

Faced with ad blockers, content publishers and advertising agencies do not intend to wait idly by. The shortfall is not insignificant: it would be 21.8 billion dollars each year, according to a report – no doubt exaggerated – published by PageFair and Adobe. But how to act in the face of some 200 million Internet users who block ads? Some sites refuse access outright if a blocker is detected. Others take a more nuanced approach.

Those who have tried to access the famous site of the American magazine Forbes have already experienced it: access is refused if a blocker is detected, but light advertising content is offered in return (without video advertising between two paragraphs by example) if the Internet user complies. Another strategy is based on “native advertising”, in other words the production of advertising content (text, video) to present products. But this mixture of genres that are not always clear is hardly appreciated by journalists… and even less by readers. The ad war has only just begun.

Alternatives to Brave Browser for PC Windows


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Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a secure, cross-platform browser that brings together fast, advanced search capabilities and Google apps like Gmail, Google Pay, and Google Assistant in a single platform designed for all users.


Firefox is a web browser that provides users with ultra-fast and privacy-intrusive web browsing tools.


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Frequently asked questions about Brave Browser for PC

How to use Brave?

Without prior configuration, Brave integrates the French search engine Qwant in standard browsing as in private browsing. Chosen for its respect for private data and the neutrality of its search results, Qwant can give way to any other competitor if the user wishes.

Is Brave secure?

Brave is one of the most secure browsers on the market today.

How to make money with Brave browser?

Earn tokens as you browse the internet and use them to, among other things, redeem gift cards, redeem them for cryptocurrency, send contributions to websites and content creators you like and more.

Is Brave reliable?

If Google, Mozilla, Edge are among the best known, Brave has positioned itself as the security leader. Indeed, this crypto-friendly web browser focuses on protecting the privacy of Internet users and has completely overhauled the way online advertising works.

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