Google Chrome Shortcut Not Working on a Computer? 7 Fixes

Some Chrome users experience the Google Chrome shortcut not working or suddenly stopping to work while they are trying to access the web. Sometimes, users have difficulties to create shortcuts on their Chrome browser. Some users find this option greyed out.

If you are also experiencing any similar issues and are curious to know how to fix this shortcut problems, then this post is worth reading. But before implementing other tips to resolve this issue, try updating your Chrome to the recent version.

• Why Is Chrome Shortcut Not Working?

Google Chrome shortcuts may not work or stop working because of several possible reasons. Sometimes, modern UI or software updates don’t facilitate users to create any shortcut. Lots of cache and junk files can prevent Chrome shortcuts from working.

Settings errors in Chrome can also cause the Google Chrome shortcut not working problems. Chrome will not generate shortcuts when you don’t have configured your browser. Regardless of the reason, you can work on the following troubleshooting tips.

• Turn Off Web Applications

The working of Chrome shortcuts may be affected due to some web applications and extensions. Whether it is Google Calendar for Mac or another application, installing them may create an issue and grab key presses.

When you install a global keyboard shortcut application or any custom shortcut application, uninstall them. To start uninstall Chrome, right-click the Chrome extension tab and hit remove from Chrome. Pick Remove from Chrome on your extension page and restart.

• Use Chrome as Default Browser

Using several browser applications can lead to a problem with shortcuts. Sometimes, Chrome gets some settings from the internet options. Hence, make your Google Chrome browser default as a quick fix. Press “Windows + I” in Windows Settings or locate default apps in your start menu.

Reset Microsoft recommendation defaults to automatically restore Internet Explorer as your default browser application. Tap on the app and switch it to Google Chrome. Now, restart the browser.

• Create Shortcuts With No Address Bar

Before creating a shortcut:

  1. Configure the settings of the browser.
  2. Open the site without address bar and tab.
  3. Access a website on Google Chrome and tap three dots to launch the Chrome menu.
  4. Locate more tools and tap on them.
  5. Pick Create Shortcut.

Tick the appearing box to confirm ‘Open as Window’ and click “Create”. Now, the website will open in a dedicated Chrome window without address bar. If you want, you may also configure the existing tab.

• Update Your Chrome Browser

As stated above, using an outdated version of Google Chrome browser may create difficulty in shortcut working. Hence, troubleshoot this problem by giving it an update. To check your update, tap on the three-dot icon.

Now, tap on settings from the menu appearing and select “About Chrome”. Here, you will see which version of Google Chrome you are currently using. Do an update if prompted. If these updates are already downloaded in the background, exit Chrome and access it again.

• Clean Chrome Browser

When Chrome slows down due to an overloaded cache and junk files, clean your Google Chrome browser. Junk files may not allow shortcuts to access your browser. For cleaning, download a reliable cleaning tool with another browser.

Open the downloaded tool by clicking twice on it. Now, find the conflicting file or program that causes problems in creating shortcuts. Remove that file if available. However, if you don’t locate the suspicious file, tap on Next to stop the search process.

• Open Standard Google Chrome Window

As you know, sometimes the option of Create Shortcut appears grey. This issue usually happens when you use the guest or incognito windows. To quickly fix the issue, you have to access a standard window on your Google Chrome browser.

To access this window:

  1. Get into your Chrome browser and hit on the option of new Window.
  2. Get the website you wish to generate a shortcut.
  3. Check if you can access the menu to create a shortcut. If you can’t, get the guest profile symbol and choose Exit Guest.

• Get Shortcuts on Desktop

Google shortcuts Windows
An example of the Google Chrome shortcuts on Windows.

When you don’t see the website shortcut on your computer, troubleshooting the problem becomes difficult. To show website shortcuts on your desktop, access Google Chrome and enter “chrome://apps” in your address bar.

Right-click the shortcut and then choose the option of “Create Shortcut” from the menu. Next, click on the Desktop and now tap on the create option. Come to the desktop and check your shortcut.

• The Conclusion

All these are the most effective troubleshooting tips to resolve the not working issue of your Google Chrome browser shortcut. If these methods don’t help Chrome shortcuts, try an alternative ways.

You can try changing the language of your keyboard, re-installing the Google Chrome browser and changing new tab settings. Hopefully, any of these methods will improve Chrome shortcut working.

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