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At a time when new generations spend hours on GTA V, we are back to GTA San Andreas for PC. The background: Five years earlier, Carl Johnson fled the corrupt city of San Andreas controlled by crime and drug cartels. Today, CJ must return to a town where his mother has just been murdered and his childhood friends are going straight into the wall… Accused of homicide by the police, CJ finds himself embarked on a journey that will lead him to the four corners of the city to save his family and his honor!

DeveloperRockstarYear of Launch2013
File Size2.1 GoSupported OSAndroid | iOS | Windows
CategoryGangster SimulationLicense$6.99
Language(s)English | French | German | Italian and 3 more.Store(s)Google Play Store | App Store | Steam
Official Websitewww.rockstargames.comRating
❭ 5 ✯ ❭ 2 votes

Install GTA San Andreas for PC Windows using an Android emulator

BlueStacks and MEmu Play are famous Android emulators that work well with Windows and MacOS. With them, you can download and install Android and iOS applications on your computer and also use external hardware like your mouse and keyboard.

An action adventure game that offers 70 hours of mobile adventure

A true action adventure game phenomenon, GTA San Andreas is available in a paid version for $6.99 on Android. Translated into several languages (French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese), Rockstar Games invites you to explore San Andreas around its three major cities: Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. Considered by some purists as the best opus of the saga on Playstation, what about the mobile version? First of all concerning the duration, the different missions to be carried out guarantee a minimum of 70 hours of play!

At the very least, the field of exploration is so immense! You have plenty to entertain you for a few weeks! Of course in GTA there are several types of players, some, beyond the missions, like to roam freely on the map in this open universe: exploring the mountains, the slums of Las Vegas, alternating between important and secondary missions, like in each version. A rare durability for this type of mobile game which partly justifies the starting price.

Adaptation and effective gameplay

When such a masterpiece switches to a new platform, a first question immediately comes to mind: What about the gameplay? Has the game been redesigned by the developers to be adapted to the tactile universe? Verdict, the handling of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on mobile is fluid and fast! You will have at your disposal a multitude of buttons with various actions on your screen: run, kneel, shoot… When launching the game, you will notice that the loading speed is amazing. The gameplay is excellent. It’s a pleasure to find Carl Johnson on a touchscreen platform. A short adaptation period may be necessary for gamers accustomed to traditional consoles, before taking full control of the game.

Obviously, it is difficult to find all the precision of a classic controller on certain tasks such as shooting sequences for example. For these, we recommend auto-aiming. Aware of these changes due to the passage on the touch screen, the editor thought of reducing the difficulty of the chases for example. If initially some bugs could be noted on mobile by some players, the regular updates of the developers make it fun to play! Want to easily switch from one mobile device to another? From your tablet to your phone, for example? Or maybe the reverse? This is possible with Cloud Backup (Rockstar Social Club members). An ideal option for those who have left their beautiful tablet in the in-laws. For the nostalgic or those who would really struggle with mobile gameplay, the game is also compatible with Moga wireless controllers. Objectively, this is particularly practical for shooting scenes and car chases.

GTA San Andreas is available on Android and iOS.
GTA San Andreas Mobile is an adaptation of the iconic PC game for Android and iOS.

A realization faithful to the console version

The atmosphere of this opus was one of the strengths of the console version. A complete, gripping and surprising story. By opening the application on mobile, it is clear that the atmosphere is also well transcribed! We sail on familiar ground in the heart of Los Santos and find our friend CJ where we left off in a similar environment with his famous friends: Big Smoke, Woozie.. and many more! A real pleasure ! In terms of achievable actions, we are delighted to be able to drive the latest “old school” convertible car again, to walk around every corner of the city… the possibilities of this open world are immense and well transcribed on this version. A novelty of this one, the possibility of creating your own radio channel and listening to your music! Supported by a voice cast of choice, the frame takes up all the elements that made the success of this opus.

About graphics and sound

Visually, this opus was highly anticipated. How do you update a game that’s over 10 years old? And how to adapt it effectively? There too we have some nice surprises reserved! If obviously, the visual rendering is not equivalent to the best current games, Rockstar Games has made efforts and has not hesitated to come back with a fully adapted version and improved image quality compared to the PS2 format. With its graphics remastered specifically for mobile platforms, playing GTA San Andreas is a treat.

The game got a nice facelift. The lighting and colors have been reworked, the play of light is convincing… A real pleasure for action adventure buffs! For a tailor-made experience, the parameters are adjustable. As you have understood, this opus will satisfy both those nostalgic for the console version who will discover a re-adjusted version faithful to the initial opus, and the new novice generation who will be delighted to discover the beautiful universe of this game!

Alternatives to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for Windows

Red Dead Redemption 2

When we think of games like GTA, the first title that comes to mind is obviously Read Dead Redemption 2. This little gem is made by the Rockstars studio – which created GTA – and we find everything that made the success of the saga of thug games but in a different universe: the Wild West.

Saints Row IV

The Saint Row series has always presented itself as a quality GTA-like, combining open world, destructive power and wacky story. Fans of anything will be thrilled, because from the very first steps in the game, we are told that the leader of the gang that we played in the previous games has become President of the United States and that he will have to fight against an alien invasion.

The Yakuza saga

The Yakuza saga has been officiating since the Playstation 2 and it has often been presented as a GTA in Japan. You play, in most episodes, Kiryū Kazuma (known as the dragon of Dojima), a legendary Yakuza particularly gifted when it comes to fighting.

Watch dogs legion

The Watch Dogs series is very clearly inspired by a Grand Theft Auto, with its lively open city and its many missions, but the title of Ubisoft manages to find its own style, by offering the player to embody hackers. If the first two opuses were quite conformist, the 3rd, called Legion, offers a different gameplay, with the possibility of taking control of any passerby.

JustCause 4

If you are looking for games like Grand Theft Auto but crazier, crazier or even more extreme, Just Cause 4 is for you. The series is known for the great freedom of action it gives players, who can complete missions in 1001 different ways, and for the large number of weapons it makes available to the main protagonist.


FiveM is a tool to mod GTA’s game. It allows users to have lots of money, unlimited ammo, high jumping etc. For those who want more fun in the game, FiveM is a best.

Frequently asked questions about GTA San Andreas

Can play GTA San Andreas for PC Windows 11?

Yes you can lay the San Andreas mobile and PC version on Windows 11, just install it as mentioned above.

Can I play GTA san Andreas on Mac?

Yes, you can pplay the mobile version with an emulator such as BlueStacks as the process to install it is the same as for Windows.

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