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Instagram for PC being above all a photo sharing application, it’s up to you to take the controls. With the Share menu, you have the option of taking a photo (or selecting one from your library) and applying a filter to it, as desired, from the 11 filters currently available – or of course leaving it Such as but Instagram is a mobile phone application and can’t officially used on a computer. Here, we will show you how to download and install Instagram on Windows or MacOS.

NameInstagramDeveloperKevin Systrom
Year of Launch2010File Size262 Mo
Supported OSAndroid | iOSCategorySocial Network
LicenseFreeIn-App PurchasesView the listInstagram Badge | $0.99
Instagram Subscriptions | $4.99
Language(s)English | Croatian | Czech | Danish | Dutch and 25 more.Store(s)Google Play Store | App Store | Microsoft Store | Amazon Appstore
Official Websitewww.instagram.comRating
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How does Instagram for PC work?

Once the application has been downloaded and launched, you will need to create an account. It’s very fast and it will allow you to store your photos taken via the application online. This is when Instagram comes into its own: a single photo and a filter applied, and you have created an original photo, without bothering to choose the settings to give style to your image. Of course, this has its limits, for example there is no manual setting of each filter – be careful not to abuse certain filters too much but at least you don’t need a vintage camera or Photoshop lessons.

Once your photo has been taken and the visual effect chosen, you can give it a title and locate it (Instagram uses your GPS and, more recently, the Foursquare API to find existing places). After that, it’s possible to validate your photo so that it appears in your Instagram feed (your newsfeed if you prefer). About Foursquare: its recent integration (with the parallel addition of the Photo function within Foursquare) allows you to check-in with a photo via Instagram directly in Foursquare, without going through the app of the same name.

A news feed to follow the photos of your friends

Instagram, like any other social network, works on the system of friends. When you use the application, you can find among your contacts the people who have installed the application (via Twitter, Facebook, your address book, etc.) and invite them to connect with you. Once done, you will be able to see their photos in this menu, like them and comment on them. In the News menu, you can also follow the activity of your friends on your photos (their comments or if they have marked your photo as a favorite) or the people who add you as a friend.

Instagram selects the best photos for you

In the Popular menu, you can view photos taken by other users and selected by Instagram’s teams (or algorithms). Nothing really new here, but it’s an opportunity to subscribe to photos of people you don’t know but who you like and why not find a new source of inspiration. On the other hand, everything happens in the application: your photos are not available online in a gallery. For those who want to easily share their photos with their friends (and not only those of the application), the sharing functions and in particular to Facebook are particularly interesting.

Instagram is available on smartphones and computers.
Instagram let you share many different contents like photos and videos.

Where did the idea for Instagram come from?

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the two founders of Instagram, explain to us that when they were little, they liked to play with Polaroid cameras. The images obtained were instantaneous and could be passed from hand to hand. In the digital age, the idea of developing a mobile application capable of replacing the Polaroid makes sense and sharing is facilitated by the various existing social networks. They seem to have achieved their goal: the application has exceeded one million users in two months. In France the service is starting to take off and more and more photos are being taken.

How to use Instagram on your Computer

Using Instagram on a computer has only been possible for a short time. Previously, the social network was only available through the dedicated application but that was before ! Now you can do everything from your PC such as comment and share photos and videos.

1.Install Instagram on your Windows using BlueStacks or MEmu Play

BlueStacks and MEmu Play are famous Android emulators that work well with Windows and MacOS. With them, you can download and install Android and iOS applications on your computer and also use external hardware like your mouse and keyboard.

2.With your internet browser phone simulator

You can do this method with most of know browser such as Chrome or Firefox for example.

  1. Once your internet browser is open, go to the official Instagram website.
  2. Log in by entering your credentials, then right-click and click Inspect. To go faster, you can also do CRTL+Shift+I.
  3. A pane opens on the right of your screen. Click the small icon next to the Elements tab.
  4. In the bar that appears at the top, click on the name of the phone of your choice. Thus, your computer will program itself to make Instagram appear as if it were on mobile, and not on PC or Mac.
  5. Refresh the page by clicking the appropriate button.
  6. Once this little manipulation is done, you end up with the same screen as on your smartphone.

3.Use Instagram on PC with the Desktop extension

If you are browsing Google Chrome, you can add the Desktop extension for Instagram which is available for free.

  1. To do this, simply click on the blue Add to Chrome button.
  2. In the dialog that appears, click Add Extension.
  3. Once the installation is complete, go to the official Instagram website and click on the small icon of the extension next to the address bar.
  4. For its proper functioning, the extension must have access to certain data. To do this, click Allow in the dialog box.

Alternatives to Instagram for PC Windows


Flickr has been around longer than Instagram and, of course, longer than most apps. Appeared in 2004, first as a site (before phones really had apps). Since then, it has gone through many changes but has remained a photo (and video) sharing service.


Remember Tumblr? The platform still exists and even better than you remember. Like Flickr, it’s been around for a very long time, 2007 to be precise. From the start, it has known how to adapt to what users want to do. One of the many ways to use Tumblr is as a picture feed.


Retrica is clearly a copycat of Instagram, but a copycat of good old Instagram – with the filters etc. – and today it might be interesting to have this copy rather than the original. The platform is more photo-oriented and images can be shared to other apps, but you can only use your Retrica profile.


You’ll probably find that 500px is more for serious photographers – hence the option to license your work – but the platform can be used more casually. As with Flickr, you have many controls over how your images are organized, tagged or made available for example.


Twitter may be used more for news and debate, but there’s no reason why you can’t post photos – and you can even create an alternative account just for your photos. No advanced management tools like on Flickr or 500px here but you have a profile that is easy to manage, to personalize and the publication is very simple. On the visibility side, you can make your account private, if you wish, or restrict who can see or comment on your tweets.

Frequently asked questions about Instagram for PC

What is the point of creating an Instagram account?

It allows users to share their experiences, tips and moments of life by posting photos and short videos. You can distribute your content to a restricted community (private account) or to all people (public account).

What can we do on Instagram for PC?

Instagram is a mobile application whose principle is actually quite simple: sharing photos and/or short videos. Many filters allow you to embellish your creations before sharing them, which makes its use more fun.

How to go on Instagram for PC without having an account?

If one does not have an account, Instagram prevents users from accessing its content directly through the application but it’s possible to work around this problem by using another site like Gramho! The latter is a site that allows you to see the profile of Instagramers very easily.

What does Instagram mean?

The name Instagram is a fusion of words built from Insta from the English Instant camera (instant camera) and gram from the English word telegram.

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