Messenger Lite app for PC Windows 11/10/8/7

With Messenger Lite app for PC, Facebook allows its users to have a lighter, more fluid messaging client that consumes less data and resources. Everything is very easy to learn thanks to a clear and particularly intuitive interface. Highly recommended!

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The Facebook social network on Android now offers a third application! After Facebook, which provides access to the social network and Facebook Messenger to chat with contacts, the American firm offers a faster, lighter Messenger that consumes less data called Messenger Lite. Among its strengths, note its compatibility with many smartphones and tablets from Android 2.3 and its speed of installation with a file that does not exceed 10 MB. Initially intended for emerging markets, the application allows also to access Messenger on old smartphones.

Chat with anyone with voice or video

Messenger Lite has, in broad outline, the same functionalities as its big brother Facebook Messenger, namely the list of active friends, the sending of photos, links, audio messages, animated GIFs and stickers to contacts as well as the possibility of creating group discussions, ideal for preparing an event. However, some more advanced features are not integrated. Only the essentials are present, but this should correspond to 90% of the uses that Internet users make of Messenger. In other words: send messages and make calls.

The application also offers to make voice and video calls with contacts around the world on Wi-Fi or not, in the latter case the mobile data plan will be impacted. However, this Lite version still consumes less data than the classic version. Ideal for small packages or connections with reduced speed. Note also the integration of a feature to synchronize phone contacts to reach them directly via Messenger. Rather classic because Facebook already does it in its normal but still useful version.

Messenger Lite on Android.
Messenger Lite is a version more lightweight and take the primary’s functions of the app with some improvements.

Messenger Lite app for PC Vs Messenger

With its sleek and very easy-to-use interface, Messenger Lite is a must in the field of mobile apps for calls and audio and video messages. The design remains very similar to that of the classic application except that this time the menu is simplified. So we end up with an application that only includes the essentials and it’s appreciable. We will simply note that the quality of calls (whether in audio or video) is apparently less good than in the classic version. This may be due to greater compression to consume less data. Overall, Messenger Lite still keeps all its promises and it’s a real pleasure to use it on a daily basis. The application is regularly updated to correct any bugs encountered by users.

Messenger Lite app: 30% faster and much lighter

Until now, the Messenger Lite application was only available in countries where bandwidth is low. Now it is available in Canada to our delight. Note, however, that the application is only available for owners of an Android phone. According to several sources, it even seems that Facebook does not intend to develop it for iOS devices. The great advantage of Messenger Lite is its low mobile data consumption and the fact that it does not take up much memory on our phone. The Messenger application can indeed take up nearly 270 MB and more on our phone, while the Lite version only takes 10MB! This refined version of Messenger even makes it possible to be 30% faster and to consume less energy in terms of mobile data.

Keep most functions of Facebook Messenger

Messenger Lite allows us to keep several functions of the heavier version such as:

  • Contact anyone on Messenger and Facebook.
  • See when people are active or not.
  • Send individual or collective messages.
  • Send photos, videos, stickers, emojis and links.
  • Make voice calls for free over Wi-Fi.
  • To contact people in countries with low bandwidth.

Frequently asked question about Messenger Lite app for PC

How to download messenger lite app?

To install Facebook Messenger Lite, just go to the Play Store (link at the bottom of the article). Once installed, you will quickly realize that the app is much smoother than the classic Facebook Messenger app.

What is the difference between Lite and Messenger?

In terms of functionality, Messenger Lite offers exactly the same things as the normal version: send and receive messages, photos, links or even tickets. The difference is that the app weighs less than 10 MB and consumes much less data.

How to open Messenger Lite app?

Tap at the top of your feed. Under Open Messenger Lite, tap Yes to see messages in Messenger Lite by default.

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