Download Numbers for PC Windows 11,10

Numbers is a popular collaboration-focused spreadsheet management app made by Apple. As it’s created for Apple users, there isn’t an official version available for Windows but it can be installed via emulators. The steps to download and install Numbers for PC Windows are explain in this post.

NameNumbersDeveloperApple inc.
Year of Launch2007File Size254 MB
Supported OSiOS | MacOSCategoryProductivity
LicenseFreeLanguage(s)English | Spanish | Hindi | Arabic and 25 more.
Official WebsiteMac App Store | App StoreRating
❭ 4.8 ✯ ❭ 26 votes

Install Numbers on Windows using BlueStacks or NoxPlayer

BlueStacks and NoxPlayer are famous Android emulators that work well with Windows and MacOS. With them, you can download and install Android and iOS applications on your computer and also use external hardware like your mouse and keyboard.

Features of Numbers for PC Windows

Apple-developed applications stand out owing to their distinct and lucrative features. The number pertains to the same category of applications with features that are highly sought. Knowing every possible application feature is necessary to have the best experience.

iCloud access and Sharing

Login into to access and modify your spreadsheets from your Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, as well as from a Mac or PC web browser. As you make changes to your spreadsheet, Numbers automatically save it and you can export your spreadsheet to Microsoft Excel, PDF or CSV. To send your spreadsheet to anyone nearby, you can use Airdrop or share a link to your workspace quickly and effortlessly through Mail or Messages.

Collaboration tools

Using real-time collaboration, your team may collaborate on a spreadsheet simultaneously on Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices and on a computer. Monitor who are currently in the spreadsheet, share your spreadsheet publicly or privately and view other users’ cursors to follow their updates. Spreadsheets kept in Box or iCloud can also be edited easily.

Spreadsheet features

Place tables, charts, text and images anywhere on the free-form canvas or easily add and resize varied tables on a single sheet. Insert pictures, music and video from any media Browser or saved media and enhance your spreadsheets with a library of over 700 customizable shapes or import and edit spreadsheets created in Microsoft Excel, or CSV files and tab-delimited text is easier than ever before.

Formula and Function

The application suggests functions as soon as you begin inputting a calculation and choice of over 250 potent functions, including XLOOKUP and RegEx. Using the integrated function browser, you can look up built-in help and example formulas. With the new smart cell view, you can easily add stock information to spreadsheets and get instant formula results, error checking, accurate values and cell format. For quick results, include your preferred functions under Quick Calculations.

Other important features

To view your data completely newly, use Pivot Tables and Smart Categories. Organize and summaries tables quickly to uncover fresh information. You can add stunning 2D and 3D charts, such as radar, bar, column, line and area charts. Large tables can be easily filtered using the application for certain values, text or duplicate items. Interactive bubble, column, bar and scatter charts can be used for data animation. Cells can be highlighted automatically depending on the rules for numbers, text, dates and duration. Simply use sliders, steppers, checkboxes, pop-ups and star ratings to modify cell values.

Numbers application interface on MacOS and mobiles devices.
Numbers is an alternative to Microsoft Office Exel or Open Office Calc, originally made for MacOS.

Alternatives to Numbers for Windows

Numbers is unique of its kind but you may want to try out other apps with a similar feature set or the install process for Windows is not what your are expecting? The alternatives mentioned below are some of the most popular ones in this category.


Mainly preferred by small businesses as a place for bookkeeping and accounting, the application comes in an affordable price range. The online version of QuickBooks help you to connect to bookkeepers and accountants in real-time. The feature that make it apart and above the others in its category is the time-saving. This reduces the burden of the tedious process of manual data entry by automating various basic accounting tasks. The pricing is service tiered for various levels of features required and have in total seven tier plans available for the user. The electronic invoicing feature allows sending invoices through email to the concerned client. These invoices can also be tracked and the payment and e-signatures can be accepted online.

Microsoft Office Excel

The spreadsheets application by Microsoft has the basic editing, viewing and sharing features for XLS files and offers features like edit email attachments in the form of workbooks, tables and spreadsheets that make it stand out. You can access it with smartphones, tablets, Windows and Mac devices. Reviewing spreadsheets and doing data analysis is very easy to do with it. The app let you create and organize charts, edit templates and customize tabs and you can share these files using emails. The shared files can be viewed and edited according to the owner’s permission. Any aspect of the workbooks can be commented on. To access these features is a Microsoft Office 365 subscription that come with many other industrial applications.


MoneyWallet provides the facility of expense tracking and planning budgets. The application combines all user accounts in one place and reminds them of all the scheduled transactions. Transfers that require currency conversion can also be easily done into it. Budget reports weekly, monthly and yearly with various filters and a credit calculator are available in this application and it supports Microsoft’s SkyDrive and iCloud storage.


A web spreadsheet that provides open sourcing. The applications allow collaborations on the worksheets without any logins or editing locks. The changes are automatically saved and displayed on the co-editor’s screen in real-time. With it you can create forms, ask questions or comment and easily share your sheet in CSV or XLSX format. The application is supported on Linux, Windows, macOS and FreeBSD.

Google Sheet

Google sheets provide automatic saving features and with the offline version, you can access the files and make changes anytime. It let you to create new spreadsheets and edit the shared ones which provide a proper workspace environment that comes in handy in working from home. You can even set a four-digit pass code on the important files that you want to be protected. Formatting any cells, sorting data, inserting formulas and all other basic features related to a workbook is swift. Microsoft Excel files can be easily opened, edited and shared with the Google Sheets.


An application best for handling less complicated problems but with almost all Number features. The open source allows users to make extensions for it and it support excel and OpenOffice for example. One distinct feature of this application is the menu and dialogue box which are displayed under the main interface. This makes previous Excel users have to adopt this sometimes.

Frequently asked questions about Numbers for PC

Can I use Numbers for PC Free?

Yes, Numbers is available for free across all Apple devices and PC, you can download it using emulators as described in the article above.

Can I use the Numbers app on a PC?

You can simply download the app on a Mac using the Apple Play Store. On Windows PC, you can access it through iCloud or using the emulators to download and install it.

Is Numbers for PC better than Excel?

Numbers is an Apple devised application and Microsoft developed Excel which is older than Numbers. The features of both the applications are mostly similar. It comes to the discretion and personal choices of the individual.

Can Microsoft open Numbers for PC?

It’s possible to open the Numbers file on Microsoft Excel after converting the file format. This can be done through the Numbers application export feature on conversion sites or applications.

Why would I want to use Numbers on Windows?

Apple products are, by default, high-end and expensive and Numbers is one of the limited free application provided by the company. Similarly, Apple’s hardware, including Mac, costs way more than a Windows device. Thus, using Numbers on a Windows allows you to access and work with amazing features on a financially accommodation option.

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