SHAREit for PC – How to Download on Windows 11/10/8/7

If you are looking for a free file-transferring tool to share files and documents with others, you must check out SHAREit for PC. This file-sharing tool can be used to send or receive various kinds of files, including photos and videos.

Today we will share some of the key features of SHAREit app and also show you some alternatives that are equally as good as this tool. Keep reading to find out how you can download SHAREit on PC.

Technical Specifications

Name SHAREit – Transfer, Share Files
Supported PC Version Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 and Mac
Developer Smart Media4U Technology
Category Utilities
Language English
App Version
Downloads 200.000.000+
File Size 6 MB
Security Checked using VirusTotal
2.9/5 - (7 votes)
Price Free

Can you download SHAREit on Windows PC?

Yes, you can easily download SHAREit on Windows PC from the official website. Being a widely used file-sharing app, SHAREit allows you to send or receive various types of files including documents, videos, photos and more. You can also download SHAREit for PC from the Microsoft Store.

How to Download SHAREit for Windows PC

If you want to install SHAREit on Windows 10 and 11, you can do so from the Microsoft Store. Once you install it from the Microsft store, SHAREit will be available on all of your devices. The app will also automatically update to the latest version, ensuring that you always have access to the latest features. Here’s how to download and install SHAREit on Windows 10 and 11 from the Microsoft Store:

  • STEP 1: Open the Microsoft Store on your device.
  • STEP 2: Search for the SHAREit app.
  • STEP 3: Click on the SHAREit to view more information.
  • STEP 4: Click the “Get” button.
  • STEP 5: Wait for the SHAREit app to download and install.
  • STEP 6: Once the installation is complete, you can launch the SHAREit app from the Microsoft Store or from your device’s home screen or app list.

Features of SHAREit

You can quite easily share files between your computer and other devices without a data connection using the free file-sharing app SHAREit for PC. With this tool, you can quickly share documents, music, videos, photos, etc with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Here are a few of the main SHAREit for PC characteristics that make it a reasonable file-sharing choice.

Fast file transfers

SHAREit for PC uses advanced technology to transfer files at lightning speeds, up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth. This makes it perfect for sharing large files quickly and easily.

Easy setup

SHAREit can be set up very quickly and easily. To begin transferring files to other devices, you must download the app and install it on your PC. 

No data usage

SHAREit doesn’t require a data connection to transfer files on other devices. So you don’t have to worry about using up your data allowance or incurring data charges.

Compatibility across platforms

No matter what devices your family and friends use, sharing files with them is extremely simple. You can share files on platforms like Android, iOS and Windows thanks to SHAREit’s compatibility with a variety of devices.

Integrate with other devices

With SHAREit for PC, you can quickly transfer files between your computer and other devices like phone or tablet.

File transfer history

SHAREit for PC keeps track of all the files you’ve transferred so you can quickly locate and access them again in the future.

Transfer multiple files simultaneously

Multiple files can be selected and transferred at once using SHAREit for PC, saving you time and effort.

Post on social media

You can quickly share your photos and videos to well-known social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and more using the SHAREit PC app.

Sharing in groups

SHAREit for PC group sharing feature makes it quite simple to transfer files to a group of friends or coworkers. You can do this simultaneously with up to 5 devices.

SHAREit file manager

SHAREit includes a built-in file manager that allows you to quickly browse and organize your files, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Shareit transfer file between phone and computer
With you can share anything between your computer and phone.

SHAREit Alternatives for Windows PC


AirDroid is a robust tool that can be used to control your Android device from your computer. With AirDroid, you can send texts, share photos, access your address book and get desktop notifications on your PC.

Each and every features of the web-based version of AirDroid are also available in the Windows version, where no browser is required. Simple file transfers and folder creation from your PC to your Android device are both possible using AirDroid.

You can also view the entire history of your text messages on AirDroid if they are saved in your call logs or contacts list. 


Zapya Using Bluetooth or the internet, Zapya allows you to share media and other files between computers and other devices. All phone models and operating systems are compatible with it.

To make file transfers between Android, iOS and Windows devices easier, Zapya app uses a peer-to-peer network. Sharing files is also quite simple with this tool because of Zapya’s modern and sleek user interface. 

One of Zapya’s specific qualities is that it lets you transfer any file instead of requiring different apps for various file types. This means you are not restrained to only a set quantity or type of files but can send images, audio, video and other files using a single app.


With the help of the well-known data transfer app Xender, you can easily send files between various devices. Any platform, including computers, iOS devices, Android phones and tablets, can be used to send files using Xender.

Transferring different file formats, including documents, images and videos, between your computer and other devices is also quite simple. One of the main advantages of Xender is that it communicates with wireless, so you can use it without an ethernet or internet connection.

You can quickly use the search feature to locate nearby devices that have the app installed, thanks to its simple user interface. By doing this, you can then actively begin sharing files with Xender.


SuperBeam is a popular WiFi file transfer software for Windows that allows you to quickly and easily share files between other devices. SuperBeam is easy to use and you don’t even need an internet connection to run this program.

Any device can scan a QR code or enter a special key to make a transfer after the app has been installed on both devices. You can then choose which files to send over WiFi by doing so after selecting them.

The speed of SuperBeam is one of its main advantages. Large files can be transferred using SuperBeam because it is much faster than conventional Bluetooth transfer techniques. You can also send multiple files simultaneously thanks to its support for multiple file transfers.

Send Anywhere

Without the use of cloud storage, Send Anywhere can share digital content directly from one user to another. With this file-sharing tool, you can send unlimited files of any format and size because it work on Android, iOS and desktop devices. 

Peer-to-peer networking is used by Send Anywhere to make file transfers faster and more secure. This makes it a better option than messaging or cloud storage services. 

Send Anywhere doesn’t require any login or registration process to use the tool, making it one of its main advantages. You simply have to enter a unique six-digit code to sync the sending and receiving devices in order to use Send Anywhere.


Can I download SHAREit on Windows 10?

Yes, you can download SHAREit on many Windows OS, including Windows 10.

How to send files using SHAREit for PC?

You must first confirm that your device is the sender before you can send files. To perform this, click the send button. All left to do is select your files, click “send” and wait for the receiver to receive the files.

Is it safe to use SHAREit on Windows?

Yes, SHAREit for PC is typically presumed to be safe to use. However, ensure you are only sending or receiving files from trusted sources.

Can I transfer large files with the SHAREit Windows app?

Although it depends on how much space is left on the receiver’s device, you can send large files, high-resolution photos, videos, etc., with the SHAREit Windows app.


SHAREit for PC is one of the best tools that you can use to send or receive files from your desktop. This tool can work without an internet connection and can transfer files at a very high speed.

Here we have listed some of the best SHAREit features and alternatives and explained how you can download SHAREit on Windows. If you are facing any problems with this tool, let us help you. Mention your queries in the comments below.

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