How to Download Super VPN for PC (Windows Version)

Super VPN is a tool that helps ensure that your online activity is secure and private, keeping a safety check on your device. A free-of-cost VPN tool, Super VPN is a popular name among android device users. 

However, since the app does not support the Windows platform, this article will help you download Super VPN on your Windows PC with the help of android emulators.

Super VPN for PC Specs

TitleSuper VPN for PC
OS RequirementsWindows 7 and above
Download Size14 MB
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Method 1: How to Download Super VPN for Windows using Nox player?

Nox Player is a good android emulator suited best for new experiments with android-based applications. Follow the below steps to access the Super VPN app on your Windows PC:

  • Go to the official Nox Player website to download the correct app file. The direct app link is available on the site.
  • Once the Nox Player app is installed, go to the app’s home screen.
  • Here, you will find a preinstalled Google Play Store app icon. Android emulators come with package apps for you to access and download the desired from directly.
  • In the Play Store app, look up Super VPN – Unlimited Proxy app. Once you find the app, click on the Install button.

After the app has been installed, it will reflect on the home screen of your Nox Player android emulator and can be accessed through the emulator only.

Method 2: How to Download Super VPN for PC using Memu Player?

Another interesting android emulator, MEmu Player, is popular among gaming enthusiasts as it offers an excellent android-based gaming experience on Windows PC. But that does not restrict it from supporting other android apps on Windows PC.

Below are the steps to download the Super VPN app on your system using the MEmu Player emulator:

  • Before downloading the Super VPN app, you must download and install MEmu Player. Go on to their official website to download this software.
  • After installing the MEmu Player app on your system, the next step is to install the Super VPN app.
  • Click on the MEmu Player app and go to the home screen. Here, click on the Google Play Store icon. 
  • Now, inside the Play Store app, go to the search bar and type Super VPN – Unlimited Proxy app. Click the Install button once the app’s name appears on the PC screen.

Once installed, the Super VPN app will appear on the home screen of your MEmu Player software. You can now access the Super VPN through the emulator app.

How to Download Super VPN on Windows 11?

Downloading this VPN tool on your Windows 11 PC would require you to have a preinstalled android emulator. You can pick one from the above methods or any free emulator available online.

Within the emulator, you can search for the Super VPN app through Play Store and install it on your PC. 

Features of Super VPN for PC

Below are some of the crucial features of the Super VPN app:

  • Super VPN’s most influential and popular feature is its complex protection that helps keep your device private and secure from outside malware.
  • Any website that has geographical restrictions can be easily accessed using this app.
  • The VPN does not require manual settings every time. All you need to do is to launch the app to activate it.

Alternatives for Super VPN for Windows PC

To help you find the best VPN options, we have devised a list of Super VPN alternatives you can use on your Windows PC with the help of an android emulator.

Proton VPN

Known for its safety feature, Proton VPN is a free VPN tool that offers encrypted access to the internet and websites that have been blocked. It is also a good choice if you do not want no-logs software that gives you the privacy you need without keeping your search history or showing any ads while you use it.

Proton VPN has a VPN accelerator that increases the software’s speed by up to 400%, offering high-class internet service.

With unlimited data and zero bandwidth, this VPN tool is the right option if you want complete secrecy. It also has a premium version with high-speed servers and an option to simultaneously attach up to 10 devices.


The next one is Mullvad VPN, which also allows you to browse the internet secretly since you do not require a login account or share any personal details while using this tool. Moreover, there are no records of activity performed through this VPN tool.

You can even stay anonymous and pay in cash or cryptocurrency using Mullvad. 

This VPN tool offers ISP blocking, can help you cross over any geographical site restrictions, has a fast connection that has zero impact on your laptop’s battery. 


NordVPN is another VPN tool that can be considered a good alternative for Super VPN. With its high speed and safe internet access, you can now easily access any websites or download files online.

This VPN tool offers you complete privacy when browsing the internet. Since NordVPN has a policy of no logs, your browser history does not get recorded. Even when using a public wi-fi hotspot, NordVPN offers you security from any information leaks or hacks.

NordVPN also provides safety coverage with Threat Protection Lite, blocking access to any websites that can be potentially harmful and saving your device from connecting with a botnet.


For security on the internet and protecting your data from any misuse, ExpressVPN is the best option in VPN tools. Like NordVPN, ExpressVPN is also a good choice when using public wi-fi hotspots, saving you from any potential online damage.

ExpressVPN offers a free trial for the first 7-days, after which you have to pay a subscription to access this VPN. This VPN tool has been rated as an excellent option by thousands of users online, and several awards on its name.

One of its main features allows you to use an IP address changer, helping you access VPN servers across 94 countries.

With ExpressVPN, your data stays protected because of the encryption feature. This way, you also have a secure connection with a safe IP address and private location when using a wi-fi hotspot.

You can also access a VPN protocol by ExpressVPN, Lightway, which helps with the internet speed and security booster.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is a good option for android devices that offers privacy, hiding the IP address and encrypting the internet to allow safe internet browsing. This VPN tool records no browser history to protect your privacy and offers protection from malware.

The CyberGhost VPN has been considered one of the users’ most user-friendly and easy-to-use apps. With over 7000+ servers in 90+ countries, this VPN tool offers you a wide range to access our server and browse the internet without any hassles.

With a free 3-day trial option, you can use the CyberGhost VPN app before subscribing to the entire package.

Cryptic VPN

Last on our list is Cryptic VPN. This VPN tool considers security its top priority and offers services accordingly. With a network designed to shield your activity, your data travels through secure tunnels that have been encrypted to avoid any outsider breach.

Cryptic VPN uses some of the best technologies and quality hardware to avoid server downtime and ensure constant high internet speed.

FAQs about Super VPN

To learn more about the Super VPN tool, here are some of the most common questions asked by users:

Is SuperVPN free?

Super VPN app is free for android devices. However, since there is no official version of the app available for Windows PC, the same cannot be called free since you can only access this app on your PC using an android emulator.

Is SuperVPN harmful?

Although Super VPN has DNS leak protection and IPv6 coverage, it does not have standard security features that make it vulnerable to harm.

Does SuperVPN encrypt data?

Super VPN is known for securing your data by converting a public wi-fi hotspot into a secure network and encrypting your data through several procedures to avoid hacking or potential data leaks.

Which country is SuperVPN from?

Super VPN is developed by SuperSoftTech, based out of Singapore. However, as per VPN, it is actually in China.

How much is SuperVPN?

Super VPN has several paid subscription options starting from $5 for 1 month, $14 for 3 months, $27 for 6 months, and $52 for one year.


While Super VPN is officially for android based devices, it is a good choice for Windows PC, too, even if you need an android emulator’s support to access it on your PC.

This VPN tool offers a safe and secure platform for you to access all types of local websites and offers free of cost and unlimited internet with only bare minimum restrictions.

We hope the procedure was easy to follow and simple to go through. If you think so too, don’t wait up. Go and download this excellent Super VPN app on your Windows PC today.

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