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TeamViewer app for PC is a popular application that provides an easy and effective way to take control of another computer remotely. Appreciated by professionals for its versatile and user-friendly nature, this software makes it possible to solve many technical problems without even being physically present in front of the computer concerned.

Year of Launch2005File Size14Mo
Supported OSWindows | Android | MacOS | iOS | Linux | BrowserCategoryMessaging
Language(s)English | Spanish | Portuguese and 28 more.Store(s)Google Play Store | App Store | Microsoft Store | Amazon Appstore
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Why use TeamViewer?

Beyond remote control, TeamViewer is truly versatile software, with a wide range of features designed to facilitate digital interactions. Whether you’re an IT professional looking to provide remote support, or an individual user looking to share resources with loved ones, TeamViewer offers a solution for your every need. Here is a zoom on four key features that make TeamViewer a valuable tool.

Remote control

Arguably TeamViewer’s main feature is its remote control system. No matter where you are, this software allows you to take full control of another computer or mobile device. Whether you need to troubleshoot a technical issue on a remote computer, troubleshoot an Android or iOS smartphone, or help a friend set up new software, this feature is invaluable. Thanks to it, TeamViewer breaks down geographical barriers and allows technical assistance without moving, directly from your workstation.

Files transfert

TeamViewer is not only a remote control tool, it also offers a file transfer solution. This handy feature makes it possible to send files from one computer to another in just a few clicks. Whether it’s documents, images, videos, or even large software, you can transfer what you want, when you want, without having to resort to external storage media or cloud services. . In addition, this file transfer is secure and is done directly through the connection established between the two devices, thus guaranteeing the confidentiality of your data.

Online meetings

TeamViewer doubles as a communication solution and offers the possibility of organizing online meetings. Whether for a remote presentation, an online course, or a team meeting, TeamViewer allows you to share your screen, exchange voice or video with other participants, and even give control of your screen to another participant if necessary. With TeamViewer, remote meetings become as easy and interactive as in-person meetings.

Built-in VPN

Finally, TeamViewer wouldn’t be complete without its built-in VPN functionality. This often overlooked feature helps create a virtual private network between devices connected via TeamViewer. Whether you need to access shared resources securely, simulate a local connection for a specific application, or simply ensure the privacy of your communications, TeamViewer’s built-in VPN gives you an easy-to-set-up and easy-to-use solution.

TeamViewer app for PC is available on iOS and Android.
TeamViewer is available for all platform and allow you to remote access any devices.

How to use TeamViewer app for PC?

TeamViewer is free for personal use, with some advanced features available through a paid license for professionals. You don’t need to create a user account to use it, but having one can be useful for managing the computers and devices you check frequently. TeamViewer is available for many operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, as well as Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

TeamViewer app for PC offers

In addition to its free version, reserved for private and non-commercial use, TeamViewer offers various licenses dedicated to professionals:

Remote Access (teleworkers)

Individual version: remote access to 3 assigned computers or servers, access from any computer or smartphone, access to business files from anywhere, remote printing, privacy black screen.
Corporate version (multiple users): customizable, rapid deployment to thousands of devices, single sign-on and Okta, restricted or full desktop access to work computers and network servers.

Remote Access and Remote Support (teleworkers)

Individual version: All the features of the Remote Access individual version plus a remote support or teleworking session, remote support functions, meetings for up to 10 participants and remote access to an unlimited number of devices.
Corporate version (up to 25 employees): All features of the corporate version Remote Access and up to 10 channels supported, meetings for up to 10 participants, extensive remote assistance and connection from any computer or smartphone.

Business (1 user)

Specifics: 1 simultaneous connection channel, up to 200 managed devices and 10 meeting participants.
Key features: Remote computer access and control, secure unattended access, remote printing for macOS and Windows, file sharing, cross-platform access and technical support.

Premium (2 to 15 users)

Specifics: Up to 5 simultaneous connection channels (1 by default), 300 managed devices and 10 meeting participants.
Key features: All features of the Business license, plus personalized device information, user access reports and TeamViewer web client.

Corporate (16 to 30 users):

Specifics: Up to 10 simultaneous connection channels (3 by default), 500 managed devices and 10 meeting participants.
Key Features: All features of Business and Premium licenses, plus mass deployment, device access reporting, and third-party integrations.

Alternatives to TeamViewer app for PC Windows


AnyDesk is a great alternative to TeamViewer. This software offers features comparable to those of TeamViewer, including remote control, screen sharing and file transfer. AnyDesk stands out for its lightness and speed, which makes it an ideal option for those looking for a lighter solution that consumes less system resources. Its free version is feature-rich enough to meet the needs of many individual users.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is another alternative to TeamViewer. As its name suggests, this remote control application is developed by Google and works directly through the Chrome browser. It is an ideal solution for those looking for an easy to use application integrated into their browser. Although it doesn’t offer all the advanced features of TeamViewer, Chrome Remote Desktop is a simple and effective solution for users who need a remote control application that works without complicated installation or configuration.


UltraVNC is a powerful and free remote control solution. This open source software offers a wide range of advanced features that will satisfy the most demanding users. UltraVNC stands out for its ability to control multiple operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. It also offers advanced security features to protect your connections.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Finally, Microsoft Remote Desktop is another viable alternative to TeamViewer. This application, developed by Microsoft, allows remote access to your Windows computer from any device, including Android and iOS. Although not as feature-rich as TeamViewer or some of the other alternatives mentioned here, Microsoft Remote Desktop is a reliable and secure solution for those who need to access their Windows system remotely.

Frequently asked questions about TeamViewer app for PC

What is the role of TeamViewer app for PC?

TeamViewer is one of the most popular remote desktop tools with over 30,000 new downloads per hour. TeamViewer allows system administrators to access remote servers. Safely. Everywhere.

How to install TeamViewer app for PC Windows 11?

The first step to install TeamViewer on Windows 10 or 11 is to download the installation package from TeamViewer official website. Go to the TeamViewer official website and click the “Download” button to download the installation package.

How to install TeamViewer on Mac?

  1. Open the TeamViewer file. dmg and double-click Install TeamViewer.
  2. A security alert may appear – it will tell you the source of the download (
  3. Click Open to begin the installation process.

Is TeamViewer app for PC free?

From the start, TeamViewer has been completely free for personal, non-professional use. We want users all over the world to benefit from the possibilities offered by TeamViewer.

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