How to Download U-Dictionary for PC

An online dictionary that also works as a translator, U-Dictionary is a popular app for android platforms that supports over 44 languages. As a free-of-cost application, it helps break language barriers while also helping find word meanings. An android app, U-Dictionary, can now be accessed on your Windows PC.

This article will help you understand how to download U-Dictionary on your PC and access its various features.

U-Dictionary for PC App Specs

Title U-Dictionary for PC
OS Requirements Windows 8 and above
License Free
Language English
Downloads 100.000.000+
Download Size 33 MB
Version 6.3.1
Developer Talent Education Inc
5/5 - (1 vote)

Features of U-Dictionary for PC

Here is a list of some of the most crucial features of the U-Dictionary app:

  • This dictionary app helps you translate from one language to another, with over 108 languages available in the system.
  • It also reads and translates over 12 languages from a text in a photo.
  • You can download an offline pack with 44 languages, including synonyms, antonyms, sample English sentences, WordNet Dictionary, and more.
  • You can use this app to find the meaning of a word while checking your messages or browsing the internet, and it will show the answer in seconds.
  • You can also get answers directly on the notification bar without opening the app.
  • It allows you to save and collect crucial words and meanings in various folders.
  • The app also has spelling and synonyms games to help you learn.

U Dictonary will help you to learn words offline in multiple language

Method 1: How to Download U-Dictionary for Windows PC using Memu Player?

MEmu Player is one of the most popular fast android emulators. It is considered the best choice for high-on graphic gaming apps. To access the U-Dictionary app on your Windows PC, here is what you need to do:

  • Before downloading the U-Dictionary app, you must have the MEmu Player app installed on your PC. So, go to their official website, and download the file.
  • Once installed, the MEmu Player app is directly accessible on your PC screen. Here, you will find a preinstalled Google Play Store.
  • In Google Play Store, go to the search bar, and type U-Dictionary. After you get the search results, click on the right app name and Install.
  • The U-Dictionary app will now get installed on your PC within the MEmu Player emulator.

Although U-Dictionary remains an android file, the MEmu Player will offer a moderate environment to run on your Windows PC. You can go to the home screen of the MEmu Player app and access the dictionary here.

Is U-Dictionary App available for MAC?

No, unfortunately, the U-Dictionary app is not available for MAC. However, with the help of an android emulator that matches your system configuration, you can access the app.

How does the U-Dictionary app work?

The U-Dictionary app is easy to use. You can search for a word in this app and look up its meaning, synonyms, and more, within seconds. Because of the Optical Character Recognition technology used in U-Dictionary, you can get a word or sentence on your PC or smartphone translated into a language of your choice instantly.

U-Dictionary vs. Google Translate

When comparing U-Dictionary with Google Translate app, some critical points make one better than the other. Below are these distinctions:

  • While Google Translate is a translation app, the U-Dictionary app does translation and acts as a dictionary too.
  • Google Translate offers translation in 108 languages, and U-Dictionary offers access to the official Oxford dictionary in 12 languages and translation in 58 languages.
  • There are no in-app purchases in Google Translate; however, U-Dictionary requires you to pay between $0.49 and $189 for each additional item.
  • While U-Dictionary allows you to increase your vocabulary, Google Translate only allows you to learn the same word in different languages.

Alternatives for U-Dictionary App

Below are some excellent alternatives for the U-Dictionary app that a Windows user can consider:

Oxford Dictionary

The first U-Dictionary alternative is known for its inclusive, super accurate English dictionary that provides you with free 350.000 words. Oxford Dictionary has a vast library of words, idioms, and phrases and their usage that help you learn about the English language.

With several thousand audio pronunciations accessible, Oxford Dictionary has exciting features, including a Tap-to-translate option and an easy-to-use voice search button that allows you to search a word without typing.

Google Translate

Google Translate is another good app that offers translation for over 108 languages by typing the word and selecting a language for translation. This app has several translation options that you could use to look up a word.

  • Tap to translate allows you to copy and search for a word in the app by selecting a language.
  • You can use this app offline and translate over 59 languages without an internet connection.
  • A camera translation option allows you to use your camera to scan over a written text and translate over 94 languages easily.
  • This app is helpful with the option to translate over 70 languages in a bilingual conversation.
  • While these are several other translation options, the app is free of cost and can be logged in to various devices and synced up over different platforms.

Next up on our list of U-Dictionary alternatives is A free-of-cost app, is quite similar to U-Dictionary, with millions of English words with their meanings and synonyms to increase your vocabulary.

Other exciting features of this app include a voice search tool, the Thesaurus synonyms option, and in-app pronunciations of thousands of words.

Libre Translator

Libre Translator is another online app that allows you to translate over 16 languages and offers a variety of themes for you to choose from.

The app has several exciting features, including sharing your translations from the app to your friends and supporting all popular languages, including German, French, Russian, Polish, etc. It helps translate from and to English easily.

Mate Translate

Last on our list of U-Dictionary alternatives is the Mate Translate app. For anyone who loves to learn new words in new languages or has a job that requires them to use translators all the time, Mate is a great choice.

With a simple user interface and in-depth integration, Mate is a straightforward app and makes translation work easy.

With this app, you will not need to change to different browsers or worry about network interruptions. This app can be easily added to your menu bar as a shortcut button to use whenever you want.

Mate is best used for translating online pages, extensive emails, or messages from over 103 languages and offers an accurate translation for all your foreign language requirements. It also offers excellent pronunciation options to learn words from different languages and helps you pick new accents.

It offers phonetics on the screen to help you learn and understand a language better, with the option to sync over different platforms. You can save any new phrases you learn on the app and access them over different devices.

FAQs about U-Dictionary App

To understand the U-Dictionary app better, we have devised a list of the most frequently asked questions about this dictionary and translation app.

Is U-Dictionary App free?

Yes, the U-Dictionary app is free of cost and offers a translation and dictionary in one app.

Is U-Dictionary an offline app?

You can use U-Dictionary as an offline app, with great features accessible in its offline mode.

Is U-Dictionary safe to use?

The U-Dictionary app is a light app that does not take up much space. Hence it is a safe app for mobile devices. However, you can only use this app on your Windows PC using an android emulator, so there is no harm in using this app, and it is a safe choice.

Is U-Dictionary an Indian app?

No, the U-Dictionary app is not an Indian app. It was created by an internet company, Netease, based in Guangzhou, which means it is a Chinese app.

What is the meaning of U-Dictionary?

U-Dictionary translates into an online tool that allows you to translate from over 38 languages and a library with several thousand words to learn meanings. It also allows you to learn synonyms, antonyms, phrases, and many more within the app.


U-Dictionary is an excellent app for those wanting to learn new words, increase their vocabulary, learn pronunciations, synonyms, and much more. With the help of android emulators, you can easily access the U-Dictionary app on your Windows PC.

The U-Dictionary app is a way of learning more without having to go on the internet to find a word’s meaning or understand the text’s language.

So, if you have a word to look up or a new language to catch up on, this is your sign to download the U-Dictionary application on your Windows PC now.

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